Kimani “Kiki” Gray – A Straw in the Wind

Most of our website visitors will not be familiar with young Mr. Gray, at least not yet. However, many Brooklyn residents are already aware that he was a 16 year old Black youth who was shot dead by police on Saturday night.   It is alleged – and almost certainly true – that Gray was a “ranking member of the Bloods Gang”. Those who view the Black ghettos of inner city America without rose-colored spectacles will know that their teenage gangs are lethal and numerous. Many are heavily armed and control the streets of their neighborhoods. They are not outsiders in their own ‘communities’. Thanks to the results of the ‘Great Society’ of Lyndon Johnson and the modern Democrat Party, the Feminist’s anti-marriage propaganda and the Welfare programs that have created generations of fatherless children, these gangs are as representative of the inhabitants as any Ghetto constituency, including Churches. It would be wrong to conclude that the population of Brooklyn’s East Flatbush area consider youths like Gray to be an alien menace. No-one should overestimate the intelligence or the cultural norms of the contemporary residents, for these are people who have voted for Obama, in some cases awarded him more than 100% of the vote! 

    Obama, whose initial election as President was supposed to be the final nail in the coffin of racism, has given us four years of increased racial tension between Blacks and the rest. Not all of this can be laid at his door for the Media Class and its Mainstream Media, Academia and the atheistic Leftists of the Democrat Party have all done their bit, but Obama is their President and he has personally intervened in situations (all reported on this website) to inflame the Black sense of victimization and entitlement. It is the view of Radical and Right that the explosion of ‘flash mobs’, attacks on Whites and Asians and now the unrest in Brooklyn owe much to his Presidency and to his Justice Department under Eric Holder. 

    Two police officers (and we have not yet been told by either the Authorities or the Mainstream Media (MSM) if they were White or Black), confronted Gray in a dark alleyway on Saturday night. The officers allege that Gray went for a gun and they shot him. He had 7 bullet wounds, three of them in the back. This much appears to be beyond dispute, as is his membership of a dangerous Gang. A relative of the late Gray has claimed that although he was carrying a gun, it was only for another Gang member and he had no intention of using it against the police officers. The inference here is that the officers should have been able, in mere split seconds, to ascertain his good intentions. 

    Normal people, living in normal communities, would ask what a 16 year old male is doing out on the street in a dangerous neighborhood at night and armed. Of what were his parents thinking? Normal people (Black and White), after a moment’s thought would conclude that any police officer in such an area, and valuing his own life, would shoot first and verify later. What about the shots in the back, do they not suggest an assassination? Well, if most of the bullet wounds are to the front of the body, it is probable that the victim spun around after being hit. An autopsy will provide an answer. As in the Zimmerman/Martin case, honest forensic evidence will show if the ‘victim’ is an innocent youth or a feral killer on the loose. 

    There are regular killings every night in inner city Black America and most seem not to warrant anything but minimal MSM coverage. This is because, as we pointed out in our previous article, the MSM has an agenda which requires hiding the depth of lawlessness amongst inner-city African Americans and presenting them only as victims of – poverty, discrimination, stereotyping, slavery, Capitalism, police brutality – take your pick! So far, the Gray killing has not been taken up by the MSM. That may soon change, depending on whether the facts that emerge can be used or twisted to promote the Media Class agenda. It is looking as though Leftist activists and young Black looters are combining to set the pace for the MSM. 

    There have now been three nights of rioting in East Flatbush and these are likely to continue. According to a Black police chief, ‘outsiders’ have moved into the area and are whipping up emotions. The video pictures I have seen show a few White faces among the protesters and we can speculate that Leftists have seen an opportunity here to create another cause célèbre, similar to the Trayvon Martin case. Leftists never wait for the facts to emerge, for facts do not matter to them – only the agenda. Night time ‘Vigils’ have been mounted in East Flatbush in memory of the late Mr. Gray. ‘Vigil’ is now a Leftist word (and should be added to our list of appropriated words) and when we read that a ‘vigil’ has been mounted – better still a candle lit vigil – we know that either the race or the LGBT card is being played. The word ‘Vigil’ has a religious aura, bringing to mind Nuns and Pilgrims, and Leftists know how to steal a word and its associations. The first Brooklyn ‘vigil’ on Sunday night predictably spawned a riot and some looting – what else are riots for but looting opportunities? Only one arrest was made, a sure sign that more vigils and looting would follow, and sure enough there have been two more consecutive nights of vigils and lootings, each more productive in terms of destruction of property and booty. Press reports are following the propaganda route with “crowds broke from a planned peaceful vigil” and rioted and looted. The MSM will have us believe that the organizers of the ‘vigils’ have peaceful intentions and the rioting is a fringe activity. Last night 48 people were arrested and we can assume that given that the protesters were not Christians, Conservatives or Nationalists (when the full force of the Law is always over-employed) this was only a small portion of the criminal crowd. 

    These Brooklyn riots serve to remind us of the first days of the Zimmerman/Martin situation when ‘spontaneous’ protesters wasted no time waiting for facts to emerge. If justice prevails in Florida -no sure thing – it is likely that George Zimmerman will walk free, indeed the case against him may collapse before trial. Given the current events in Brooklyn it is hard to see how the Left and the Black community of South Florida will be prevented from taking to the streets in protest and seize the opportunity to clean out local businesses. The MSM and our ‘President of all the people’ have already convinced the mobs of America that Trayvon was an innocent kid, gunned down by a White Racist. We may be in for a long hot summer and Brooklyn a straw in the wind! 

    The MSM reporting of the election of a new Pope is of interest to this website, though we are not Catholics. Much is being made of the challenge facing Pope Francis regarding the Priestly sex scandals. Some Catholic intellectuals have argued – using statistics – that a celibate priesthood has no connection to the sexual corruption of young boys by Priests. They argue that teachers, scout masters, soccer coaches and others are just as likely to be abusers of young boys. There is truth in this but we think they are missing something. Priests are not like other youth workers for they are supposed to be both more motivated by good intentions and more reminded daily of their mission. We should expect that Priests would not be representative of the general population. 

    On this website we constantly say ‘trust your lying eyes’ and ‘use your common sense’, so we ask, ‘What sexually and emotionally normal young man chooses the priesthood and turns his back on a chance of marriage to a woman and having a family?’ We can understand that some elderly men, who have found God, might want to start a celibate final decade or two but surely a celibate priesthood recruiting young men is likely to attract homosexuals. Common sense suggests that seminaries attract sodomites and that young recruits to the priesthood, with normal appetites and high aspirations, might be easily corrupted once within their walls. I have to say that if I were a Catholic parent I would be extra cautious about letting my young son have an unsupervised relationship with a Priest. Of course, perverts head for all institutional occupations where access to the young and vulnerable is offered and Protestant Churches also harbor predators, but generally I worry much less about married – with children – Pastors. 

    The MSM reporting has already begun to manipulate the Papal news. One TV reporter from St Peter’s Square, where tens of thousands of loyal Catholics were gathered, managed to find two Feminazis to interview and grant them the bully pulpit. These two, sporting pink (what other color is there for radicals?) ribbons demanded that the new Pope be “open to dialogue and inclusion”. ‘Dialogue’ with who we might ask and ‘inclusion’ of who? Surely the Catholic Church is available to all (in the West though not in Muslim countries) as worshippers. “The Church needs to be healed and one half is being excluded. It needs to be transparent and accountable when it comes to LGBT issues and reproductive health care” said one of the Feminazis. It is the mark of these self-absorbed and unhappy women of the Left that all traditional organizations, no matter what their mission, must change to suit them. I had long assumed that the mission of great religions was to change people, based on long experience of human nature, and not to be changed to suit discontented, extrovert loudmouths. Incidentally, ‘reproductive health care’ is Leftspeak for abortion ‘rights’, and ‘transparent’ and ‘accountable’, along with ‘dialogue’ and ‘inclusion’ are also now Leftspeak. 

    If Pope Francis reaffirms the Church’s commitment to real marriage, his treatment by the West’s MSM will be as hostile as any ever meted out to a Christian leader. He might get away with an anti-abortion stance for now, but same-sex-marriage is the Media Class agenda of this decade. He can expect the kind of thorough, no expense spared, MSM investigation that has never been accorded to Obama. 

    We have always maintained that the WSJ is a Leftist propaganda sheet for the Media Class and only in its Editorial pages can be found anything conservative. Even there, the conservatism is mostly financial. Thursday’s March 14 edition on page A13A has two thirds of a page devoted to the homosexual agenda under the headline “Mormon Church Reaches Out to Gay Community”. 

    Since the reporter is our old friend Geoffrey A. Fowler (we are not making up this name!) we can be sure that this is a piece of homosexual propaganda. News reporter Fowler has by chance alighted in San Francisco and discovered a Mormon Church where the executive secretary is an activist homosexual. What a coincidence and how heartwarming this story of enlightenment! 

    According to Fowler, Mr. Mitch Mayne has found himself in the national spotlight for his role in bringing the homosexual Mormons of San Francisco back into the Church, and not as repentant sinners but as proud and practicing sodomites of the LGBT community – in fact an overwhelming dozen of them so far. Russell Thompson and his partner of 21 years, Mickey Aguilera now find the Church “warm and inviting” or so Mr. Fowler approvingly claims. Are we to believe that this article is ‘news’ and not mere trivia inflated into propaganda? When confronted with articles like this we should ask how and why it originated. Almost certainly it is a result of the collaboration of reporters and activists who are constantly in contact, and an editor who is pushing an agenda. 

    Many good conservative websites have recently carried some real news by bringing to light that the National Institute of Health has awarded $1.5m to a Boston Hospital to study why three quarters of lesbians are overweight. These are our tax dollars at work at a time when sequestration is alleged to be killing the poor and vulnerable. I come back to my lying eyes. Some years ago I was in a bar in San Jose. A large area – near the Men’s bathrooms – was roped off and soon began to fill up with the ugliest, most oversized and tattooed bunch of women I had ever seen gathered together in one place. A sign was erected that said “No Men Allowed”. 

    With several pints of beer inside me I had to make several bathroom visits over the course of the evening. The lesbian crowd grew to over 100. At the last count I spotted only two girls who could be considered ‘attractive’. 

    That evening I realized that lesbians are profoundly different from male homosexuals and not merely because of anatomy. It was impossible not to feel sorry for these women for Nature had not blessed them with the attributes that make women attractive to men. Many had made themselves more grotesque with tattoos, nose studs, pierced ears and all sorts of other shocking additions and apparel, but they were unlucky. It seemed to me that most had cause to feel bitter, probably from an early age. I doubt that many lacked a male partner and the subsequent family, through choice. It is understandable that in the search for companionship they had turned to women with the same problems. We do not need research to discover the way the link between lesbianism and fat works. These women are fat first (and unusually big) and then become lesbian. Of course there are some attractive and slim lesbians, especially in Hollywood, but that is a different issue. The study in Boston is surely a waste of taxpayer’s money and the MSM-trumpeted results will be fitted to an agenda. 

    Has any website visitor got news of Belfast’s Jim Dowson, the flag protestor who has been victimized by the UK’s Police State? His name and his alleged ‘crimes’ have disappeared from the news as surely as such things used to disappear in the Soviet Union. On March 2 it was reported that fellow protestor Jamie Bryson has been remanded on six charges “of encouraging or assisting offences, and taking part in an unnotified public procession”, and that Jim Dowson was released on bail “after appearing on similar charges”. There is no more news on what precisely these charges are. 

    For those unfamiliar with the situation in Ulster, before embarking on any sort of protest or parade, anyone deemed by the authorities (the Parades Commission and the Police) to be an organiser is required to complete an application and obtain permission in advance from those said authorities. Once a protest starts it may be impossible to control who joins nor what they do nor what they do afterwards. Whatever the organisers put on their application, assuming it is not refused outright, it is very likely that at some stage someone will do something that oversteps whatever restrictions are given with that specific authorisation. The organisers know this and so do the authortities; to the point where in some cases no one bothered to make the application or complete the paperwork. These are Jim Dowson’s crimes – the vigilisters and looters of Brooklyn don’t know how fortunate they are! 

    Weather – The UK continues to freeze. Mr. Radical reports that the BBC has now turned a ‘cold snap’ into a ‘cold spell’. Perhaps this is just an old-fashioned winter! Here in mid-California, we have had two nights without frost followed by warm days. Hopefully our long cold winter has come to an end. 

    Music Choice – The UK’s Matt Munroe was undoubtedly the most successful, and perhaps the best, of the British singers of the 1950’s and 1960’s, that period before, under the influence of the emerging Media Class, adult popular music gave way to juvenile, empty, angry, strutting, strummers and warblers. Munro, born Terence Edwards Parsons, lived from 1930 until 1985 when he prematurely died from liver cancer. An East London boy, he became known as the singing bus driver, as he was given to singing on the job. He began as a Sinatra imitator and if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Munro was a devoted Sinatra fan. His early recordings are as close to the Sinatra sound as any singer has ever achieved. At one point Munro was so successful that he moved to the USA and recorded with Billy May and Nelson Riddle. One of his later recordings was the one that likely will always appeal to discerning listeners, a catchy tune with curious but clever lyrics. I cannot be sure who wrote “We’re Going to Change the World” but it may have been David Matthews. There is a myth that the tune and lyrics began as a Kellogg’s advert but this has been denied by Mr. Matthews. The ‘women’s lib/protest’ lyrics are said to be a sly send-up of several of Matthews’ girlfriends and certainly around 1970 protest was beginning to be fashionable. One thing is certain, they are clever and Munro must have worked hard to learn them for they have several verses and choruses. It’s a good arrangement and Munro keeps it interesting right to the end. He was a world class singer. Enjoy, and forget for a few minutes that Obama and his comrades are changing our world – and not for our benefit but for their own!

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