Katrina Aftermath

Despite the relatively small number of dead bodies now being discovered in New Orleans, the Media is not in a mood to tone down its personal condemnation of Bush. Every headline by Associated Press, ABC and the other media outlets, is that Bush is “denying” that the slow response in life-saving was because the potential victims were Black and that it is a given that the Feds were slow to repond in general.

It becomes increasingly clear the loss of life is not “tens of thousands” and that the rescue operation was quicker than any previous disaster operation in US history. It is also clear that Whites rescued Blacks in large numbers and without race being a factor. As many Blacks are poor and lived in the least desirable areas (low lying) they were always going to figure disproportionally in the homeless statistics. Fourty years of Black governance and an unbroken Democrat rule have apparently done nothing to lift Blacks from poverty.

Of course, facts have little bearing on the news peddled by a Media Class with an agenda. We now learn that reporters were sent out by editors to find the most vociferous “victims” and to match the anger themselves. There is nothing more impressive than a passionately angry white liberal female reporter and a member of the Black underclass. It is best described as a symbiotic relationship.

Anyone doubting that Bush was responsible for the hurricane itself will surely be pursuaded by John Prescott, Deputy British Prime Minister. Last week he revealed that he is an expert on climate and told EU representatives that there is a connection between Bush not signing up to Kyoto and the arrival of Katrina. Sadly, with the connivance of the Media, the masses of Europe are now getting their climate education from this ex-ship’s steward.

A sombre reading of the events leading up to the inundation of parts of New Orleans will lead any sane person to the conclusion that not much more could have been done than was done in the crisis. In the years before however, there was much that could have been done and political stooges of the Media Class were badly negligent. Last year, Louisiana politicians spent $400,000 on a Mississippi bike trail, probably to please the environmentalist lobby. This is just one of the multitude of bad priority decisions made in that State, whilst levees went unimproved. Don’t expect the Media to delve into this however, as it would serve no purpose in their effort to destroy Bush.

At this time, you might like to spare a thought for poor Cynthia Sheehan. It is as though she has disappeared off the face of the earth. Is she still down there in her tent at Crawford with her little gang of Peace People? The Media birds have flown, it seems. Perhaps George Soros will be sufficiently moved to offer her a temporary job with his Move On organisation. I’m sure he can scrape up a few bucks to tide her over until the Media needs her again. Grief without a camera present hardly seems worth the effort, so my advice to Cindy would be to save it up for now.

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