Kate’s Undoing

The revelation that “supermodel” Kate Moss was photographed snorting cocaine will probably have surprised no-one. That she has been “dropped” by a number of advertisers will be more surprising, given that most of us assume that the Showbusiness and Glamor worlds are populated by cocaine sniffers and other deviants. It seems just a little hypocritical that she should be penalised for something that is rampant in the Media world.

What might appear more noteworthy is that she should have been snitched on by another segment of the Media Class. The British tabloid Daily Mirror is only one small step up from the US supermarket tabloids, but it is an extremely vociferous Leftist newspaper and might have been expected to cover for one of its own Class. Perhaps the sniffy Kate should have been over there in Washington with Cindy Sheehan on Peace Vigil, thereby putting a little political protection around herself and her nose.

Actually, we should not be surprised that segments of the Media Class are willing to make a short term gain by occasionally undoing each other. The Mirror is in a circulation war with Murdoch’s Sun and like all newspapers is in constant competition with TV. Desperate situations demand desperate measures, and the Mirror is desperate for publicity. An individual, like sniffy Kate, is no big deal and totally replaceable. It is not as though the Mirror has printed a revelation about Elton John or some other leading Media Class political spokesperson and member of a designated disadvantaged group.

If, as our website maintains, the Media Class now rules and advances its social agenda on all fronts, we really should be concerned by the seeming ordinariness of the Moss story. Society, it seems, is already immune to the moral deficiencies of its master class. Drugs, sexual perversion, sexual disease, easy abortion and much more of the same, characterise it and is what it seeks to normalise for us all. If the Media Class continues its present ascendancy, we can expect the norm to become a boy or a girl in every man’s (and some women’s) bed, a sniff of coke beside it and progress to rampant transgenderdom. After that, what moral inhibition is there left to overcome except marriage, blessed by Church and State and underpinned with financial legislation, between man and dog? I do not write this in jest.

The only serious obstacles for the Master Class are the Churches in the US and a small persecuted Nationalist party in the UK. The Churches in the UK, and the Anglican Church in particular, can be expected to acquiesce in anything the UK Media Class promotes. The Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties have both shown an eagerness to compete for Media Class approval and will continue to legislate step by step to break down traditional moral taboos whilst at the same time silencing all Nationalist expression. In the US, the Media Class faces a bigger obstacle. Traditional religion thrives in the Red States and even has a powerful presence in California. To thwart its resistance, the Media Class has to conquer the Courts. That is why the Supreme Court vacancies has become the true political battleground in the last few weeks. We must hope that Bush and the Republicans do not cave under the Media onslaught about to begin.

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