Kagan for Supreme Court – Obama’s payback to Media Masters

Elena Kagan has several attributes that led to her selection for the Supreme Court and none of them are good news for America’s conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. The former Dean of Harvard Law School and a comrade of Leftist leaders of the Democrat Party has never been a judge, only an academic. She has never written a judgment and therefore has no paper trail from legal cases. She does however have an academic paper trail which is clearly that of a Feminist Leftist, for she has been pro-abortion, and has actively defended Harvard’s policy of denying military recruiters from its campus because of the military’s ‘Don’t ask; Don’t tell’ policy regarding homosexuals. The Obama Administration has apparently denied that Kagan is a lesbian, but she herself has not, and the evidence is almost conclusive that she is. A glance at the many pictures of her from over the years suggests that she is what is known in queer circles as a ‘bull dyke’. Websites, including homosexual websites, are buzzing with insiders claiming her for the ‘Gay’ cause.

Is there anyone in the Harvard Law Department who is not a Leftist? Indeed, is there anyone on the Harvard Faculty or Administrative staff who is not a known and committed Leftist, for Academia’s elite has no tolerance for political and intellectual diversity. All must be firmly and reliably Leftist to gain admission and tenure! Kagan is also Jewish and since some 80% of American Jews are Socialist and since she has written articles defending Socialist causes, we can assume that she is a committed Socialist. So there we have it, Kagan is almost certainly both a Socialist and a lesbian who has lived her life in the privileged world of Academia, has no husband or children and has been promoted to Solicitor General under the most revolutionary President in the history of the United States.

Obama is a master of offense if not of economics or history or world affairs. His political methods become clearer by the day. He accuses his enemies of the tactics and policies he is about to employ himself. This is called ‘Getting in first’. When I was a youth growing up in the rougher side of town and where there were no Queensbury rules, the street fighters would often challenge a gullible victim to a fight with the words ‘Take off your coat and lets sort this out man to man!’. When the victim half had his coat off and over his elbows, the street fighter, who had not taken his coat off, would hit him several times and then kick him several times when he was down. In this way, the fight was quickly won using the street fighter’s own rules. Obama also talks regularly about seeking a compromise with his opponents and working for a consensus. He then embarks on an uncompromising initiative with great speed. In the case of this Supreme Court nomination he has selected a candidate who is as ‘in your face’ to his opponents as it is possible to be. He is able to get away with these tactics because he has the whole-hearted support of the Media Class.

The Media Class is of course delighted with his pick, for Kagan will, for the next 30 years, do all she can to ignore the Constitution and promote all the causes that advance the power of government, isolate Christians, conservatives and Nationalists and make homosexuality the lifestyle of choice. The Media has immediately swung into action with reporting designed to sweep Kagan on to the Supreme Court. The Wall Street Journal of May 11th has a large front page picture of a feminized, smiling Kagan swinging a baseball bat in sporty all-American girl fashion and with the caption “She drew raves from Democrats”. The picture is in fact some 17 years old! The AP on the same day has its message everywhere, which is “Kagan has the presumption of Court confirmation” and quotes Harry Reid that she “has fresh ideas”. Later the AP says that Kagan is “embarking with a strong presumption of success”. Media articles are united in describing her as brilliant, moderate, open minded, popular and a consensus builder. There is, so far, no mention in the Mainstream Media (MSM) that she is a lesbian, signaling a warning that this is an area that opponents had better not even hint at. It will be a very brave and foolhardy Republican Senator who presses her hard on same-sex marriage, for the Media pack will be out for the blood of ‘bigots’.

The Unions and other Leftist constituencies backed Obama’s Presidential campaign in recognition of his record as a Leftist community organizer and for his Saul Alinsky credentials, but the Media Class backed Obama for his readiness to promote the sexual revolution that is its preoccupation. In particular it was the opportunity to appoint activist Appeal Court and Supreme Court Justices that has guaranteed Obama the support of the Media Class for his Presidency. Once the Courts are packed with judges who are willing to ignore the Constitution and make new laws that will advance the new anti-Christian morality, the Media Class need not worry that their moral revolution lacks popular support. Those Republican Senators who dare to question Kagan will limit themselves to her lack of experience as a Judge and her academic writings from the past that are Leftist. It is very unlikely that any will dare challenge her directly on the topic of same-sex marriage and other homosexual issues, for all fear the wrath of the Media Class. As everyone knows, the Media Class regards homosexual rights (the code words are ‘Human Rights’) as a priority agenda item and it is Kagan’s position on this that is the over-riding reason for her selection.

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