Just Coincidence?

In a previous article, I referred to a conservative reader who questioned the concept of a Media Class, with its own agenda, exercising political and social domination of US society. It was his view that media people simply “leaned” in a certain (mostly Leftist) political direction because of professional training bias and a wish to help what they perceived as the underprivileged.

In the absence of a fully researched book (in the pipeline), I offer a number of questions any discerning reader and viewer of the Media’s outpourings might usefully ask and attempt to answer.

(1) Why are professional entertainers in the forefront of political campaigning and invariably do so from a Leftist perspective? From Streisand to Beatty to Midler to Whoopi to the Dixie Chicks, there is hardly an entertainer who does not grab the microphone to make a contribution. Exceptions are said to prove a rule, so think Pat Boone, Charlton Heston, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It was not always so. In the past, few entertainers ventured into political speech making or revealed their political sympathies, assuming that they had any. Paul Robeson, Charlie Chaplin, and Ronald Reagan were exceptions and Right and Left were fairly equally represented. Now actors, singers, film makers and models make more leftist statements than politicians. Few business men dare to go public with their poltical views – why is this, when Media people cannot be restrained?

(2) Homosexuals are a small percentage of the population, but their demands (currently same-sex “marriage” is their campaign issue) are relentlessly pressed in the Media and the Courts. Where does the power and the stamina for their cause come from in a society in which so many political issues fail to make progress?

(3) The same can be asked of the campaign to put AIDS research and spending above all other health priorities, in order to find a cure that avoids requiring a return to traditional morality and sexual behaviour.

(4) How and why the elevation of “abortion on demand” to the status of a litmus test for those in public office even though public opinion is at least ambivalent on the issue?

(5) Why have Media people become the richest group in society? If you do not think they are, track the weekly sale of luxury homes in the exclusive areas like The Hamptons, Connecticut, Manhattan, and LA. You will see where the money now accumulates.

(6) Ask yourself why, in an era when business men are castigated for excessive incomes, virtually no criticism is made of Media incomes?

(7) Why are many important news stories, which might embarass liberal causes, ignored so completely across virtually all of the Media spectrum? Three examples will suffice: the claims of the Swift Boat Veterans during the Kerry election campaign; the conviction for torture and murder of a young boy by two homosexual men in the Mid-West; and the 1999 Report entitled “The Color of Crime”. Here is the evidence of a Media Class marching in lock-step.

These and countless other examples can only be explained by recognizing that the Media Class is now powerful enough to impose its agenda on our society.

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