Jurors Vote For Free Speech at Leeds

Many years ago I served on a jury for 10 days. It was an educational experience and also an uplifting one. I came away with great respect for this ancient British tradition that the final decision on a man’s guilt or innocence should be reached by his peers after hearing all the evidence. I also discovered that most jurors rise to the occasion, making great efforts to be responsible, objective, impartial and fair.

Another thing that struck me was that the jury members have plenty of opportunity to study the judge, barristers, the witnesses and most of all, the defendants. Over the course of a few days it is impossible for jurors not to form opinions about the character of the participants. Consequently, jurors may be offended by an arrogant barrister, a sarcastic judge or a shifty, cocky witness. Most of all, defendants unwittingly reveal much about themselves even if they do not go into the witness box. This brings me to the outcome of the Leeds Show Trial of the BNP Two. Here, twelve citizens good and true reached a unanimous verdict of “Not Guilty” after several days of hearing evidence and studying the defendants. These jurors saw the BNP at close quarters and not through the distorting lens of the Media Class. We can presume they were not offended by what they saw.

The outcome of the trial is a reprieve for free speech in the UK. Griffin and Collett deserve the gratitude of millions and millions of Britons, for they put their personal freedom at risk to defend this ancient right. Had they been imprisoned, they would have been condemned to live each day in fear for their lives and we should not underestimate their courage and tenacity in standing up to an oppressive ruling class and its agents. Whilst not supporting many BNP policies, Radical and Right offer our sincere thanks to these two men.

The outcome of the trial is a severe blow to the BBC (and its Leftist followers) and we see already that it is a poor loser. No graciousness in defeat here! Already, in it’s reporting of the case the BBC is resorting to deceit and spin. Mr. Radical was present outside Leeds Court on two days this week and heard Nick Griffin’s speeches to his followers. Griffin was defiant on the issue of free speech, saying that he would choose his words carefully in future but would continue to tell it how it is, even if it meant another prosecution. The BBC took his statement out of context to imply that he would in future use weasel words. It knocked 10 or more off the BNP’s total of council seats, reducing it to 40. The BBC knew exactly how many seats the party holds. This is deliberate false reporting. It claimed that its ‘mole’ was living in fear of his life when the truth is that it is BNP activists who suffer persecution and violence.

We often refer on this website to the ‘Law of Unintended Consequences’. Those who embark on unprincipled and opportunist ventures are most at risk from it and in this case we are delighted to see the BBC and the Crown Prosecution Service experiencing some payback. For this two-stage vindictive political prosecution has given the BNP great publicity, bestowed on it the opportunity to be in the forefront of the defense of free speech, showed it to be prescient on the dangers of Islamic Imperialism and to be unbowed in the face of persecution. It has also opened the door to much more explicit public debate on immigration and Islamic violence. We can assume that a much-boosted BNP will now be unleashed and able to gain credibility as an important and very different fourth major political party in the UK.

The BBC has been quick to report that Chancellor Gordon Brown and others are now considering “tightening” the law on free speech, as though some loophole was exploited in Leeds. No doubt the BBC and Brown and his gang, would like to dispense with the jury system, as in private they have nothing but contempt and fear of the ordinary working British people. They know that the Leeds jury, having heard ALL the evidence and SEEN the defendants, gave a thumbs-up to the BNP. They fear that the electorate will do so too in increasing numbers, especially as it sees that the BNP members are ordinary people like themselves and not the thugs that the Media portrays.

On this website we advise readers to ponder the means by which news is made and reported, for this process tells us much. How did the statement by Gordon Brown come about? Our guess is that a top BBC official, seeking to regain the initiative after the Leeds debacle, demanded of Brown that he make a statement that would prepare the way for fresh legislation to stifle the BNP and free speech. Brown has ambition to be the next Prime Minister and knows that without the active support of the BBC, he will be an also-ran. He will not want the bad publicity that Blair now receives for offending the Media masters. Brown’s Labour Party will not relish competing with a strengthened BNP at the next election and neither will Cameron and his Tories, so fresh and more oppressive legislation in the near future should not be ruled out. For the time being however, let us savour the Leeds result.

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