July Round Up

Cindy Sheehan got herself arrested on Monday. She had led a march of less than 200 orange-clad anti-war loons from Arlington to the office of Democrat Congressman John Conyers. After abusing two pro-war widows who were there, she demanded of Conyers that he initiate the impeachment of President Bush. The Media reporters who were present in some numbers, (not surprisingly!) ignored the pro-war widows in all their subsequent reports but our Cindy got some news coverage for her arrest.

Cindy has reiterated that she will run against Pelosi in 2008. It is doubtful that Cindy would have hit the headlines, but for her arrest and that is why I say that she ‘got herself arrested’. A year ago it would have been hard to predict that her behavior could get more hysterical, but it has and now it takes an arrest to get attention. What will this poor deluded emotional hag do next to get a headline? Some are now beginning to ask the question we asked way back. Where does her money come from? Maybe the thread runs back to a George Soros fund.

Climate Change?

As the floods continue in the UK, how long will it be before the Live Earth people blame global warming for the rain? When the sun shines and the UK experiences a brief period of high temperatures, it is down to global warming, but low temperatures, rain, drought and fog will all be evidence of imminent doom for these people. The floods have probably been exacerbated by the endless concreting of meadows for housing for the burgeoning population. One result is that more people are living in vulnerable areas and they will feel that things are getting worse. The truth is that endless and uncontrolled mass immigration is the root cause and leads to reckless building in reckless places. The fraudulent ‘Green’ organizations will not tell you this, for whenever conservation of the environment conflicts with their underlying socialist agenda of swamping the native British people, the socialism triumphs.

Incidentally, here in middle California the days are pleasant and the nights are cool. The normal high July temperatures have not yet arrived and we have less than one week left for the month. Still, there is still time for the year’s global warming to arrive, both here and in the UK.


The BBC has had a bad few weeks, with news leaking out of its manipulation of the news and rigged programs. Some believe that these scandals will bring internal reforms and lead to the emergence of a BBC whose sole agenda will be fair and honest reporting and an agenda-free entertainment. No chance! It is impossible to reform publicly funded organizations that have been wholly taken over by Leftists. This applies to Universities, schools, Social Service Departments and just about every other unaccountable public service. The only answer is to cut off the public funding and start from scratch for the few organizations that really do have to be publicly funded. For the rest, including broadcasting, the answer is genuine competition and transparency. When news and entertainment has to survive on sales and viewing figures, and the governing elite does not have control over broadcasting licences, there will be media that caters for all views. Conservatives in the US have demonstrated that given the chance to tune in to conservative opinion and honest news, they are a big and informed constituency. Recently, and I can’t remember where I read it, there was a call that journalists should have to reveal their affiliations and background. This seems like a good idea to me and given that journalists like to pry into everybody else’s motives, let’s have sauce for the gander as well as for the goose. Predictably, Media people were outraged at the suggestion, defending the right of Media people to conceal the political and social ties that so influence their ‘work’ and motivate their agenda. I personally think journalists should reveal if they have or have had, links with a political party or with an activist organization. Such transparency enables us consumers to better calculate when we are being manipulated and lied to . There is no panacea that would provide for a truly honest Media, but competition an d transparency go some way to curbing the power of the Media Class. The answer is not the one being promoted by the BNP. I can understand that Party’s anger over the dishonest treatment it receives at all times, but to give a government more control over the Media (yes, even a BNP government!) is to leap out of the frying pan into the fire.

The War Against Christianity

There have been several books published recently that attack religion. They have been best-sellers. I use the word ‘attack’ deliberately because as far as I can judge from the reviews, the books are not academic works of critical philosophy, nor genuinely intellectual enquiries, but hostile, angry assaults. The books are really attacks on Christianity rather than on religion and this should not surprise readers on this website. Nor should it surprise us that writers who attack Christianity receive much praise and support from the Media Class for they are furthering the Media Class agenda that seeks the destruction of Christian moral judgementalism. It is no accident that some of the writers are indeed Media people. One of the most successful examples is journalist and TV personality Christopher Hitchens, a one-time Trotskyite/Marxist who has written “God is not Great. — How religion poisons everything”. As the subtitle makes clear, this is a work dripping with hatred. Manhattan and San Francisco Leftists have no doubt been motivated to buy by the very venom that oozes from the subtitle.

I strongly recommend an article “Hitchens’ Hubris” written by Tom Piatak that appeared in Tuesday’s Free Republic website and is linked back to a website called “Taki’s Top Drawer” 1 . Mr. Piatak’s piece is an example of excellent writing, acute analyses and quality rebuttal. I don’t know who he is, but I hope to read more of his work. In this article he defends Christianity with reason and facts and reveals just how fraudulently selective Hitchens is with truth. Piatak’s article underlines the importance of the Internet for those who want honest debate. The Taki website is also worth a visit and has some good contributors, including Paul Gottfried. I don’t agree with most of Gottfried’s conclusions about conservatism (he is on the US isolationist, anti/neo-con wing), but he is thought-provoking if you can plough through some of the more obscure conservative disagreements. The editor of the website is rich playboy socialite Taki Theodoracopulos, who is also isolationist, anti Iraq war etc. I assume that the people on this website support Le Pen, Nick Griffin and other European anti-war nationalist parties.

It is always instructive to read well-argued and sincere views, especially if the writers are not trying to stifle the opinions of opponents. Unfortunately it is impossible to encounter the writings of any modern Leftist who believes in free speech and dissent. They all want to force their views and policies on the rest of us and eliminate opposition.

I think the neo-cons and the Gottfrieds are both wrong in their arguments about conservatism and nationalism. Unless one starts with a recognition and an understanding of the ruling class of the day, and its control over the whole political, social and economic agenda, one will end up in fratricidal disagreements. First know your enemy!

Ford Motor Company and Same Sex Marriage.

Monday’s Wall Street Journal carried a long interview with Ford CEO Alan Mulally in its Marketplace supplement. It is a question and answer piece written by two journalists. Mulally, a former Boeing exec., is the man recently appointed by Bill Ford to rescue his motor company from insolvency. The article is upbeat and I would suggest that it is intended to help Ford Motor Company with positive publicity. Mulally has so far not achieved success via increased sales so he has been forced to pursue a cost-cutting strategy of redundancies, sell-offs and economies. Against this background one might have expected at least one question about the Ford strategy of resolutely funding homosexual causes and same-sex marriage. The latest Ford expenditure has been to help finance the Seattle Gay Parade. As readers of this website will know, the American Family Association (AFA) has publicized Ford’s partisan social activism and asked that Ford should refrain from taking sides on the homosexual agenda. Despite a campaign by the AFA to persuade Christian supporters not to buy Ford cars, Ford has increased its financial commitment to ‘Gay’ events. Since the policy preceeded Mulalley’s appointment, one has to assume that Bill Ford has an over-riding personal interest in supporting the homo agenda, despite the company’s dire financial situation.

The AFA campaign must be having a detrimental effect on Ford sales, for Ford neutrality would not lose homosexual customers, if they want Ford cars. I am not a member of any Christian church, but I will not now buy a Ford car and I know others who have taken the same decision. There must be a significant number of Christians who are no longer buying. It must be difficult for Mulally to lay off workers when the company is funding the already affluent homosexual ‘community’.

What is most instructive to us on this website, is that the two reporters either did not seek Mulally’s views, or if they did, kept the topic out of the article. All reporters in the MSM are sympathetic to homosexual activism and this will include those who write on anything from gardening to biology, and cars to finance. The MSM long ago purged all those who held ‘unprogressive’ views. The Media Class will be highly motivated to deny the AFA any publicity for its campaign and every reporter will know what is expected. The AFA, like all organizations that wittingly or unwittingly come into conflict with the Media Class agenda, can only spread its message via the Internet. For how much longer can the Internet survive as a place for free speech?

1. Taki’s Top Drawer – Hitchins’ Hubris

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