Juan Williams – No Safe Place for Nice Guys on a Battlefield

For the benefit of non-Americans, here are some brief facts surrounding the NPR sacking of Juan Williams. NPR stands for National Public Radio which is the nearest thing in the US to the UK’s BBC. NPR, like the BBC, pretends to be an objective News and Entertainment broadcasting service whilst in actuality it is totally infested with dedicated Leftists who pedal the Media Class agenda. Like the BBC it is largely financed by unwilling taxpayers though the public funding is channeled through many tributaries such as Universities, States and Federal Grants. Some money is raised by small donors who believe that they are supporting politically independent programs but there are also many big Leftist donors who know exactly what they are getting for their money. One of the biggest donors is the evil, Christian-hating, anti-American ubiquitous George Soros. Billionaire Soros, who funds numerous Leftist activities throughout the world and operates below the radar by using multiple ‘charitable’ Front groups through his dishonestly-named “Open Society Institute”, recently gave another $1m + to a Front Group called Media Matters which was then channeled to NPR.

Juan Williams, an African-American, has for some 10 years been a regular Leftist contributor to NPR and more recently has also appeared a couple of times each week on the Sean Hannity TV Show on the Right-leaning FOX News. Hannity’s panels always have at least one Leftist on a mainly Rightist panel. Williams never strays from loyal support of the Democrat Party and Leftist causes and he is particularly supportive of anything that Obama does and says. Since Obama has taken the Democrat Party further Left than it ever was before and since many of his and his Party’s tactics are more ruthless and unprincipled than ever before, Williams, who is by nature a reasonable, decent and gentle man, has sometimes struggled to defend the indefensible. I am not a frequent viewer but I get the impression that Williams’ support for Obama is at least partly racial. Williams obviously has a role to play on Fox and he is being paid for putting forward a Leftist defense.

Williams appeared on the Bill O’Reilly Factor earlier this week, again as a Leftist defender on a Right-leaning program. During the course of a discussion with O’Reilly, Williams admitted to sometimes feeling nervous when he is about to board a plane and sees another passenger in ‘Muslim garb’. Williams was quick to add that he knew such feelings were irrational and unfair on Muslims in general. The next day, Williams received a phone call from a NPR executive telling him he was fired for this comment. As a political firestorm erupted over William’s summary dismissal, the NPR Chief Executive Vivian Schiller came out of the woodwork to say that his remarks “undermined his credibility as a news analyst with NPR”. She also said that “an NPR news analyst is not a commentator and may not take personal public positions on controversial issues”.

Williams has subsequently appeared back on Fox News and claimed that NPR responded to pressure from Muslim Activist groups. He has now been offered an increased role on Fox. Some conservative commentators have attributed his sacking to the influence of Soros who is a financial sponsor of NPR and who has vowed to put Fox News out of business. Soros, one of the world’s richest men, is a big force in the Media Class and devotes huge resources to Leftist causes and to silencing the Right, whether it be conservative, Christian or Nationalist. He is a shadowy figure, wanted in France on criminal charges, and who seems to be obsessed with promoting every moral item on the Media Class agenda. All those causes that will lead a Nation State to decadence and destruction appear to be on the Soros ‘to-do’ list including same -sex marriage, homosexual indoctrination in schools, easy abortion, legalized drugs, taking away the people’s choice of judges, anti-capital punishment, soft-sentencing for crime and just about anything that will demoralize and disempowerlaw-abiding citizens and encourage the feckless.

I have no doubt that Williams is right when he now claims that the NPR bosses have been waiting to get him. I also have few doubts that well-funded Muslim Activist groups called for his sacking and that Soros had a hand in it, for he who pays the piper calls the tune. Before I get to my main points however I need to add a few more comments. The Schiller statement about needing credibility as a news analyst with NPR is blatant nonsense, since Williams has for years been openly Leftist both on NPR and Fox. NPR does not employ ‘analysts’ whose Leftist loyalties are either well-concealed or absent. Williams’ role on Fox was always as a Leftist and this open bias has never bothered Schiller. Williams is NPR’s only African American, otherwise this Leftist, ‘inclusive’ organization appears to favor White Feminist women of the privileged Class. Would he have been sacked if he had been a White lesbian? The fear that Williams’ expressed to O’Reilly about plane passengers in Muslim garb is neither irrational nor uncommon. Indeed I doubt there is a rational person in the West who does not worry when boarding a plane along with obvious Muslims as fellow-passengers, especially if they are wearing clothes that could conceal a bomb or weapons. I would go so far as to bet that many peaceful Muslims also get worried. So far I never worry if I see a Nun with a white face or an Amish or Orthodox Jewish passenger but that might change if Muslim terrorists begin bombing planes in such disguises. Williams was only telling the truth as ALL of us know it-including Schiller herself. I will bet my house and bank account that Vivian Schiller avoids hanging out at night on dark streets in Black ghettos, which is another way of saying that she profiles for her own safety. Thus we have to assume that Williams is considered by fellow- Leftists to be guilty of confessing to honest, widely-held and rational thoughts.

This brings me to two points that are being overlooked by other commentators. The first – and this we have drawn attention to on this website many times recently – is that the Leftist stranglehold on free speech and free thought has so triumphed that it now brazenly includes ‘truth’ as a crime. The provable ‘truth’ of a statement, if that statement has been deemed to offend the Leftist agenda, is no longer any kind of legal or moral defense. This is Stalinism, straight out of the Soviet 1930’s and it is playing a major role in the Geert Wilders prosecution by the Dutch State, a similar State prosecution in Austria and it is on the statute books in the UK and used to criminalize the BNP.

The second point is more insidious but even more important and will only be stated on this website. It is that we are in the midst of a revolutionary civil war, for the Media Class has arrived on the scene and is accumulating and exerting its power. All ascendant Classes, when they take power, impose by any means, a new and revolutionary agenda and this Media Class is waging war against its enemies. Only by suppressing and destroying the Old Order can a new Class impose a new and shocking agenda quickly. This Media Class is extremely impatient, especially since by the nature of its members it has no patience for long term victories. They are overwhelmingly hedonistic and/or perverted with no belief in a Maker, an After Life or a Day of Judgment. For them children are not the future generations to be provided for, but young bodies to be exploited for pleasure in the here and now. Does anyone expect that sodomites and sexual addicts who get kicks by risking the deadly AIDS Virus, who seek dozens of partners each night in Bath Houses and brothels , who are addicted to alcohol, sex and drugs and who now find themselves controlling the levers of power, possess the patience to be able to wait perhaps decades for the opposition to be worn down so that their appetites can be legitimized? This Media Class wants its appetites appeased now and loathes its enemies -who must be destroyed.

All those on the Right who continue to believe that the old politics of the past can be reclaimed are not recognizing that a revolution has occurred. The Culture War that some conservatives like Pat Buchanan acknowledge is actually a deadly civil war that follows the arrival of a powerful new Ruling Class seeking through expanded Government to impose a new moral order. In the old days Democrats and Republicans had common ground especially on social and moral issues and love of country, for all looked beyond their own generations. Today, many amoral Leftists of the Media Class see those who oppose them as ‘the enemy’, people who would deny them their pleasures in the here and now. Their allies, doctrinaire Leftists who seek world government and a new economic and social order see all opposition as a reactionary force standing in the way of progress to Utopia.

Juan Williams’ biggest mistake was that he acted as though the old political manners still existed. He was friendly and cheerful on Fox and treated his opponents as well-meaning people who just happened to be wrong. One could assume that after the Show he went for a drink with Hannity and O’Reilly and they put politics aside and talked about family. Williams is a Christian. He is not seething with hatred, neither does he appear to be dysfunctional. He assumed that he could go from one camp to the other and be accepted in both as a debater and this was his mistake. For although Hannity and O’Reilly and most conservatives are tolerant, neither the rank and file nor the leaders of the New Class are. For them it is war and no prisoners should be taken. Free speech, free thought and free association are to be controlled and then destroyed and truth and facts are too dangerous to be left in the public domain and known to the people. Those who dare to speak truth to the masses are said to be in need of a psychiatrist according to those who sacked Williams. This is straight out of the Stalinist playbook! Williams was no longer considered to be reliable by his former comrades at NPR and I have no doubt the whole organization was aching to be rid of him.

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