Juan Williams – Geert Wilders – Free Speech and Truth

In the previous article on this website I linked the NPR sacking of Williams to the criminal trial of Geert Wilders in Holland and with another free speech trial that is taking place in Vienna, Austria. I also mentioned the judicial free speech persecution of the BNP in the UK. I will remind our website visitors that back last year we drew attention to the trial of BNP leaders Nick Griffin and Mark Collett in Leeds. Griffin and Mark Collett were accused of verbal political criticisms of Islam in election speeches they had made in both public and private. Ultimately, the BNP leaders were found ‘not guilty’ by a jury though the threat of a follow-up trial was held over the pair by the State Prosecution Service. Wilders has also just been tried for the content of political speeches he made in an election campaign and though his case was dismissed he faces a return to Court as the State of Holland seeks to find another way of convicting him within the current Dutch legislation.

As we pointed out in our previous article, Juan Williams was sacked from NPR for negative comments about Islam. His former boss, no doubt caught off-guard by the outcry over her decision and summary dismissal method has apologized for the manner of the sacking but not for the sacking itself. Indeed she has defended it with all the confidence of a Leftist on the Public Payroll. Williams is not going to get his NPR job back, Wilders will continue to live with the threat of more Court appearances and the BNP leaders will continue to face prosecution by the State and thus be burdened and intimidated by all the financial costs that a legal defense against the State incurs.

It would be easy to be distracted here by the issue of Islam for it is very prominent in every case I have covered. Certainly no-one could convincingly argue that if Williams, Wilders or Griffin had mounted similar verbal and philosophical attacks on Christianity, then NPR or the Dutch, Austrian and UK Governments would have reacted punitively. It is true that Muslims in the US, the Netherlands, Austria and the UK have worked hard to create a climate of fear in those who actively oppose the advance of their Imperialist invasions but this fear is meant to intimidate native citizens on the streets rather than Governments and Public radio. Islamic leaders are not fools and they know that Governments, their employees and the Media Class are all busy making society receptive to Islam and hostile to Islam’s enemies. On this website we do not believe that the UK Government (aided and abetted by all the major UK political parties) is persecuting the BNP out of fear of the UK’s Muslim population, nor do we believe the Dutch Government is primarily motivated by fear of the Muslim minority in Holland. One day in the not-so-distant-future they may find themselves acting from fear of Muslim violence, but not quite yet.

In Europe the mainstream political parties, all of whom dance to the tune of the Media Class, are fearful that native Nationalists like Wilders and Griffin, given a level electoral playing field, might successfully appeal to the voters, who now have good cause, if given facts, to fear the Muslim invasions. This would give rise to the ascendancy of Parties outside the control of the Media Class and with wholly different (Nationalist) social agendas. The legislation that has been passed in just about every European Union State and that is being used to persecute Wilders and Griffin is aimed however, not at protecting Muslims from offence but at something much more important to a Ruling Class, which is controlling what is said and written. In particular it is aimed at empowering the Ruling Class to proscribe ‘truth’. It is ironic, yet totally understandable, that a Class that exists and rules because it owns and controls the means of communication, wishes to have a monopoly over that communication.

The Media Class, whether in the US, the EU or the UK (all of them with power structures based on manipulated popular elections) owes its domination of the political and ideological spheres, not just to alliances with Leftist forces, but to the ability to define what is ‘news’ and what is not ‘news’, to corrupt the truth and to suppress it when necessary. This Media Class (which we have repeatedly pointed out is driven by its membership’s characteristics to wage war on Judeo/Christian morality in order to replace it with a new morality) is faced with the historical fact that every Judeo/Christian society has at its core a reverence for ‘truth’. It was long believed to be a fundamental characteristic of British democracy that speech was beyond Government control so long as what was said and written was truthful. Those who wish to remove this freedom always refer to the limits on speech that prevent anyone shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded cinema. In fact this example is always misrepresented for it skates over the issue of ‘truth’. If there really is a fire and the audience is not yet aware of it, then he who yells ‘fire’ is doing a public service and may save many lives, even if panic kills some. All will die if they remain in the cinema unaware of the developing fire. Those who now articulate the dangers of the Islamic invasion or who oppose mass immigration in speeches and writing may be alerting the unsuspecting native people to the dangers that their rulers are subjecting them to. In the UK, new laws similar to those enacted in the EU, make clear that ‘truth’ is no defense if speech and writing offends those sections of society specially designated by the Ruling Class and its allies. By removing the defense of ‘truth’ the Ruling Class acquires the legal power to arbitrarily decide what speech is permissible. ‘Truth’, as a watertight defense of free speech is an absolute concept. As a Right of the people it severely limits the power of a Ruling Class. It is, like all Judeo/Christian morality, permanent and not ‘relevant’, it is not changed by fashion or by circumstances. It is God-given and not man-given.

The only modern era limitations on truth in the UK and USA have been imposed during war time and in relation to the Nation State’s external enemies. Thus speech and writing which would alert an enemy State to the Nation’s defenses or plan of attack may have been truthful but were subject to criminalization. It is a sad fact that in the UK, ‘truth’ has been removed as a defense in any situation deemed appropriate by the new Ruling Class. There are Government departments set up and well funded by the taxpayers in order to prosecute those who speak and write ‘truths’ not acceptable to the Government. Thus free speech and true freedom have been abolished. The British public, mostly denied by the Media all knowledge of this loss of its most fundamental freedom, has sleep-walked into servitude.

In the USA, the Constitution and its First Amendment, devised by Judeo/Christians who brought with them both the ‘Rights’ of Englishmen and a fear of too-powerful Government, enshrine free speech and political freedom. Thus the new US Ruling Class and its Leftist allies are faced with a great legal obstacle to their revolutionary agenda, for their opponents have the right, on the Internet and on Talk Radio and Fox News, to warn the people of the ‘fire in the cinema’ that is actually burning. It is no accident that Obama and his comrades, protected and encouraged by the Media Class, seek to set the Constitution to one side. The Media Class hates the ‘truth’ except when it has the power to amplify it or suppress it for ‘a greater good’. This ‘greater good’ is to be decided arbitrarily by the Ruling Class. In order to set the Constitution to one side the Ruling Class has to present it as out-dated, remove it from the Educational curriculum and engineer a Judiciary that will ignore it in practice. If Obama can appoint two more Supreme Court Judges like his first two appointments, the Judiciary will indeed set the Constitution aside. The early casualties of the denial of free speech will be those Christian organizations that refuse to confer complete approval on homosexual activities. Muslims may ultimately find that the special protections afforded them now will be arbitrarily removed.

The NPR sacking of Juan Williams is most instructive in that it shows us how the Left is ready to censor and punish ‘truth’ when it is spoken or written and in conflict with the new Ruling Class agenda. Once ‘truth’ can be punished there is no free speech. We are now ruled by a Class that regards truth as dangerous and which has no compunction about lying, arguing that lying in pursuit of a greater good is more beneficial than telling the truth if that truth is deemed to be reactionary. Obama and his Democrat comrades lie quite brazenly, safe in the knowledge that their Media Class masters will shield them and consistently suppress the truth. The Ruling Media Class can only advance its agenda speedily by doing so.

Here in central California cool wet weather has arrived early. In the UK there is still no evidence of rising sea levels. Just keeping the record straight!

With one week to go it seems that the US Media Class, despite all its manipulation of news and its daily promotion of Obama, has failed to destroy the Tea Party Movement. It has however destroyed many Tea Party candidates with smear tactics and lies. In California, the dreadful duo of Brown and Boxer appear to be set for victories. No-one should be surprised that in a State where Unionized Public Service workers number in millions, where rich homosexuals from all around the world have come to join together in sodomy, where illegal immigrants enjoy all the benefits of Welfare and voting rights, where the Hollywood perverts and neurotics are rich enough to dominate politics and where most of the population learns history from Movies, the Left never loses.

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