Jong And Fonda: Neurotics For Obama!

This website has a mission and it is to inform you that the Media Class has been growing in power since the 1960’s and is now in a position to assert its power and manipulate who wins elections. The consequence of this is that a revolution is taking place in the USA, for a new Class always uses its newfound power to impose its own culture and economic interests on a society. It does this in an electoral democracy through its chosen political party being able to pass all the legislation required to enforce an agenda. Radical and Right use this website to define which groups make up the new Class, how they coalesced into a Class, and how they exercise power. Most importantly, we tell you the agenda that the new Class is imposing and why. Occasionally, we stray from this focus, especially on the all-important topic of national security, but mostly we attempt to place political and social issues that are now ‘hot’ within the context of a Class struggle. We claim that this Class war is often (correctly) described as the ‘culture war’. We see little point in creating a website just to expound a variety of conservative, Christian or Nationalist views, since there are many great (and some not-so-great) websites already covering this ground. We know that our website is unique and wish it were not so for it is a burdensome and dispiriting business being a lone voice.

We have written many times that the Arts World is a core part of the Media Class and that no-one should be surprised that writers of fiction are signed up to the Media Class Leftist agenda. Whether it is the author of ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘The Spy Who Came In From The Cold’ or ‘Fear of Flying’ these are people who deal in ‘make belief’ and who hope to become more rich and famous without doing anything too menial. Mostly they are from privileged backgrounds with links to Academia and are distinctly secular. People who make a living from make-belief are likely to have faith in some kind of Socialism and we need only go back to H. G. Wells and G. B. Shaw to see that this has been true for a long time.

The author of ‘Fear of Flying’ is Erica Jong. The daughter of comfortably-off New York Jews, I think we can confidently say that she is not religious for she has been married four times and made a name writing positively about infidelity. She is also a well-known Feminist. Her several husbands have not been poor men. What I did not know was that she is a close friend of the Hollywood revolutionary, Jane Fonda. Miss Fonda has long been known, along with her brother, as a signed-up member of the toiling masses, especially those toiling masses who live in foreign countries under Communist despotism. Unlike Mother Theresa, who spent her time CARING for the poor, Miss Fonda has spent much of her post-Hollywood retirement TALKING about the poor.

As befits these cultured Leftists of the Media Class, they have increasingly felt (and feelings are very, very important to such people) it appropriate to both voice political opinions and to have those opinions amplified in their Media for the benefit of us all. They are not alone, for as the Media Class has assumed power, so every tin-pot warbler and guitar strummer, every minuscule Hollywood talent and every dissipated celebrity has felt it necessary to promote Leftist causes, demand that we all pay more taxes (for Africa and AIDS), stop war, embrace same-sex marriage, stop using fossil fuels and most recently, tell us we should vote for Obama.

This brings me back to Miss Jong and Miss Fonda, for Miss Jong has revealed to an Italian newspaper that she recently received an email from Miss Fonda complaining that her back pain is getting worse because of all the tension she is experiencing from worry over the fact that John McCain might get elected. It seems that poor Erica too, is experiencing identical stress as a result of the same anxiety. That an Italian newspaper considers these two neurotics to be news tells us much about the international nature of the new Media Class. It also tells us that the Media Class now manufactures its own news – by itself and about itself. Our job is to read it and be impressed. It is surely intolerable that the Misses Jong and Fonda should be subjected to stress by McCain and his supporters, but I suppose once Obama is in power, he will be able to make sure that the opinions of reactionary, bitter people in those small towns across the USA will be silenced for ever and their votes more than cancelled by ACORN ballot papers. Then Erica and Jane will be able to sleep soundly at night.

Not unconnected to the above story is the news (No! It is not news in the sense that it is in newspapers, but is on the Internet and on Talk Radio) that Obama, who only recently reminded us all that we are “our brothers’ keepers” and should pay more taxes for welfare, has very close relations living in abject poverty. One is in a shack in Kenya and the other is in a slum in Boston. He expressed much gratitude to these relatives in his autobiographies a few years ago and used their humble origins and circumstances to embellish his own humble tale. It seems that he has not yet had time to become his own brother’s ‘keeper’. Like the Ericas and Janes of this world, HIS concern for the poor and underprivileged of this world translates into US paying ever more tax.

I have a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on my car and also a ‘Yes on 8’ sticker. Yesterday, as I was getting out of my car an angry woman came up to me and demanded to know if I was a bigot. I told her that whenever I found that I was on the opposite side to George Soros and the Hollywood perverts, I knew I must be right. I doubt I won her over and she probably has back pain from stress because of people like me. It would be wonderful if McCain confounded the Media Class on Tuesday and won decisively. Icing on the cake would be that Californian voters again defined marriage as man to woman. I think I would buy every newspaper the next day and watch every TV channel and I would think of all the back pain that had suddenly got worse.

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