JON HUNTSMAN – Media Class Candidate for Republican Party

If you haven’t already heard of Jon Huntsman, you soon will – at least if you are an American voter who depends on the Mainstream Media (MSM) for political news. On Tuesday, Huntsman officially threw his hat into the political ring in New Jersey and all the Media Class hacks were there to inflate his candidacy. For those who daily read the fevered columns of the political writers of the MSM, Huntsman’s name will have already popped up. You probably have been thinking “who the Hell is Jon Huntsman?” and why is he getting such Media coverage? Secondly you will have noticed that he has been the only Republican candidate not getting any criticism from the writers. Palin, Bachmann, Cain, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Romney – in that order – have all had their negatives cunningly laced into the reporters’ articles. Palin has been most relentlessly placed in a context of negativity, with Bachmann not far behind, but all Republicans have been written about as inevitable losers by the MSM ‘reporters’ – except Huntsman. The MSM has been doing a great job of portraying all likely 2012 opponents of Obama – except Huntsman – as fatally flawed. In the last few days, as it has seemed possible that Gov. Rick Perry might enter the Republican race, he too has received universal negativity from the MSM hacks who infest every TV, Radio and Newspaper outlet. On this website we are obviously not surprised by this, indeed we would not expect anything else, for Obama is the White House tool for the Ruling Media Class and it is in its very best interests that he remains there for the next five and a half years. In that time he will have overseen the completion of a social revolution that will remake our society in the image of the new Ruling Class.

The problem for our Rulers who populate the MSM is that the Republican Party has not yet been completely cleansed of counter-revolutionaries. Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists still seem to be able to exert influence on, and even threaten to take over the Party. The US Ruling Class already controls one major Party for it owns the Democrat Party lock, stock and barrel, but in a two-party or multi-party democracy Ruling Classes like to own all the major parties and for two reasons. One is that then they can orchestrate and channel voter discontent through the sham game that now, for instance, takes place in the UK and almost every other European country. In the UK, the Labour Party has power for some years and then the Media Class arranges that the Conservative Party wins. To the voters it seems that the popular will is being exerted and change is taking place, except that on all those fundamentals that are important to the Ruling Class the two Parties have common ground. For in the UK, the Conservative Party, has finally been purged of Nationalists over the last 20 years and was long ago secularized – along with the Nation. Prime Minister David Cameron is now the creature of the Media Class and differs with the Labour Party only in a nuanced way on some economic issues. His emphasis on the growth of Government may be a little less than that of the Labour Party, and on Europe and defense he may seem to offer hope of a more robust Nationalism but it is all smoking mirrors. On immigration, enforced multi-culturalism, capital punishment and the hot-button issue (for the Media Class) of pushing homosexuality he is as ‘inclusive’ as Labour. The Media Class not only feels secure about elections once all the major Parties share the same common ground but it can also bestow publicity favors now here and now there thus regularly reminding politicians that they are competing for Media approval. The public is also led to believe that it is exerting real power at election time, that changes in policy are being made at the ballot box, and that politicians get punished for mistaken policies. The second reason that the Media Class strives to own all major Parties is that the playing field itself can be moved.

Issues that the Media Class consider vital are finally taken out of play once all the major Parties play on the new playing field. Now that the UK’s (Cameron’s) Conservative Party has joined the Labour and LibDem Parties in accepting as non-negotiable/beyond debate, the concepts of multi-culturalism, Third World immigration, the normalcy of same-sex relationships, the rejection of traditional Christian values and the acceptance of World Courts and UN Sovereignty, the stage is set for State-initiated persecution of any who challenge them in the public arena.

What has this to do with Jon Huntsman? Well, Huntsman represents the kind of Republican that the Media Class wants leading the Republican Party. At this point in time the Media Class does not want Huntsman replacing Obama in 2012. It knows that Huntsman has no chance of winning primaries and becoming the Republican candidate in this cycle but he might suit the Media Class in 2016 when a change of Party occupying the White House might look good. In any event his elevation to prominence by the MSM not only disheartens Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists within the Republican tent but it lays the groundwork for a shift of the playing field. Huntsman is pro-homosexual agenda; advocates ‘working with opponents’ (which is code for moving Left and abandoning once and for all Right-wing principles) and by inference paints the Right wing as extremist; and is an Internationalist. He can be cultivated as the Republican Party’s David Cameron of the future.

Some website visitors might think that we mistakenly elevate homosexuality as a political issue, particularly as Rush Limbaugh and his brother David, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and almost all the other conservative Radio Hosts and Fox News personalities pussyfoot around it. However we insist that for our new Ruling Media Class it is of prime importance and thus we cannot avoid it. If you think that it is a minor issue, please explain why Obama gives homo-advancement such high priority both for the Armed Forces and for Education. Please also explain why at this moment in New York State the Senate is working overtime to push through a Bill legalizing same-sex marriage and why Governor Cuomo (a Democrat) and New York City Mayor Bloomberg (ostensibly a Republican of the Huntsman mold) are frantically twisting arms and bribing hold-out Senators behind closed doors. The objective is to introduce same-sex marriage through the legislature and avoid a referendum. New York has a host of problems that the politicians cannot solve yet this issue takes precedence. Who is behind it when homosexuals are such a tiny voting bloc? It is true to say that the homosexual lobby is hugely rich but even more true to say that homosexuals are the most powerful and organized force in the new Ruling Class and this item on their agenda is the one that will most advance the social/moral revolution and thus move that Playing Field for ever.

Music Choice – In 1954, Country and Western singer/guitar player Bill Haley recorded, with his Quartet, a 12 bar tune entitled ‘Rock Around the Clock”. It was a minor hit for Haley in the US but the following year Richard Brooks, a Hollywood director, released a gritty black and white film called “Blackboard Jungle” that featured some excellent actors – Glenn Ford, Sidney Poitier and Vic Morrow. The introductory music was Haley’s recording (though the band was not shown) and it and the film launched Rock and Roll music. The film was based on a good Evan Hunter novel of the same title and besides being a tense and exciting film it managed to be both a piece of Leftist propaganda about race whilst at the same time revealing some of the problems faced by the poor who are caught up in the multi-cultural experiment.

Haley continued to produce and record some Rock and Roll hits over the next few years but none reached the timelessness of ‘Rock Around the Clock’. The lyrics are second rate but the band is tight, tense and disciplined, and the number is exciting from start to finish. Haley was no great guitar player and others took the solos but he was a competent musician on all the guitars, bass and Violin. Above all, he had an exciting and manly voice that was absolutely suited to his brand of music. Like Les Paul’s “How High the Moon”, this track never sounds less than explosively exciting, energizing and foot-stomping no matter how many years pass. Haley, who grew up in a poor family, lived from 1925 to 1981.

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