John McCain, Queen of the Media Hogs!

On this website, we use the term ‘Media Hog’ to describe those Republican politicians who will do or say anything that will earn the Mainstream Media’s approval and guarantee a flattering minute before the cameras or a prominent headline in the press. ‘Doing or saying anything’ includes stabbing colleagues in the back, very publicly dissenting from a party policy, sabotaging a party initiative with condemnation, distracting attention from an important party statement, and more recently, feeding the MSM’s Russia/Trump frenzy.

There is no puffed-up Media Hog who can match John McCain. He has been a two-decade gift to the Revolutionary Media Class, its MSM propaganda arm, and the Far-Left Democratic Party.

Defined by the depraved and perfidious MSM as a ‘moderate’, a ‘maverick’ and a ‘mature statesman’, McCain is in reality a prima donna, a primp, a pompous prick and a man drawn to the limelight of the MSM like a moth to a flame.

McCain however, has perfected his skills in betrayal, never missing the MSM enemy’s latest propaganda requirement and grabbing an opportunity to meet it.

Why should we be surprised that he has noted Russia as the center-piece of the MSM’s attack on Trump? The attack has two prongs. The first: to define Russia as America’s great enemy, and the second to link Trump and all his people to Russia. And, therefore, we have the MSM headline “McCain Sees Russia As Bigger Threat to United States Than ISIS”.

Using a visit to Australia to issue this preposterous statement, McCain is reported to have said “Russian President Vladimir Putin is the premier challenge to American security”.  He also said “I think ISIS can do terrible things. . . but it’s the Russians who tried to destroy the very fundamental of democracy, and that is to change the outcome of an American election”.

Earlier McCain had told the Australians that potential collusion between associates of President Trump and the Russian Government had reached “Watergate size and scale”.

We are still waiting to hear just how Russia tried to sway the Presidential election. And if so, did it succeed? If the Russians hacked the DNC computers – and there is still no evidence – and leaked to WikiLeaks how Podesta and Co. cheated, colluded with the MSM, and organized election thugs, then it helped to protect America’s democracy by exposing what the MSM had covered up.

McCain – by the way, why is this treacherous prick still chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee? – knows full well that the attacks on America’s democracy all come from the revolutionary Left-wing at home, but he is willing to call “black” “white” to please the Media Class and receive its publicity.

Putting ISIS second to Russia as America’s enemy reveals McCain’s desperation to get some limelight, his comfort with treachery, and his loss of touch with reality.

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