Jim Bunning! The Media Class at Work!

Jim Bunning is a 78 year old Republican Senator from Kentucky and having served several terms in the Senate intends to retire in November. He is a former Hall of Fame Baseball pitcher. Those who get their news from the Mainstream Media will have learned in the last two days that he is also a man with a terrible temper, who is becoming senile, has a host of other character failings and is a politician of the Right who wishes to deprive working people of jobs. He also wants to stop doctors from helping the poor and is bringing to a halt a great number of valuable public works such as building bridges and roads.

As soon as I heard the first Bunning news bulletin yesterday I knew that the Media Class was about to embark on that task that it knows how to do so well and with such relish. Bunning has used a Senatorial device to halt a Democrat Bill that would have added another measly $10 billion dollars to our National debt. We have been repeatedly told by the MSM (Mainstream Media) what he has done but not why – at least not in words that would enlighten the casual listener. Bunning’s action was in fact highly principled for he was demanding that the Democrat Party adhere to a recently introduced Obama initiative that requires any new spending to be funded by the reduction of Government spending somewhere else. Obama introduced this in a Media fanfare which was intended to portray the President as a man of fiscal rectitude who is determined to bring down the Nation’s deficit. The popular name for the Obama policy is ‘Pay As You Go’ and means that ANY new spending must be cancelled by a saving somewhere else. On the Rush Limbaugh conservative Talk Radio program today, I learned that Bunning had more than once contacted the Obama administration requesting that the proposed $10 billion be saved somewhere else, in which case he would have not opposed the spending. There was no response from the White House to Bunning – in other words this Government is making a promise of financial rectitude one day and ignoring it the very next.

Readers of this website will not be any more surprised than I am, for we now allege in almost every article that Obama is a bare-faced liar and so are his Democrat comrades in Congress. Nor will our readers be surprised by the reaction of the MSM. Obama and his supporters in Congress have no intention of reigning in spending for they are anxious to exhaust the economy and finances of the US once and for all in order to create a permanent Socialist State. This is not popular with a majority of voters and so Obama has to boldly lie to mask his Party’s intentions. He would not get away with this if we had a Mainstream Media that told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Unfortunately we have a MSM that has its own agenda for the US, and as Obama is their man and carrying out that agenda, he is constantly protected by Media lies and propaganda.

The MSM has lost no time in seeing an opportunity here to crucify not only Bunning but, through guilt by association, his Party. Bunning’s Republican colleagues were not willing to join with him in his attempt to halt the catastrophic National debt from swelling even further. Nor were they willing to use an opportunity to draw public attention to Obama’s blatant hypocrisy, for they instinctively knew that the Media would seize the chance to ignore facts and paint them as heartless. Bunning, perhaps because he is about to retire from public life or is a politician of integrity, was willing to go it alone and stayed resolute despite being literally harried by packs of Media hacks. Unfortunately for Bunning, no matter how many explanatory speeches he made in the Senate and outside, the facts did not reach the mass of voters – only those who tune in to conservative Talk Radio stations, or perhaps Fox News or read some web sites. The MSM has ensured that Bunning’s reasons were ignored or twisted and he has now capitulated. This has not stopped the MSM continuing to attack and misreport him in order to muster support for the Obama Administration.

Of course the Democrats and Obama have all been monopolizing the Media condemning Bunning and getting maximum publicity, with reporters offering the questions that invite predictable answers. As I wrote above, this is what the MSM is good at and does with relish. Unfortunately, Rush Limbaugh and others continue to insist that the MSM is ‘Government controlled’ but are we supposed to believe that Rahm Emanuel called them together and gave instructions? The Democrat politicians now busy playing their parts with interviews and statements are being orchestrated by a MSM that is uncontrolled by politicians. The Media Class can see the elections of November getting nearer and they can see Obama’s revolutionary program foundering with the public. And so every opportunity must be taken to damage his opponents.

The Associated Press, a key player in Media Class propaganda in general and in the forefront of misreporting the Bunning issue, later had the chutzpah to report that the Media had provided “withering coverage” that had “cost the Republican Party politically” and that “major cable news networks returned to the topic frequently”. It was not only the US MSM that misreported the Bunning issue! The UK’s BBC, also joined in, thus showing how the Media Class in every country has the same Leftist and socially revolutionary agenda and needs no encouragement or direction from Leftist politicians.

Whilst on the topic of the BBC, it reported today that Kristian Digby aged 32 and a TV presenter and Film Director had just been found dead. From the reports I think we might conclude that he committed suicide or accidentally killed himself. If that is the case, we have to feel sorry for his family and especially his parents. When I saw a BBC picture of Digby, I immediately guessed he was homosexual and sure enough, when I read the glowing BBC description of him it turned out that he had been a very active campaigner for homosexual ‘rights’.

It is possible that a coroner’s report will show that he died of natural causes but it is significant that many openly homosexual men employed in the Media and entertainment world die young. Some die from AIDS, some from unusual sexual practices gone wrong, some from accidental drug overdoses and many from suicide. Often they are financially successful people and occupy a social and work world freed from the stigma that homosexuality carried in the past. Indeed it is their homosexuality that has guaranteed them success. Yet perhaps for many the bizarre and perverted practices they indulge in bequeath a sense of self-disgust. Or perhaps the perverted social world they inhabit, dominated by sex, is a cruel one and full of sexual predators and disappointments. Unfortunately, it is a world that the ruling Media Class seeks to create for all of us.

This website is not a Christian website and neither Mr. Radical nor Mr. Right claim to be practicing Christians. We are only sympathetic to Christianity, as we are to conservatism and Nationalism (of the non-Socialist kind). I have been attending a Californian Church for the past year and am impressed with the goodness of the people who attend. It is uplifting to be amongst them. I envy these people their Faith and their happiness. The Pastor is a good man and his sermons are interesting and stimulating and well delivered. He has impressive Biblical knowledge. I am however convinced that he is an exponent of the Christian Left. He regularly chastises his congregation for falling short of the teachings of Christ and gets in impassioned digs at what he calls the Christian Right of Talk Radio. As far as he is concerned they attack their opponents’ characters. He recently finished dealing with the Sermon on the Mount by underlining how Christians must always obey authority. I am pretty sure he means the authority of Obama and his comrades. He is big on giving to the Third World. He recently criticized those who campaign against same-sex marriage because he is certain that few of them live up to the Christian ideal of heterosexual marriage. He is probably right for I doubt that many people on this earth live up to the ideals of the Sermon on the Mount. He has yet to mention abortion or say anything about those secular parents who ill-treat their kids or neglect their parental duties. He has yet to say anything about the bloody persecution of Christians by Muslims and Communists. The only sinners he denounces are those who attend Christian Churches and have socially conservative views. Nevertheless, I admire him for his passion, his intellect, his oratory and I am sure he is sincere. I shall continue to attend and listen. Perhaps he has not lived long enough to get wise about the larger world and its people for he will not find better people than those in his congregation.

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