Jared Lee Loughner – The Real Conspiracy

No-one ever anticipates an earthquake and one might expect that no-one would anticipate a political assassination attempt. Wrong! The Media and its Leftist allies seem to be prepared for anything. The weekend attempt on the life of Gabrielle Giffords which has left her critically injured and six people dead, as well as 13 others injured, seems to have found the Media and its Leftist allies all raring to go in explaining the killer’s motives and allocating blame. We now know, thanks to a galvanized Mainstream Media (MSM), that Sarah Palin was directly responsible and that her henchmen included Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, all conservative Talk Radio Hosts and the whole Tea Party Movement. Their joint crime was to oppose the Obama Health Care Bill and to target those Democrat politicians who had voted for it and were vulnerable to election defeat as a result.

Giffords, who was first reported dead by the MSM but will apparently survive, is a Democrat member of the House of Representatives, having narrowly held her Tuscon, Arizona seat last November. She was holding a sidewalk political meeting in her constituency on Saturday when it is alleged that Jared Loughner, aged 22, walked up and shot her in the head and then turned his gun on members of the crowd around her. Amongst those killed were a 9 year old girl and a Federal Judge.

From what has been reported more recently in the MSM, as distinct from what was reported in the immediate aftermath, Loughner was primarily focused on killing Giffords, and the others who were killed and wounded, including the judge, were casual additions to his rampage. It is possible that this is not the case and that someone else present was his intended victim, though this seems unlikely. Still, as no investigation has yet been carried out and as the MSM can never be trusted for the truth, we cannot be sure that the killer was not really after the judge or even no-one in particular and Giffords was simply the first to catch his eye.

Assuming that Loughner was the lone killer and Giffords his principal target, there has yet to be revealed in the MSM a convincing and fact-supported motive for his shooting spree. I have yet to read absolute confirmation that he was living at home with his parents and that he was employed or still in some kind of education. It seems likely that he was living at home. It is also widely reported that he has a minor criminal record and has been a habitual drug taker – at least of cannabis. Those who allegedly knew him when he attended college are reported (mostly on the Internet) as saying that he was not interested in day-to-day politics, but was developing an unexpected interest in political philosophy and had read Marx, Hitler and other more extreme political works. It is widely reported that he had been posting stuff on the personal websites that are now the fad of so many morons, and these postings suggest that he was becoming mentally unstable. Maybe, although I consider anyone who posts stuff on Twitter, Facebook etc as mentally unstable! Loughner appears to have had a contact with Giffords back in 2007, when he approached her as his elected representative. It has been suggested in some parts of the MSM that he began developing an angry pre-occupation with Giffords from this time and that he has been developing schizophrenia.

I can comment on the topic of developing schizophrenia in young people, and full-blown schizophrenia in adults, since I worked in that field for some years. Certainly some of the reports in the Media seem to suggest that Loughner was becoming paranoid and dangerous. Most schizophrenics do not become homicidal, though a minority does so at varying tempos as they develop paranoid ideas. More likely, untreated paranoid schizophrenics commit suicide, turning the violence inwards. In the old (and mostly bad old) days of dealing with the mentally ill, paranoid schizophrenics were mostly forcibly hospitalized and medicated and thus rarely posed a threat to society. Liberal policies in the 1970’s threw out the baby with the bathwater and so, despite better medications now being available, more unsociable and even dangerous mentally ill people are now at liberty, unmedicated and unmonitored. It is quite likely that the killer in Tucson was displaying for some time clear symptoms of a growing paranoid schizophrenia and that closer and more responsible investigation would have indicated that Giffords was at risk. The Leftist Sheriff in Tucson, who has been daily given the bully pulpit by the MSM and who has lost no opportunity to blame Sarah Palin for the shootings, may well have been seriously careless in dealing with Loughner and his alleged threats against several people.

There are a number of facts/allegations that have emerged both in the MSM and the Internet. One curious one is that Loughner and Giffords were both Jewish. Another is that Loughner was deep into the Rock music that we on this website consider to be both a symptom and a cause of mental illness and a deranged mind. He is alleged to have been a regular drug user. Habitual cannabis use as well as ‘hard’ drug use are as surely linked to mental illness as smoking is linked to cancer. Other allegations include that his parents were Leftist and that Loughner himself was alienated from them. I have heard that Loughner attended educational establishments where Obama’s Communist mentor had great influence. It is likely that Loughner, even if not very interested in day-to-day politics, would have heard Obama exhorting his followers to bring knives and guns to the political struggles. Perhaps it was these words that festered in his mind. Any or all of the above might have been factors and then again none might have played any part in the actions of a paranoid schizophrenic who happened to become fixated on the unfortunate Gabrielle Giffords. It would have been best if both Leftist politicians and the Media Class had refrained from any speculation until a proper investigation had been carried out. This bloodbath at Tucson has been a tragedy for all the dead and wounded and their families, for the family of Loughner and perhaps for Loughner himself if he has the dreadful illness we call schizophrenia. Unfortunately, but predictably (at least for Radical and Right) the MSM reporting has had little interest in the many victims, even including the Federal Judge who was on his way home from Church (do we really know why he was at Giffords’ meeting?). All attention has been on the Democrat politician and the alleged killer’s alleged motive!

On this website we are not at all surprised that the MSM and its Leftist allies were able to immediately hi-jack this tragedy and pervert it with political accusations. The context, and only on this website will you learn it, is that we are in the midst of a revolution and its undeclared civil war. The new Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies are already engaged in war against their perceived enemies which include Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. The latter, now finding themselves and the traditional institutions that have sustained society for hundreds of years, under attack and in many cases already demolished, are angry and fighting back. Anger has longed fueled the Left and a sense of outrage has until recently been the Left’s monopoly. Now, the Left has been joined in its outrage by the new Ruling Media Class and especially its powerful Homosexual constituency, who sense that victory is within grasp and are impatient.

Since the 2008 election of Obama and his comrades, the Media Class has intensified its revolutionary struggle and been able to mount a renewed offensive in the War. It was becoming used to the opposition being passive, cowed and gagged. However since the 2010 election, the Ruling Class has been frightened by the angry fight-back of those like Palin, Beck, and the Tea Party people. This is the explanation for the increasing polarization of US politics for we have revolutionaries and lately-awakened counter-revolutionaries locked in a struggle. The frightened new Ruling Class is determined to silence the opposition and this means destroying the reputations of all possible Right-wing leaders and creating a political climate that will justify legally restricting speech critical of the Revolutionary Government and its agenda. Any event that can be used to this end is immediately taken up by the MSM and re-packaged. It is not difficult to immediately do this if facts need not get in the way. It is little use the counter-revolutionaries protesting that Media and Leftist accusations are groundless or twisted for the Ruling Class is well aware of that. The Media response to an incident like the Tucson one requires no time for investigation and a pause for facts, since the latter are irrelevant when the ends justifies the means. The Media Class, whose very existence is rooted in fantasy and make-belief, has always been expert at setting truth aside and recreating history and now it can do so to further its own agenda.

It is futile to point out, except to each other, that this MSM and its Leftist allies have bent over backwards (no pun intended) to rail against linking numerous Islamic terrorists with Islam; linking crime with Third World immigration, low educational results with African American welfare dependents in inner cities and Aids with homosexuals. Like Stalin and Hitler, the New Order revolutionaries are unconcerned with charges of hypocrisy, inconsistency and dishonesty. Indeed they take heart from their power to turn truth on its head. They cannot be shamed for they consider truth to be relative, principles to be evidence of weakness and facts to be relevant only when useful in the Class struggle. There is no evidence whatsoever that conservative rhetoric has motivated Loughner, indeed he may have been motivated by vaguely Leftist ideas, but this has no bearing on the smear campaign that the MSM and its allies are waging.

In the UK, the embattled little BNP is busy fighting a by-election campaign in Oldham, Lancashire. Each day the Party is hampered and penalized by the British MSM and the Establishment and every day it is the victim of dirty tricks. Only on the BNP website will you read of this, for just as in the USA, the MSM is busy denying the native British people the truth. The election is on Thursday and on this website we wish the BNP candidate Derek Adams all good luck. He is, by all accounts an honest and courageous Nationalist and that cannot be said for any of those opposing him.

Here in middle California it continues to be bitterly cold as this record breaking icy winter marches on.

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