January 20th Is The Start Of Our New Year

It has always been a tradition to look back over the past year on 31st December and look ahead on 1st January. But for once we should regard January 19th 2017 as the last day of not just a year, but of a long retreat from sanity and freedom, and embrace January 20th as the beginning of much more than a year, an era of the restoration of sanity and freedom.

We need to look at the past few decades as a period of Revolutionary-inspired civil war, during which we members of the Broad Right (a coalition of sane people – Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists) have lost every skirmish, every significant battle and most of our territory. It has been decades of retreat, retreat, retreat! In our view an election victory for Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party last November would have signaled the war was over and the Revolution totally victorious.

Some website visitors, perhaps most, will consider this too dramatic and pessimistic, but we believe that Trump’s defeat would have been the death-knell for all members of the Broad Right. There was to be no place for them in the consolidated, completed Revolutionary America. Those who did not totally surrender and embrace the new society would, we believe, have faced hounding from jobs and the public square, and ultimately arrests, removal of children, re-education camps and gulags.

Every day we are seeing the complete, raging intolerance of the Revolutionary forces of the Left and the perverted Ruling Media Class. They make clear that we of the Broad Right should have no voice and no public presence, and that if we do not accept their beliefs we are not fit for this world. If, website visitors, you do not see this, you are blind! It is why, on this website we advocate that a Trump Counter-Revolutionary Government must not forgive, ‘move on’ or be generous and forgiving. The Media Ruling Class, its Far Left allies, and collaborators must be rooted out of the Mainstream Media, the colleges, schools, government employment and the Republican Party. We are about to see, in the months ahead, confirming evidence that this election contest was the surface of a profound conflict between two irreconcilable forces.

And so, if Donald Trump survives assassination and is inaugurated 16 days from now, the next stage of the battle will commence. Only this time, we will be on the attack and reclaiming lost ground. Without Obama in the White House, without control of Congress, and with most States in Broad Right hands, the Revolutionaries will be on the defensive. But they are far from powerless and must be stripped of power.

Fortunately, Trump is proving to be resolute and on offence at all times. The election contest greatly educated this novice Counter-Revolutionary, and he proved to be a quick learner on the job. We have to hope that the approaching battles will further educate him and reveal his tough character, for they will be more testing and violent than he experienced in the election campaign.

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