January 2017 Will Be America’s Most Exciting Month Yet

The 18 days up to Donald Trump’s inauguration will be a tense and exciting time, for who can predict what the Far Left will attempt in order to halt the Counter-Revolution that Trump has promised. As we have long maintained on this website, we live in Revolutionary times and not a time of ‘politics as usual’.

This writer, who has closely followed politics for some 50 years, cannot recall a transition period between a Democrat and Republican President being anything other than routine. At no time was there the possibility of serious violence. The leadership and the Party rank-and-file of the losing side not only accepted defeat but reluctantly acknowledged the new man as President.

It is true that the Bush/Clinton transition was legally contested right up to the Supreme Court, thanks to Gore’s unwillingness to be satisfied with Florida’s razor-thin victory for Bush, but there was no outbreak of violence or threat of it. Today, celebrity members of the Media Class are calling for Trump’s assassination, and the Far Left – again led by Media people – is planning to overwhelm the inauguration ceremony. This is unprecedented but predictable, for we are entering a new era of Counter-Revolution rolling back a stealthily-achieved Revolution.

If the next 18 days are unpredictable, promising serious urban violence and even a coup, the rest of the month of January when Trump begins his Presidency, will be unequalled in human memory for excitement.

Trump has promised 100 days of action which will, if he evades assassination and his health copes with the stress, take us into April. Perhaps by May the possibilities of urban insurrection and civil war will have receded, the Southern wall will be under construction, Muslim colonists and potential jihadists will no longer be welcome, the rounding up and deportation of criminal illegals will be well underway, a voluntary exodus of former welfare-dependent non-citizens will be preparing us for lower taxes, there will be one or more new Supreme Court Justices committed to the Constitution, governments of rival foreign powers will be seeking talks with our President, and cops will be keeping the streets of big cities safe.

But in the meantime Trump’s nerve is going to be tested, along with his followers patience, and the Nation’s law and order will be under great stress. We are going to live through exciting times and may be required to stand up and be counted!

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