‘Isolationism’ is the new accusatory word to suppress debate

In Obama’s labored slow march to intervention in Syria, it is impossible for ‘we the people’ to know the truth about the uses of nerve gas in the Syrian civil war.   One thing is certain! Nothing that issues from the Obama Administration can be taken as truth. His is a regime that has prospered by lying, and his masters in the Media Class have advanced their agenda by the skilful use of propaganda, lies and the concealment of real news. So, ‘we the people’ can assume that we are being manipulated and we must attempt to arrive at our conclusions based on the big picture that can be garnered from the last 10 years or more of American politics. 

    First though let us examine the issue of the nerve gas attack in Damascus, which appears to be the peg on which American intervention will be hung. It seems certain that such an attack recently took place. We should however be suspicious about accusations that it was the work of the Assad regime. It may be that Assad was stupid enough to think that such an attack would either pass unnoticed or would cause little outcry but since recently his forces have been in the ascendancy, it is hard to see why August was the moment to employ a weapon of mass destruction and in Damascus which seems to be full of the world’s journalists. 

    Some respectable commentators are suggesting that Assad’s opponents carried out the attack and intended to frame him in order to arouse world opinion and force America’s intervention. Some go further and claim that the Obama regime was ‘in on it’. The first suggestion seems plausible but the second implausible for there is little evidence that Obama has been looking for an excuse to intervene. Indeed he has long been dragging his feet on Syria and never seeking to do more than the barest minimum. His last few years of policy in the Near East have been marked by disinterest, ignorance and an absence of strategy. Any time he has been called upon to put forward a policy for the region he has responded with his usual vague fine words; betrayed sympathy for radical Islam and struck a pose that is shaped entirely by his own ego and domestic political considerations. If he had had his way he would have spoken his aides’ fine words from the golf course whilst his golfing partner took his turn on the green. 

    What most commentators do not understand is that for Obama and his masters, foreign affairs, America’s long term interests in them and the external real world have little relevance. As we have constantly argued on this website – and yes, it is hard for normal people to understand – one of the two or three matters that is a priority for our new Ruling Class and its man in the White House is the domestic revolution that will transform America from a Christian-based moral society into Sodom and Gomorra. For our new Ruling Class and its allies, a top priority is the advancement of the homosexual and libertine agenda so that all opposition is forever silenced. The imposition of same-sex marriage on the American people will provide the legal basis for suppressing traditional Christianity and free speech and will open the door to forever depriving parents of control over their children. Obama, who once claimed that he had only recently evolved on the issue yet has been funded by Hollywood’s rich perverts and libertines, has been relentlessly pushing the homosexual agenda whilst ignoring the threats of Islamic terrorism and Middle East turmoil. He has surely bumbled his way into the present situation because he and his masters have little interest in World Affairs, except when it comes to advancing the homosexual agenda. 

    The other regime priorities are global warming as the means to better control the people and complete control over the Government machinery. 

    On this website we think Obama and his masters care little about Syria, but any Ruling Class that has not yet achieved totalitarian control, must pay attention to internal cliques and external allies. It may well be that a powerful Jewish element in the Ruling Class wants American military intervention and regime change in Israel’s hostile neighbor. The WSJ in its editorial columns wants much more than a bombing strike, even as its reporting staff reflects typical Leftist antipathy to American military might. However, Obama’s Leftist allies and the Mainstream Media (MSM) will ultimately support whatever he is forced to do because for all of them Syria matters little but his continued power through the Presidency is what counts. The MSM, most of the former Peace Marchers, and the Democrat Party will rally behind him. His bumbling will be redefined as subtle tactics, or a defeat in Congress will be used to cast him as a David battling Goliath – and losing! 

    For those who now demand war against Assad, whether from principled or unprincipled motives, any who oppose it will be cast as ‘isolationists’. For the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and perhaps next Colin Powell (those political has-beens who wait for the MSM to phone them with an offer to walk on stage) here is a chance to bask in the Media’s approving limelight. 

    So what is the right thing for the US to do? Nerve gas and its use – if by Assad – is a terrible weapon and ideally those who use it should be pursued and punished by the civilized world. However, it is no worse than the torture that many regimes constantly and enthusiastically use against internal opponents or scapegoats. Why should we single out the one (nerve gas) from the other (torture). In Damascus the victims can be seen and heard but how many torture chambers are there in authoritarian regimes in the Middle and Far East where the victim’s cries cannot be heard and their writhing not seen except by the sadists who thrive where free speech is absent? 

    On this website we are not isolationists. We supported the Bush response to 9/11, our criticism of him being his failure to energetically defend his decision and unleash America’s full might. It is hard to see why America should be embroiled in Syria where the victory of either side will not result in a better world and where America has no allies and no immediate interest. Whichever outcome Obama’s bumbling, disinterested and self-serving Administration pursues in Syria, America will continue to be destroyed from within. The right thing for the Republicans in Congress is to vote on principle against any military involvement but the MSM will ensure that Obama takes no blame for any unforeseen consequences or tragedies. They will be dismissed as ‘isolationists’ for this is a word like ‘bigot’ and ‘racist’ that the Left and the MSM can use to discredit without having to indulge in debate. 

    Weather – Here in middle California we are promised a hot introduction to September with temperatures hitting 100F, but September is always a very hot month. 

    Music Choice – Although the 1930’s and 1940’s were the highpoint of America’s popular music culture, many good songs and singers were still emerging in the early 1950’s and we had little indication that popular music was soon to become infantilized and subsequently buried in degeneracy. 

    Singer Kitty Kallen is still alive though she was born (Katherine Kalinsky) in 1922 in Philadelphia. Like many Jews of that time she was blessed with a good and distinctive voice and when still very young sang with the top bands of the day including Artie Shaw and Harry James. In 1953 Carl Stutz wrote the tune and Edith Lindeman wrote the lyrics for “Little Things Mean a Lot” which Kallen recorded in the following year. Tunes and lyrics of this quality now never reach the public and if they did would probably be considered too complicated, too subtle, too adult and much too romantic. Can you imagine Barbara Boxer, Pelosi or the harridans who sit on our Courts and Government Quangos experiencing the feminine feelings expressed in these lyrics? 

    Listen to Kallen’s version of “Little Things Mean a Lot” and recall the decent romantic feelings that were once a normal part of a woman’s life and directed to a man! Enjoy if you have not yet been brainwashed by our decadent western world!

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