Islamic Terrorism Across The World

On this website we maintain that Muslim terrorism is an expression of Islamic Imperialism. Imperialism is often associated with the quest for land, gold, raw materials and cheap labor that obsessed the sea-going Nations of Europe beginning in the 17th Century and culminating in the British Empire of Queen Victoria. In the 20th Century new forms of Imperialism were born and mostly driven by ideology, and we could include Hitler’s appetite for Eastern Europe to feed Germany’s National Socialism and Soviet Russia’s attempt to impose Communism on the World, beginning in the 1920’s. Japan too, belatedly sought to become an Imperialist power in the 1930’s. If we go back far enough in time we can find the roots of Imperialism in Egypt, Macedonia, Persia and Rome. Linking the past and present was the Imperialism of the Ottoman Turks. Imperialism seems to have always been lurking somewhere fueled either by greed, the lust for power or ideology and often combining all three.

Communism, National Socialism and Islam are all ideologies (we might call them religions) that expressly command their adherents to (first) ‘spread the word’ and then when conditions are ripe, impose complete ideological domination by force. These three ideologies are characterized by a drive to totalitarianism. Christianity and other world religions, in contrast, seek to win hearts and minds by persuasion and example and are not totalitarian in intent. In dealing with Muslims, we would do well to remember that, no matter how moderate and peaceful many are, their religion commands them to conquer the world by force and establish an Islamic totalitarianism. Moderate Muslims can be compared to those European Democratic Socialists and US Democrats who seemingly wish to achieve the Utopian Centralized society by gradual and mostly non-violent means. They rarely fail to provide a protecting and sympathetic buffer for the impatient extremists of Communism. For reasons that need not bother us here, moderate Islam has held sway for many centuries and the Imperialist drive has been dormant. Since the 1950’s, Islamic Imperialism has been resurgent in the Muslim world and the ‘true believers’ are now setting the pace again.

We can best understand the nature of Islamic Imperialism and its military arm of terrorism by looking back at the totalitarianism of Soviet Communism and German National Socialism. Both movements were characterized by a willingness to sacrifice both their own followers and the people they claimed to act for. Stalin murdered his nearest comrades and then countless millions of Russians before endlessly murdering the people of conquered Nations. Hitler, Himmler and their comrades ultimately sacrificed the German people after slaughtering millions in Eastern Europe. Terrifying intimidation and an appetite for death are the normal currency of ideological totalitarianism. The Islamic Imperialists are already showing an enthusiastic willingness to slaughter fellow Muslims by planting bombs in marketplaces, cafes, small villages, funeral processions, Mosques, schools and playing fields in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and many other Muslim countries. They are ruthlessly killing non-Muslims in Thailand, the Philippines, India, Israel and Europe. Why would they hesitate to kill Americans anywhere and why would we assume that the terror killings would ever stop once Islam conquered the US?

There can be no accommodation with Islamic Imperialism for it is even more triumphantly bloodthirsty than Communism and National Socialism. We wrote long ago on this website that whilst Hitler and Stalin hid their killings from the World, the Islamic Imperialists publicly glorify their killings of innocents. So is it an insanity that grips Obama, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and their comrades who have scrapped the War on Terror and taken the US back to the days of pre 9/11? In the scenario they have erected by new law, Islamic terrorist acts are not the work of the military arm of a bloody totalitarian Movement, but a series of isolated and random attacks carried out by criminals and misguided mentally ill individuals. Criminals in the US cannot be identified and punished before committing a crime and after a crime they must be arrested with due process, given the right to remain silent and given a lawyer before being questioned. Those Muslims in the US who plant bombs on planes and randomly shoot up citizens in the name of Allah are now treated, thanks to Obama, Holder and Napolitano, as criminals. Thus the ‘panty-bomber’ from Nigeria, via The Yemen and Amsterdam, is now in a Detroit jail, sitting with his taxpayer-funded lawyer and being cautioned to remain silent. As he is not being treated as a soldier out of uniform, he has not been handed over to the US military for ruthless battlefield questioning. Consequently we will never know (in time to act) who trained him, equipped him and enabled him to board a plane bound for Detroit

The burning question (and last night Bill O’Reilly raised it several times without receiving a convincing answer from his guests) is why have Obama, Holder, Napolitano and their comrades in the Democrat Party terminated the War on Terror? They are aware of course that the panty-bomber did not work in isolation and they are aware, just as much as are the rest of us, that the Islamic Imperialists are at war with the US. Yet they unilaterally withdrew the US from that war and did so without a peep of protest from the Mainstream Media (MSM).

On this website we always maintain that Leftist policies that get imposed on the people, no matter how much those policies are obviously in defiance of the facts and common sense, are the result of a number of factors that come together, i.e. an unspoken and natural coalition. Global Warming, the coddling of criminal offenders, abandonment of the Death penalty, welfare for the lazy, unlimited immigration from the Third World, open borders – the list is endless – owe their passage into law because they please several different constituencies at the same time. Some advocates benefit financially, some supporters are misled by (mostly Media) propaganda, some supporters are driven by emotional hatreds of a society that is naturally conservative, and some are driven by the need to oppose the status quo. Many, including some of those above, are motivated by a Leftist ideology that believes that in order to make a better world (cake) many eggs have to be smashed. For a few, loyalty to America’s enemies is the motivating force.

We do not know enough about Obama (who has concealed his true history), Holder and Napolitano to say how many of the above factors have driven them to betray the American people and assist the enemy through their new policies for National (in)Security. Let the reader be judge!

The huge freeze that now covers North America from Montreal to Miami and Portland to Philadelphia is breaking records. In the Northern Hemisphere of the World, including India, China and the UK records are also being smashed. Mr. Radical informed me today that around his UK home 14 inches of snow have fallen. One would have to go back to the very early 1960’s to find temperatures and snowfalls like this in England. So extreme is the cold that the MSM cannot ignore it, much as it would like to. The problem is how to report it without shattering the Al Gore Global Warming myth. Fortunately the UK’s BBC long ago found the right word. It is ‘snap’. Thus the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing a ‘cold snap’. The nice thing about the word ‘snap’ is that it implies something very temporary and unremarkable. Never mind that this ‘snap’ is prolonged and record-breaking, it will still be called a ‘snap’ by the MSM and all reporters will avoid mentioning it in the context of Global Warming theory. The mugs who actually believe in Global Warming (and I do not mean the Cambridge scientists, the UN climate experts, Obama and Al Gore, for they know it is based on fraudulent science) are having their belief reinforced, for any extreme weather is the result of man-made warming.

Over the French New Year holiday another record was almost shattered, though the US MSM did not have much to say about it. 1137 French motor vehicles were torched and that was just 10 short of the record. Reading the brief reports on the computer news I could find no mention of the perpetrators, instead this mass arson was described as a tradition. It is, in fact, a very recent ‘tradition’ and dates back to the beginning of the insurrection of the Muslim immigrants in Paris. It is all down to their poverty and exclusion from French society. The only thing unusual about the New Year conflagration was that it numbered in the thousands and not the hundreds, for every weekend many cars are torched on Paris streets. It is, of course good news for the car makers if not the insurance companies.

In Denmark another Muslim soldier-out-of-uniform just failed to slaughter the cartoonist who once depicted Mohammed as a bomber. Since the cartoonist also had his little daughter with him and they hid together in his house we can assume that the Muslim soldier-out-of-uniform would have slaughtered her too. Some optimists will conclude that free speech in Denmark remains alive and well along with the cartoonist. The realistic conclusion is that free speech in Denmark and throughout Europe took another massive blow with this attempted murder. Given his time all over again, I doubt the cartoonist would draw a picture of any Muslim. The price of having Muslims anywhere in the free world is the loss of freedom.

I strongly recommend an article on the BNP website dated 27th December. It is by David Morris and headed “The Judges War on Britain”. It provides ample evidence that the Judiciary in the UK is now completely politicized and acting to further the Leftist Media Class agenda.

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