Islamic Imperialism

In a recent article on this website, we described the anti-cartoon riots around the world as Islamic Imperialism. It may well be that we are the first to coin this term. We have not seen it used anywhere else, so maybe we are again trailblazing, as we have been in using the term “Media Class”. However, in both cases, we aim to do more than coin a phrase. We believe we are identifying the reality behind the words.

European imperialism began in an accidental way in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The convergence of new boat building and navigation technologies, combined with the growth of trade and manufacturing led the merchants of Holland, Portugal, Spain and England to begin establishing trading outposts around the world. There was no plan or grand design in these initial developments, though they contained the seeds of imperialism. Later, national governments began to support the outposts, military protection was provided, legislation in the home countries annexed territory and imperialism found ideological rationales. Historians now say that the flag followed trade.

In this new century, we are seeing the rebirth of Islamic imperialism, and again the commencement was accidental. The groundwork has been laid by three unconnected events. (1) The evolution of the Western world’s dependency on Arab oil has plucked several Islamic countries out of economic and political obscurity. (2) The imposition of a successful Jewish state on Palestinian Arab land, has caused humiliation to Arabs everywhere as well as creating festering refugee camps. (3) The emigration into Europe of huge numbers of Muslims from backward countries lacking oil resources.

The oil factor has assumed new importance with the depletion of the world’s oil reserves and the arrival of China and India on the industrial scene. Technological developments could change this dynamic scenario again, but at the moment everyone is after oil. Some Arab states and many Arab individuals have accumulated enormous wealth and the devil makes work for idle wealth.

The establishment of the state of Israel on Palestinian Arab territory was a case of Europe assuaging its guilt at the expense of a powerless colonial people. The events subsequent to 1948 cast shame on all participants, including the governments of the UK, France, the USA, the USSR, all Arab governments, Zionists and Palestinian leaders. On this website we believe that the State of Israel must now be viewed as legitimate, no matter what its origins. Palestinians would do themselves a favor by recognizing that there is no turning the clock back and moving forward. However, the election of a Hamas dominated government suggests that the rebirth of Islamic imperialism has emboldened those Palestinians who think that 6 million Jews can be eradicated. Western Nations have no alternative but to defend a democratic Israel and support only a Palestinian state that recognizes Israel. Unfortunately the presence of Israel and its survival and growth has, more than anything else, fuelled the Arab sense of inferiority and angry resentment, and this has now been incorporated into mainstream Islamic motivation.

Finally, we have the precipitating third factor of mass immigration into Western Europe. Suddenly, the ordinary people in France, Holland, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and now Denmark, are paying the price of decades of apathy.

Whilst they have been sleeping, a lethal cocktail of Leftists, Big Business, Government bureaucrats and Media intimidated politicians, have opened the national doors to a flood of indigestible peoples. Reckless immigration policies have allowed the growth in all these nations of large minorities who actively resist integration. Foremost of these are Muslims whose own culture is strong and whose birthrate massively outstrips that of the hosts.

The Muslim world is not homogeneous, but from within it have emerged powerful voices seemingly capable of energizing the Muslim masses. No doubt some Muslim intellectuals have always harbored the notion that Islam will conquer the world, but opportunities create new leaders and new followers. The many burgeoning colonies of Muslims in Europe, purposeless in origin, now offer a purpose and an opportunity to those fanatics and psychopaths of the Muslim world who seek a mass movement that offers power. Recent history has taught us that fanatical, unscrupulous people who can harness an ideology that appeals to both disaffected intellectuals and poor powerless masses, become extremely dangerous. History should also have taught us that such people and their ideologies are immune to compromise. Apologizing for the Danish cartoons will not placate the Muslim forces now unleashed, instead it will energize them. European Leftists and Christians who march with the Muslim demonstrators in London and elsewhere, are fools or worse. We should reflect that the Media that blesses them with favorable publicity, seeks to silence those who have long warned of the dangers of mass immigration and Islamic colonization. The Free Speech Two, Griffin and Collett, face retrial at Leeds Crown Court on May 15th, just as the BBC “predicted” immediately the previous “Show” trial ended without convictions.

Before the Free Speech Two come to trial, the British people have the opportunity to vote in local elections. Since the BNP will be putting up many candidates, here is an opportunity for ordinary British people to stand up to intimidation from both Islamic imperialists and their own master class. Will they take that opportunity or go back to sleep?

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