Islamic Imperialism – Who Will Resist?

Several of my liberal American friends have finally become alarmed about the threat of Islamic Imperialism. The cause of their alarm is the recent UK Channel 4 program based on the secret filming by an undercover reporter of sermons by Imams in several British mosques. It seems that one of the major TV networks in the USA has just shown excerpts from the program.

In the UK I am told, those who saw the Channel 4 program are now shocked to learn that a very violent message is being promulgated to Muslim worshippers who are receiving it enthusiastically. Perhaps some in the Media Class have woken up to a danger they share with the rest of us and are about to enlighten the public. Better late than never!

The UK has acquired a great many Mosques and more are opening all the time. Clearly, a large number of Muslim immigrants are cleaving to their religion, and so are their children. Generally, native British people are quite ignorant of Islam and almost none have had any idea of what passes for Islamic religious preaching and education. It is difficult for non-Muslims to gain access to Mosques and probably quite dangerous, too. Since the English language is rarely used, the use of Mosques to recruit and organize Islamic militants has been a well-kept secret.

British Leftists have long been busy defending the reputation of Islam against those few brave souls who warned of its dangers for the non-Muslim population. All critics were branded racist, Fascist and Nazi and held responsible for any violence that was perpetrated by Muslims against non-Muslims. It is difficult for Leftists, and indeed the UK establishment, to allow the truth about Islam to emerge, since it immediately calls into question the whole business of reckless mass immigration.

Last week, those who study the small print in daily newspapers might have spotted a report of the frequent bloody murders of Buddhists in two provinces of southern Thailand. These provinces border on Muslim Malaysia and it seems that Islamic activists are busy doing some ethnic cleansing. Buddhists are passive people and Thailand has had nothing to do with the US invasion of Iraq, nor is it ‘exploiting’ Arab oil. Buddhist farmers and their families are having their throats cut and others are being killed in drive-by shootings. It seems that the Islamic militants now claim the provinces and seek to drive out non-Muslims. I am sure there are other parts of the world where Islamic activists are busy ruthlessly expanding their empire and doing it with little publicity.

Quite a few of the Imams preaching hatred in the British Mosques are black American converts. Possibly they find a more receptive audience in the UK than in the USA and less scrutiny from the Authorities. It would be nice to think that Muslims in the USA are more integrated into society and reject both the violence of the message and the religious imperialism that underpins it. At some point we will learn by experience if this is the case.

In France, there is violence every night in the cities with African and Algerian populations. This involves a hundred or more vehicles being set on fire in the streets by young Muslims. This has ceased to be newsworthy. Since the violence is mostly contained within immigrant-dominated areas of big cities, it is only newsworthy when the violence spills over into non-immigrant areas. Here again, Leftists, Media people and the authorities seek to play down the true state of affairs and when they cannot do that they blame the situation on the host people and their innate racism.

With the exception of Channel 4 and its diligent reporter, and a couple of newspapers, the Media has constantly lulled the British people into complacency and persecuted those who have sounded the alarm. The Leeds trials of the BNP Two must be seen in this context. We can assume that the Left, the Media and the authorities in France have done much the same thing to the French National Front.

The evidence before our eyes is that across the world, violent Islamic Imperialists are mobilized, are busy recruiting hordes of young Muslims, have intimidated into silence most other Muslims, and have met little resistance from host populations.

The US is fortunate that its war with the militants has so far been waged in Iraq and Afghanistan, though if the Democrats and the Media Class have their way that will soon change. Things look worse in Western Europe where large Muslim minorities harbor the suicide bombers and the spiritual leaders of Islamic Imperialism.

If the evidence of the Channel 4 program is to be believed, there can be no compromising with Islamic Imperialism. It is all or nothing, for neither their leaders nor their followers will settle for anything less than total domination. The situation is not static but frightfully dynamic. More Muslims continue to pour into Europe, the high birth rate of those already there is not abating and few are interested in integrating. Their leaders and followers become bolder by the day.

Who will stop them and how will it end? I have yet to read anywhere a likely scenario.

I suppose that at some point the host populations will resist, but certainly not under the leadership of the mainstream political parties, for they have aided and abetted the invaders.

Unless the host populations roll over and submit (working class people are unlikely to do so), there must surely be a head-on confrontation soon. Enoch Powell may yet prove to have been prescient when forecasting “rivers of blood”.

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