Islamic Imperialism Rampant!

In my previous article (The Right War – see Archive) I mentioned many places around the world where the Muslim activists have been murdering and terrorizing non-believers. On reflection, I did not include some glaring examples such as Holland, France, Russia, the Philippines and most importantly India. Only last week several bombs in Uttar Pradesh killed 13 people and injured almost 100. There have been many other bombings and killings in India in the last year alone. There will be many more for India has a population of 150 million Muslims. India, as far as I know, has no troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and is not an American ally.

The riots in France during the last few days have featured Muslim immigrants shooting at the police, torching buildings and cars and throwing petrol bombs. The excuse for this warfare was the deaths of two young Muslim lawbreakers during attempts by the police to apprehend them. Clearly it doesn’t take much to spark off a deadly Muslim insurrection in the heart of France.

The Western news Media welcomes violent events that provide shock, exciting pictures and headlines. However, nothing the Media reports can escape the Media Class agenda test, and so what the world reads is never the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I first read the reports on the French riots on the BBC News website and in a very long piece of reporting I had to get to the end in order to learn anything about just who was rioting. There I discovered that it wasn’t White French youths, Chinese immigrant youths, Indian immigrant youths or any number of ethnic groups who live in parts of Paris. By deduction I learned that it was Arab and African youths. Ethnicity/religion was clearly not considered to be of any relevance by the reporters. Similarly, in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal on the front page world news roundup, the spin was crystal clear, so I will give you the whole item.

“Rioting and arson continued in the POOR (my capitals) suburbs north of Paris, rekindling a debate over how to integrate France’s increasingly MARGINALIZED (again my capitals) immigrant population.”

No mention here of Arabs, Africans or Muslims, surely the key words in any reporting of the situation. Instead, the reporting is focused on telling readers that the troublemakers are in fact victims. The Western Media’s agenda, (as we constantly point out on this website) includes swamping the European and American peoples with indigestible Third World immigrants, so whenever Muslim populations flex their muscles, the Leftist Media has to move very quickly to redefine the news that you read and hear.

If there is a debate taking place in France at this moment (and here I mean in the living rooms and workplaces of tens of millions of ordinary Frenchmen) it is probably about how did these un-assimilable people get here in the first place and how can we evict them from our country. No doubt in the news rooms, in the Government bureaucracy and in French Academia, the Marxists are having the kind of debate the WSJ reporter has ‘imagined’ (for how can he know who is debating and what about?).

Co-incidentally, in the UK, the Oxford University Debating Society held a debate about free speech on Monday night and included, amongst the speakers, the BNP leader Nick Griffin. His Party has long claimed that Islam is a threat to the West and that mass immigration into the UK should be halted and reversed. Predictably, the UK’s well-funded Leftist agitators were mobilized (in the name of free speech) to prevent the debate from taking place and arrived ready for violence. The pictures of these political thugs of the Left can be seen on the BNP website and dressed in black and with face masks they uncannily resemble the Paris rioters. The police did little to prevent the rioters from wrecking the meeting and this is not surprising since the UK police forces are now thoroughly politicized in support of the Media Class agenda.

It is clear from these twin events that the ‘debate’ on mass immigration, Muslim violence and the other ills of multi-culturalism is only to be debated in certain places, by certain elites and within certain parameters.

What we need to understand is that the politicians who take their orders from the Leftist Media Class cannot and will not allow their citizens to perceive the total picture regarding mass immigration and Islamic Imperialism. Thus the Media fragments the world-wide picture so that the French riots are about poverty and the lack of economic opportunity, the UK’s Muslim problems are about White racism, what happens in Holland is about religious sensitivity, what happens in India and Thailand is of no relevance to the US and Europe etc.

On this website we say that all the violent episodes that involve Islam’s followers everywhere in the world, are about a resurgent Imperialism. The world ignores this at its peril.

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