Islam – Facing The Reality!

This is the third consecutive piece on the threat of Islamic Imperialism. Writing the two previous pieces has concentrated my mind a little. One event in particular set me thinking, for last week it was reported from Thailand that Islamic insurgents in the south of that predominantly Buddhist nation had murdered three people in one day. Their first victim was a Muslim who had been working for the Thai Government and the other two were Buddhist fishermen whose crime appears to be that they were not Muslims. It wasn’t the three murders that drew my attention however, for I am aware that Islamic terrorists are murdering Thai Buddhists in the south all of the time. It was the terrible brutality of the murders, for the victims were slowly beheaded and the two fishermen also had nails driven into their skulls. It is probable that other excruciatingly painful tortures were carried out before death mercifully intervened. I doubt that the murderers are suffering any remorse. If other Islamic killings are anything to judge by, the killers are at this moment regaling their co-religionists with details of the killings.

The perpetrators in this instance are either Thai Muslims or Malaysian Muslims. Such cruel killings are routinely carried out in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and almost everywhere the Muslim faith is dominant or on the offensive. I understand that there are some very cruel punishments in Shia Iran and in this last week Muslim marchers have been demanding a cruel death for a do-gooding British teacher in the Sudan who made the outrageous mistake of calling a teddy bear Mohammed. The merciless cruelty involved in the killing of ‘enemies’ of the faith is not at all shame-faced. Unlike Hitler’s Nazis or Stalin’s NKVD, neither the killing nor the preceding torture gets done in secret or hidden after the fact. Islamists, it seems are keen to have the world know about their achievements on behalf of their faith. It seems that where circumstances allow, the tortures are filmed so that they can be replayed after and shown to audiences of both the enemy and the faithful. I realize that there is an intention to spread fear, but it seems to me that the truly faithful of this religion actually enjoy inflicting unimaginable suffering on human beings.

I suspect that this delight in the power to torture helpless creatures begins with the casual and religiously-inspired throat-cutting of sheep and goats. When I was travelling in Tunisia many years ago, it was commonplace to see a Muslim man holding a sheep on the front doorstep and slitting its throat in front of the children. I believe pious Jews also kill domestic animals by throat-cutting in order to obey religious instructions. It is hard to believe that this is considered justifiable by any civilized person.

Thankfully, the New Testament has no such instructions and Christianity even has a saint (Francis) who inspires the humane treatment of animals. This is not to say that Christian people always treat animals well, far from it, but sadists cannot appeal to Christianity as the inspiration for their behavior. I think it is impossible to find anything in the New Testament that confers respectability on cruelty.

Since Muslims from a host of different countries and races are busy joyfully bestowing prolonged painful deaths on victims in the name of Allah, the explanation must be in the religion and not in the race. Islamic Imperialism, now asserting itself across the globe, is allowing us to witness the cruel, barbaric, heartless nature of Islam. It is not a pretty sight! I used to think of Islam as one of the world’s great religions and a bulwark against the expansion of Hollywood (Media Class) decadence and amorality, but not any longer. This is a case of the medicine being more deadly than the disease.

In the UK, the slaughter of animals for food had gradually been made more humane over the years, though much remained to be done. Part of the problem has been that the general public was not aware of the suffering involved, just as it is still not aware of the brutality of abortion. Progress has not only been halted but reversed as the authorities bow to the demands of the newly arrived Muslim population for whom a little torture and blood goes with the religion. How long before slow beheading becomes acceptable amongst the British public? I have no doubt that in some Muslim neighborhoods of big UK cities Muslim men are already cutting the throats of sheep on their doorsteps and in view of the passing children. Islam tolerates no reform and no compromises and its followers will soon be imposing more of the brutality of their religion on the host nation. Leftists and the Media Class will no doubt aid and abet the process, as they strive to eliminate everything that keeps alive any semblance of Christianity. It seems that these fools cannot foresee that they too will one day be the sheep on the doorstep.

Is there an answer? I think so! It involves separating decent people from Muslim countries from the religious fanatics. If we insisted that animal throat cutting did not meet our standards of animal treatment and banned it, and if we prohibited the wearing of the veil in public and if we insisted that no public facilities should be modified to meet Muslim demands AND if we ignored the howls of protest from the Islamic fanatics and the Leftist Human Rights organizations, the fanatics would go back to where they came from. Those nominal Muslims (and there are many of them, especially from countries like Iran) who are content to accept the traditions and habits of the host people would remain and prosper. On Thanksgiving I regularly sit around a table with some two dozen Iranians and along with them thank God for another year of life. They don’t buy specially slaughtered meat, the women don’t wear veils and our gathering included two Jews this year. None of these people would defend the fanatics who claim to share their religion. Ironically, there are Leftist Caucasians and Jews in the UK, the USA and other parts of Europe who, because of their hatred of Christianity, are prepared to advance Islamic Imperialism and they dominate the Media, Academia and much of the legal profession. I suppose they admire the totalitarianism and ruthless cruelty that underpins Islam. They will be the death of us all!

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