Islam and Terrorism

We have said our piece on the Ground Zero Mosque plan. Leaving aside the wholly understandable sensibilities of the friends and relatives of victims of 9/11, we point out that the building of a Mosque there will have consequences across the world, for Muslims will be told by their own leaders that the Mosque is a symbol of Islam’s latest triumph over the West. The nonsense that has to be refuted at all times is that the Muslim men of violence are a fringe minority who in no way represent their religion. It becomes clearer by the day that those Muslims ready to carry out acts of warfare in the name of their religion are anything but a handful of kooks. In Canada this week the authorities say they have found and foiled a bomb-making plot and the arrested trio are all Canadian citizens. The men have allegedly been caught with videos, drawings, books and manuals for making explosives and two of them are hospital workers. According to the RCMP “a vast quantity of terrorist literature and instructional material was seized”. The group are alleged to have links in Iran, Afghanistan, Dubai and Pakistan. In 2006 Canadian police arrested 18 Toronto youth for plotting attacks.

I am well aware that there are many, many ‘nominal’ Muslims around the world, including the USA. I have several friends who I would describe as ‘nominal’ Muslims and they are as far removed from terrorism as I am. Neither do they long for the day when Islam will dominate the US for many are refugees from Iranian Islam and Sharia law. These are people who grew up in a Muslim society but whose Islamic practices only surface at times of marriage, births, deaths and an occasional religious day. They do not consult the Koran for anything and rarely if ever attend a Mosque. They are integrated into US society. They are the Muslim equivalent of most Christians in the West and I do not include them in the following warning about Islamic ImperiaIism.

However it needs to be said, time and time again, that very large numbers of Muslims do attend Mosques and live by the rules of the Koran. And as Islam becomes resurgent throughout the world, the numbers of those who are actively religious appear to be growing fast and especially in the West. These Muslims – and many are educated and have good jobs and families – are inspired solely by their religion and follow the teachings of the Koran, including all its intolerant and violent tenets. They are not ‘mostly’ Muslims or ‘nominally’ Muslims. They regard themselves as soldiers of Allah in the most literal sense and they believe that history is on their side and that the West is rotten at the core. Their targets are anyone who is not Muslim and especially anyone who is considered to be insulting Islam or actively exposing or opposing the expansion of Islam. Groups like them seem to exist in every Western country where there are Muslim immigrant populations and who can believe that the militants are not swimming in a sea of Muslim sympathizers. The Muslim world seems to be awash in videos on bomb making and manuals on terrorism and networks of instructors and financers that stretch back to the Middle East. If I and some friends developed an urge to start bomb making I have no idea where we would find contacts and supporters, yet any Muslim who feels the urge seems to know exactly where to go. We have to assume that these ‘soldiers’ of Islam are being influenced, indoctrinated, encouraged and recruited by a widespread network of motivated and determined Muslim activists and all the evidence points to Mosques and Imams.

It also needs to be reiterated that it is not only in the West that Muslims are waging war. What about the constant killing of innocent Thai farmers in Southern Thailand, the killings in the Steppes of Russia and the attacks in South America on Jews? The terrorist recruits in the West are not poor ignorant dupes but mostly young people who have been reasonably well-educated and have greatly benefitted from the countries of their adoption. Clearly the call to arms has nothing to do with minority status, for whilst there are Muslim ghettoes in some big European cities (and these are largely created by poor Muslims deliberately colonizing areas) many of the terrorists are literally living amongst us. It is clear that a number of factors have come together to create a worldwide resurgence of Islamic Imperialism and although the heartland of Islam is still in the Middle East, thanks to the reckless mass immigration policies of our Western elites, there are now significant numbers of Muslims here in the West. Their Mosques, for the most part, are the recruiting grounds, training grounds and forward base camps for the war they are waging against us. In many ways we are now facing an enemy as dangerous, perhaps more dangerous, than was Communism and Nazism. Just because those previous ideological enemies of freedom could be traced to a single leadership in Moscow or Berlin and this one appears to have no single leadership, we should not be more tolerant or more complacent. Every new Mosque that we allow in the West is now a nail in our collective coffin for the Islamic Imperialists have chosen to be in a life or death struggle with us for domination. We must reject the Leftists and self-indulgent pacifists who cry ‘Islamophobia’ and bigotry, and whose voices are amplified by a colluding Media Class. People like them, in the 1930’s and 1950’s nearly handed the world to despots.

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