Is Trump-Crazy Mainstream Media Digging Its Own Grave?

As the Obama hours tick away, the Media Class and its Far Left allies are becoming demented with desperation. It seemed that the MSM had concocted or inflated every possible smear of Donald Trump’s character during the election contest. It failed, though only just! Now the MSM has reached rock bottom – or maybe not? – with only ten days to go.

The latest smear story seeks to build on the Russia/Putin narrative. This started out as MSM allegations that Putin had penetrated and corrupted voting machines in order to ensure a Trump victory. On the strength of this charge Jill Stein enjoyed MSM celebrity and demanded recounts and investigations in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

When this initiative resulted in the discovery of more Trump votes, Stein slipped back into MSM anonymity and the MSM focused on alleged links between Putin and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. The recalibrated allegation was that Putin organized the hacking of DNC and Podesta computers and via Assange leaked the contents to sabotage Clinton’s campaign. This allegation had the problem of overlooking the un-denied accuracy of the leaks which had revealed Democrat Party dirty works that the MSM had avoided uncovering.

Clinton showed no interest in this allegation. This was not surprising for whilst it was used to paint the Trump victory as lacking integrity and credibility, it also reminded Americans of her
Campaign’s lack of integrity concerning Sanders, and her poor campaign performance. As a side note, we think Clinton was always a reluctant campaigner for health and stamina reasons. Her and Bill’s prime motives for wanting the White House was to protect them from further criminal investigation.

The MSM strategy to stop Trump, we believe, was based on the hope that a groundswell of Media-created anti-Trump public opinion would enable the Far Left Revolutionary street cadres to manufacture enough urban mayhem to prod Obama into declaring a State of Emergency.

Trump’s ability to impose himself on the daily news, his coolness and cabinet appointments, plus winter weather, took the steam out of the urban street demonstrations, and they fizzled. Inauguration Day mob insurrection now looks like a token effort, rather than the start of a French-style Revolution. In any case Obama has revealed once again that he is not a man of real action, more a phone and pen man!

Lurking behind the MSM and its Media Class manipulators who see their Revolutionary achievements being reversed by a Trump Administration, are other overlapping shadier groups that fear Nationalism, or stand to gain from a military confrontation with Russia and international tension, or who hate Putin for his unwillingness to allow homosexuality to eat into Russian life. There are Republicans and Conservatives embedded in these groups.

With the clock ticking away and Trump intact, the MSM in league with other desperate anti-Trump forces has concocted the ‘Trump compromised by Putin’ narrative, which can be grafted on to the previous charges. They include stories of Trump agents in secret meetings with Putin aides before the election, Trump being filmed in a Moscow Hotel by Putin’s Secret Service whilst engaged in homo-style acts with prostitutes.

If any website visitor can make better sense of these allegation, we will post it up. One narrative involves a 52 year old former British Intelligence officer named Christopher Steele who is now in private practice in London and has produced a ‘dossier’ of allegations. So far these are all reported by the American MSM as ‘unsubstantiated’.

Steele’s motive is not clear. Normally, his security company produces dossiers at the request of clients but no client has been identified, so Steele may have his own motive. We do know that before Christmas this dossier found its way, or was planted, into the hands of the one Republican Senator who can be relied upon for treachery to his own Party, especially if it results in friendly MSM exposure. You guessed it, John McCain!

McCain, being extremely high-minded passed it to someone in the American Intelligence forces. From there, or from McCain, or both in harmony, it leaked to the MSM (CNN) and the pages of the one newspaper that has both Far Leftist and neo-Con anti Russian factions.

A different story is that a source known as 4chan created the ‘dossier’ as a spoof and planted it on Buzzfeed in order to set up that organization with a ludicrous ’news’ story that would eventually undermine its credibility. Buzzfeed, falling for the scheme hook line and sinker, passed it to Neo-con Rick Wilson, who passed it to ex-Intelligence official and anti Trumper Evan McMullin, who passed it to his buddy-in-treachery McCain.

If all of this both baffles our website visitors and sickens them, we understand. Anyone with the facts can put us right, including McCain and Mc Mullin if we are impugning their integrity.

A return to the world of what we can know is real must begin with the fact that Donald Trump, without any help from Putin embarked on the most energetic and exhausting campaign ever waged, targeting the States where his message of hope resonated with ordinary working Americans. He did so on half the budget of Hillary Clinton and used mostly his own money. He was open about his intention to work with Russia/Putin to forge good relations and more effectively fight ISIS.

The MSM, including both factions within the Wall Street Journal, tossed aside the last vestiges of journalism, revealed its role as the propaganda arm of the Media Class, sent the Democrat Party to the political sidelines, ignored the political issues, and openly campaigned to destroy Trump’s character. It successfully deprived the bulk of the American people of knowledge of the WikiLeaks releases and did all it could to paint a false and glowing picture of Hillary Clinton. It failed. Trump narrowly won on his merits.

No matter how ludicrous and desperate the attacks of the MSM on Trump’s character and on those of his nominees for Cabinet, the MSM, on behalf of the Media Class and its Far Left allies will continue this campaign of fake news and character assassination. Maybe the MSM is digging its own grave for all on the Broad Right now reject its claim to journalism and Trump as President may decide he has to break the power of the Media Class if he is to make America great again.

We were disappointed with Sessions’ performance before the Senate, but hugely impressed with Ted Cruz. Sessions seems too principled for the job. We need someone without too many scruples and an appetite for savage revenge.

Tucked away in yesterday’s WSJ was a piece of news that once again reminds us that common sense about what is normal and hygienic, and what the Bible reinforces, cannot for long be denied. A diarrheal disease called Shigella is spreading and is resistant to anti-biotics. It is spread by oral and anal sexual contact and, you guessed it, perverts of both sexes are the main victims. Enough said!

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  1. If the MSM could not bring Trump down before he was elected, they will not be able to bring him down now. They are too late! The public is rising up.

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