Is This Education or Indoctrination?

One of the significant things about modern elections is that subsequent inquests contain a lot of information about who voted for whom. If the exit polls are to be believed, younger voters and the better-educated went overwhelmingly for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. I am sure this is generally true. In the past I would have put some of this down to the naivete of the young, especially given that Obama campaigned on empty, inspiring slogans about ‘change you can believe in’, and that young people can identify with someone like themselves who knows nothing but exudes confidence. On top of this he was associated with radical Left politics that promise to take from those who have and to give to those who have not. Young people, just setting out in the jobs world, generally have not and like the idea of being given! And if that were not enough, he was fanatically supported by just about every pop celebrity. Young people, who know little about history but everything about pop celebrities, were bound to be influenced and their instincts confirmed.

Not much new about all this and in the past I would not have been too concerned for our country because of it. After all, we were all young (and naïve and idealistic) once. I drew comfort from the knowledge that as people grow older, they have to do real work, bring up families, protect their children from destructive forces and learn some hard lessons. As a result they generally become more conservative. For the record, Mr. Radical was, in his teen years, a Communist Party sympathizer and Mr. Right was a Trotskyite activist. I cannot speak for Mr. Radical, but as a poor working class boy in snooty, class-ridden England, I was motivated by both envy and idealism in about equal proportions. Experience and a decent education taught me that life is never fair and never will be and that in those places where ideologues have promised to make it so, life has become even more unfair, quite brutal and dangerously arbitrary.

I can honestly say that I was not politically indoctrinated at school. My teachers had many faults but they never brought their politics into the school and even now I cannot guess whether they were Left or Right. In those days the UK population was homogeneous and our lessons were limited to mathematics, English language and literature, English history, science, religion (one lesson a week about Christianity), world geography and a foreign language. Children left school politically neutral and politics never penetrated school even at election times. If children became political as they entered the adult world it was because of parental influence, not because of their teachers. I left school and started work at age 15 and I leave it to readers of this website to judge whether my schooling was adequate for a working life, but the political activity that I soon became embroiled in had no roots in my education. The vague-sounding ‘Social Studies’ was not on the curriculum.

As the result of a chance encounter last week, I am no longer confident that the young people leaving school are going to gradually become more conservative. The Leftist ideas that they now take into the adult world are not the result of simple youthful idealism. They are the result of determined indoctrination. Like most people who get their information from beyond the Mainstream Media, I have long been aware that Leftists have taken over our schools but knowing something ‘in general’ is not the same as coming face to face with an example. Last week, the example and I came face to face!

We were completing a hike with my young son when we met a father and his 10 year old boy. The boy was polite, sensible and a credit to his dad and we talked about the geology and wildlife of the area through which we were hiking. When we reached the visitors center, the boy and I found ourselves alone in one of the display rooms. I assumed that the boy had a leaning towards science for he had talked knowledgeably on the trail, and so I asked him what was his favorite subject. “Social Studies,” he fired back. I have no real idea what ‘Social Studies’ involves so I asked him to elaborate. “It’s really interesting,” he said. “We learn all about how bad America has been, like bringing people here from Africa as slaves, and being cruel to them, and taking the land from the Native American people and killing them.” I was taken aback! He continued: “The White people have gone all over the world stealing from other countries and making people poor.” He then started to tell me how White Americans are causing the planet to get overheated and are using up the world’s resources. It was clear from the rest of his little speech that he considered the whole of the history of the American people (his own people) to be one of wickedness and greed.

I should have kept quiet, for what can I say in a few minutes to undo his ‘education’? Unfortunately I am opinionated and I found myself telling him that although I was not born in the USA, it has a history that no American should be ashamed of. I asked him if he knew how the African slaves had been enslaved by other Africans and sold to the White men and how Arab slavers had raided Africa for slaves for hundreds of years. He had no idea what I was talking about and I realized that I might simply be creating problems for him at school and even at home if I continued, so I just said, “Son, you can be proud to be an American for this country has done more good than any country in history and the people who came over the Sierras in covered wagons had guts”. His dad joined us and I changed the topic. We parted on good terms.

This boy’s head has been filled with Leftist propaganda by his teachers. He has absorbed a shame about his own people, no pride in their achievements and ‘history’ that neither Stalin nor Hitler could have matched. I cannot see how children with this kind of ‘education’ will be anything other than Leftist fodder. We are told by pollsters that the ‘educated’ people voted for Obama. What they really mean by ‘educated’ are people who have spent a lot of time being indoctrinated in the modern system. It has nothing to do with education as I would define it. There seems little likelihood that future Americans will preserve the institutions and ideas that created American exceptionalism. I have no doubt that in the UK the same process is being carried out to create shame amongst the native people. Only the BNP would attempt to undo this and at the moment that Party is being treated as if it is a criminal enterprise.

The UK news that briefly surfaced earlier this week concerning the 47 year old George O’Dowd should come as no surprise and Americans might draw a lesson from it. For those, like me, who are unfamiliar with pop warblers, O’Dowd is widely known as Boy George. He acquired fame by dressing in outlandish female clothes and causing confusion as to his gender. Interestingly (for readers of this website) he called his backing group the ‘Culture Club’. I doubt he has enough intellectual curiosity to have arrived at the same conclusions as this website about the modern culture war, but in his own instinctive way he may have realized that he represented a revolutionary culture that was based on deviant sexual behavior. He hit the headlines this week because he was in court being accused of handcuffing a young man and keeping him prisoner. O’Dowd (aka Boy George) is reported to have met the young man as a result of trawling those websites where homosexual men make contact for marriage and long-lasting relationships that are indistinguishable from traditional heterosexual marriages. I am joking of course, but O’Dowd (aka Boy George) did trawl and did meet a young man who was offering his sexual services to some-one of like mind. He took the young man back to his home and sodomy plus bondage of some kind took place. According to events outlined in court, the relationship soon soured but after a time O’Dowd (aka Boy George) contacted the young man again but this time handcuffed him and held him prisoner in his home. The young man escaped in his cuffs and the police became involved. The young man was lucky that the UK police had time to come to his rescue as mostly they are tied up (no pun intended) with arresting BNP members and removing their computers. The cuffs were sawn off and the man’s injuries recorded and O’Dowd (aka Boy George) now finds himself being prosecuted.

In the USA, outraged homosexuals are currently persecuting Mormons and other Christians in revenge for setbacks to their plan to commandeer marriage and turn it into a grotesque pantomime. They ask us to believe that homosexual relationships are as normal as heterosexual relationships that lead to marriage and the bearing and nurturing of children. Now I am aware that some heterosexual people indulge in sado-masochism. I have never spoken to anyone who admitted to it but I assume that those who practice this stuff keep quiet about it because they realize that it is both abnormal and shameful. It is best for society that we keep as a ‘love that dare not speak its name’. No doubt anal intercourse is a feature of sado-masochistic relationships because of the humiliation inflicted upon the passive partner. Male homosexual activities revolve around all things anal and consequently inescapably contain a large element of humiliation. The homosexual bondage celebrations that take place annually and publicly in San Francisco are not those of a fringe group, but the revelation of an increasingly confident and assertive homosexual population. O’Dowd (aka Boy George) was doing what comes (un)naturally to ‘gay’ men and the cuffs were a part of the loving paraphernalia.

If you think I am unfairly giving homosexuality a negative reputation, I suggest you read Stephen Green’s book “The Sexual Dead End” which is reviewed on our website. Readers who have access to the BBC should tune in this week to the BBC 3 TV Program “The Trouble with Gay Man”. This is a documentary put together by Simon Fanshawe who is a BBC man and homosexual (are there any straight men employed by the BBC?). Fanshawe’s program will reveal “the shallowness and destructiveness of the gay lifestyle” and its “narcissism, immaturity, nihilism and extended adolescence”. I suppose Fanshawe thinks the gay lifestyle could aspire to higher things if only homosexuals would change their ways. They cannot, of course, because same-sex sexual relationships are, by definition, unhealthy and sterile.

We should feel some sympathy for all those (hetero or homo) drawn to sado-masochism and other unnatural practices and leave them in peace to carry on behind closed doors. We need feel no guilt when we insist that they practice them behind closed doors for the benefit of society. And we certainly need feel no guilt in denying such practices the status associated with marriage.

The latest terrorist outrages being reported from Bombay, India remind us that Islamic Imperialism is not just a reaction to the Bush Presidency. They also remind us that our President who has been a failure in so many ways deserves to be remembered as a President who kept the US mainland safe for almost eight long years. I have friends who are vacationing in India at this very moment though hopefully not in Bombay. Back in 2004 I talked with several Indians living in the Bay Area who were contemptuous of Bush and loud in condemning ‘his war’. At that time they arrogantly compared their country and its proud commitment to peace with the violent USA. They seemed to believe that being peaceful bought a peace dividend. Clearly, not so! Not that Hindus have a monopoly of tolerance and peacefulness. There have been many Hindu attacks recently on Christians and Christian churches in India and only this morning I saw a report about a 15 year old Untouchable boy who was kidnapped, beaten and then thrown under a train, by a group of Hindu men. His crime was to have sent a love letter to a girl from a higher caste. The report says that the local police passively watched this cruel murder.

I will bet that the 10 year old boy I met on the hike will not be taught about any of this in his Social Studies class. His Leftist teachers will not wish to put past US shortcomings into an international perspective. He will grow up only knowing about bad things in America.

Finally, to all patriotic Americans this website wishes a Happy Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is a time to honor those English pioneers whose Christian faith, strength, wisdom and fortitude laid the foundations of a great Nation.

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