Is Sessions’ Federal Prosecutor Purge Just The Start?

The news that Jeff Sessions had requested the speedy resignations of 46 Federal Prosecutors will have encouraged those on the Broad Right. The sooner the Federal bureaucracy is purged and radically pruned the better. The bonus from Sessions’ action was that when the US Attorney Preet Bharara refused to go, Sessions told him he was sacked.

Bharara is a poster boy for diversity in Government, which translates into an activist for the Far Left who because of his skin color is above criticism for his political activities. Shed no tears for Bharara for he will not be unemployed for long. By accusing Sessions of lack of principle and boasting of his past commitment to ‘independence’  Bharara has now become the poster boy of the Mainstream Media and can be assured of a multitude of offers of plum jobs.

The equivalent of what the MSM likes to call the ‘Red-neck’ vote, (implying that socially conservative White working people in rural areas are uneducated and ignorant) must surely be the ‘Black-neck’ vote. It is a funny thing, but we never hear about the ‘Black-neck’ vote in the MSM, yet we constantly read about the poor quality of the schools that serve Black communities and the economic handicaps that plague Black people because of lack of education. So let us recognize that there is a Black-neck vote and its constituents are the least educated and most ignorant voters in the USA.

We should not be surprised to find that those legislators who get elected by the Black-neck vote are among the most ignorant in Congress. Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Alcee Hastings are surely an embarrassment for educated African-Americans. The spokesman of the Caucus most sought after by the MSM is Elijah Cummings who represents the Black half of Baltimore City and the 7th Congressional District of Maryland.

Cummings has been chosen by the MSM to accuse Sessions of sacking Bharara as part of a cover-up of Trump Administration links to Russia. Presumably the MSM calculates that combining a brown man with a professional black man puts both above criticism – a sort of double whammy.

Every embedded Leftist purged by the Trump Administration from an  influential Federal job will be elevated by the MSM to martyrdom. The answer is to create a torrent of newly-unemployed Federal Leftists so that the MSM is overwhelmed with martyrs. The more the merrier!

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