Is Obama Another Nero?

As the Syria situation unfolds and the Obama Administration stumbles from one hilariously conflicting response to another, it is tempting to see the whole thing as farce.   One thing is certain! Our President is not embarrassed by the situation in which he finds himself and has placed our Nation. Instead he continues to treat the Nation’s foreign affairs as interludes between his golfing commitments. For we Conservative spectators who never for one moment swallowed the fawning Media Class propaganda that portrayed him as a genius, the news each day is neither surprising nor depressing – more a cause for merriment. Except that the Syria issue is life and death for many and the humiliation of America can bring little comfort. Farce is entertaining but it is always contrived and divorced from real life. Events in Syria and the surrounding countries are real life and who knows what consequences will flow from Obama’s bumbling performance? 

    On this website we have always maintained that our new Ruling Media Class, whose roots and riches include film-making, pornography of all kinds, theater – and yes farce, has little regard for reality. We have pointed out that Hollywood film-makers inhabit a make-belief, drug-distorted world where history can be constantly revised and invented, where budgets are constantly grossly exceeded without accountability and where life goes merrily and decadently along. They inhabit a world where they seemingly have the power to destroy for posterity the character of a patriot like Joe McCarthy and recast the sly traitor Alger Hiss as a loyal and cultured American wrongly persecuted. They have the power to cast the late angry thuggish Trayvon Martin as a victim and the law-upholding George Zimmerman as a child-killer who escaped justice on a technicality. The Hollywood billionaires and degenerates who make their money feeding the world a diet of fantasy and degeneracy are also the people most responsible for the presence of this inept and shallow occupant of the White House. He has been placed there by them to push an agenda of moral collapse and only this has he not shirked for the golf course. We now have the disgusting and wholly unnatural same-sex marriage being imposed by him and his Governing apparatus on the people and presented as a triumph of civil rights but actually and more importantly preparing the ground for the final assault on Christianity, the family and free speech. The Hollywood gang; the Media Class of which they are a key part, and their Leftist allies who yearn for big Government and totalitarianism, care little about foreign affairs and resent America’s past support of freedom at home and around the world. We are not surprised that Obama has unwittingly stumbled into the Middle East cauldron for he has viewed foreign affairs simply as a stage where he could occasionally strut and preen. In response to his paymasters he has seen America’s dwindling clout in the world merely as an opportunity to push the homosexual agenda and world Government. 

    Some conservative commentators are now saying that America’s Syria farce is not the consequence of Obama’s bumbling but is his clever strategy to reduce America’s standing in the world. On this website we do not believe Obama capable of such strategic thinking. We see this unfolding (and dangerous) farce as a result of Obama attending to matters the Ruling Media Class has considered important whilst being indifferent to real dangers in the real world. We always thought that his high-flown and vacuous Leftist bluster at the beginning of his reign back in 2008 would ignite crises. We speculated that China might see his election as an opportunity to invade Taiwan or North Korea might decide the time was ripe to invade South Korea. Such things did not happen – at least not yet. Later we thought his reckless financial policies would ignite calamitous inflation, and yet our economy continues to float on a sea of debt with no bad consequences. So, we have been wrong! 

    Ancient Rome’s grand decline is often encapsulated by the story of how Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned. It is a story that might not be quite true but it serves its purpose in portraying what was a cumulative process. It may well be that future historians (if intellectual honesty ever returns to Academia) will portray America’s steady decline as Obama golfing whilst the Middle East erupts and America stumbles. It would be nice to think that Obama’s political career will be greatly weakened by Congress leaving him hanging and voting ‘no’ to involvement in Syria, but the Mainstream Media (MSM) power of propaganda and the Media Class’ power to rewrite history should never be underestimated and he may yet emerge unscathed. Our prediction is that ultimately this Syria ‘crisis’ will just fizzle out. 

    Weather – Here in middle California September has lived up to its reputation as one of the hot months of summer and the first week has seen temperatures hover around 100F. Near to my town another park wildfire threatens to engulf several homes. No doubt some will attribute the catastrophe of lost homes to man-made global warming though in truth such fires could have erupted any time in the last 100 years for at this time of year the old oaks and scrub are tinder-dry. The truth is that almost all of such fires are what is man-made, either by carelessness or arson. In the UK I am informed that a pleasant warm spell has now been replaced by rain, cold and the rapid onset of autumn. 

    Music Choice – Yesterday evening I was fortunate to hear a musical concert in the home of a lady raising money for breast cancer. She was a fine classical pianist and she played some pieces written by Bach, Mozart and Brahms. She finished with Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue” – for me easily the best piece of her program for it is emotionally powerful and has haunting melodies. I was suddenly reminded by it of Stan Kenton’s best compositions and recordings, especially “Concerto To End All Concertos”, “Collaboration” and “Interlude” (composed by Pete Rugolo). Kenton recorded all of these in Hollywood in 1956 with what I consider to be his finest orchestra. I recommend that you take time to listen to “Artistry Jumps” from the same session. Perhaps you will also hear the Gershwin influence in Kenton’s compositions and arrangements. Like Gershwin, Kenton was a master whose music will stand the test of time unless our Ruling Class succeeds in permanently infantilizing the American people.

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