IRS Targets Counter Revolutionaries 

It should have come as no surprise to activists on our side of the great political and social divide that the IRS has been singling out its victims on the basis of their politics. We are, after all, living through a revolutionary era, as we constantly point out on this website.   When we refer to ‘revolution’ we mean just that and we base our description on the fact that a new economic and social Class has emerged in the USA (the Media Class) and it now rules through this President and the Democrat Party. Just because there are no barricades in the streets (at least not yet!) and there are no guillotines at work, does not mean that a classic revolutionary assumption of power has not taken place. 

    Like any new Ruling Class, this one is in the process of re-arranging society to reflect and reward its own interests. It so happens that this new Media Class, driven by its extreme revolutionary morality and appetites, is compelled to destroy almost all of the old society’s culture and beliefs and substitute them with those of the decadent last days of the Roman Empire. Some emerging Classes in history have embodied much that is good and have absorbed much of the old displaced society’s culture, but the Media Class is imposing a morality that rejects the last 2,000 years of Western Civilization. It cannot do so, except by deceit and by making alliances, for it is numerically small and its only powers lie in wealth and control of information. It does not have a large presence on the ground and its core membership is effete (barren), self obsessed, perverted and decadent. The Media Class members cannot be compared to the Iron Masters, Engineers and Ship’s Captains of Britain’s Industrial Revolution. 

    Nevertheless we should not underestimate their skill in propaganda, their power over people that they possess through news and entertainment or their dedication to their appetites. Most of all, we should not underestimate the power of their wealth or their power to confer celebrity. 

    It is the Media Class’ alliance with the Leftist dominated Public Employee Class that explains the IRS scandal that is still unfolding. The emerging Media Class needed troops on the ground in order to win elections, for deceit and wealth are never quite enough. The members of the Media Class (actors, TV and Movie Producers, Pop singers, Sports Stars and Fashion Queens) are not the people to go knocking on doors and delivering leaflets at election times. Nor do they have many votes to cast. They are good at holding glittering fundraisers in sumptuous homes, appearing on platforms to applause and making propaganda films – and that is about it as far as real activism goes! 

    The alliance with the unionized Public Service workers has been a happy one for all concerned and a comfortable fit. The Media Class inner circle – both News and Hollywood – has long been ideologically Leftist-dominated as has the Union Movement. The Public Service workers (both State and Federal) have everything to gain from the growth of Government and the Media Class is aware that its morality can best be Government-imposed on a reluctant people. Both have a matching interest in the numerical growth of public sector employees but also a matching interest in the growth of Government powers. 

    In previous articles we have described how the Unions in Public Service are able to organize and mobilize people at the workplace, unhindered and un-challenged. Especially is this true in Leftist States and Cities where there is no conflict of interest and ideology between workers and elected ’employers’. In a recent article about the late Margaret Thatcher we pointed out that her greatest error (committed at the beginning of her time in Office) was that she did not also purge the Government workforce when targeting the State-controlled blue collar industries for de-nationalization. She failed to recognize that her deadliest opponents – other than the emerging Media Class – were the armies of ‘civil servants’ and local government workers. At that time it is unlikely that the Inland Revenue workforce could have been suborned to target her allies and supporters, for then it was Social Workers, Probation Officers and Health workers who were in the vanguard of agitating whilst on the taxpayers’ dime. Today, many years on and with the Media Class now in power (with its man Cameron at Number 10) I have no doubt that the Inland Revenue and the Justice system’s respective employees are busy singling out opponents of the Revolution for harassment, intimidation and persecution. 

    Here in the USA it is surely true that the IRS workforce is now thoroughly Leftist at every level, from the minions to the top, and that all mingle both politically and socially with the Democrat Party activists. In the UK in the 1980’s and 1990’s it was commonplace for Social Work bosses and managers employed in one constituency to stand for election in Councils and Parliament in adjoining councils and constituencies. They would outrageously and brazenly claim that there was no conflict of interest between their taxpayer-funded jobs and their active political commitment. This was only, of course, if the political commitment was Leftist, for after all it was self-evident that Leftism -selfless and idealist – was in the public’s best interest! 

    I doubt that the Ohio and Washington IRS bosses who OK’d the targeting of counter-revolutionaries (they would not see them as that but as conservatives, nationalists, Christians or anti-progressives) would have been quite so blatant if Romney had been in the White House. Those conservative purists who stayed home on election-day have much to answer for in perceiving no difference between a luke-warm conservative and Obama. With Obama in the White House and his henchman Holder in Justice we have the scenario where public employees, and the elected representatives who are supposed to watch dog them, are pursuing the same agenda and are comrades-in-arms for the Revolution. 

    The use of the Government workforce in a blatantly partisan way to attack opponents of the Ruling political Class is something we counter-revolutionaries had better get used to. These revolutionary Leftists mean business and since they are on the side of progress and the ends justify the means, anything that will suppress and eliminate the opposition is to be welcomed. Obama and Holder lead a lawless (by old fashioned standards) Administration and feel safe in the knowledge that the MSM, once a watchdog for misused Government power, is now actively hiding its abuse of power. Obama will survive the scandals of Benghazi and the IRS for it is the Mainstream Media (MSM) that defines a scandal. 

    It may be however that Holder has been getting too big for his boots and forgetting that he and Obama are minions and not masters. Tapping the phones of AP reporters was a gross misjudgment. The AP, like Reuters, is an important constituency of the Ruling Media Class and if it transpires that this surveillance has been commonplace the Media Class will demand Holder’s head for biting the hand that feeds him. 

    Obama himself knows who are his masters and this last week he attended a fundraiser at the home of Harvey Weinstein in New York. Some 60 Hollywood stars donated $30,000 each to eat with the man they put in the White House. No doubt, behind the closed doors, much praise was heaped for the progress of same-sex marriage (SSM) and Obama’s fearless role in its promotion. We shall never know how much pressure was applied and how much finance was promised to the Minnesota Congressmen who this week voted through the grotesque SSM legislation, for the MSM will be too busy applauding the votes to follow the money or look for corruption. 

    The UK’s BNP is a counter-revolutionary party – the only one in that country. It is pitifully small and under-resourced and its leaders and members are subject to endless harassment and (illegal) persecution from Government agencies and workers, all of it approved of by the other Parties and orchestrated by the MSM. Just so American counter-revolutionaries do not suppose that the IRS episode is unusual in a revolutionary period, the BNP regularly has its mail delivered late or ‘lost’ at election times so that its postal voters are disenfranchised. The mail workers – from the top down – are empowered to play dirty tricks and the MSM looks the other way. This is only one of a hundred ways in which public employees unconstitutionally target the BNP. 

    Having just written something in defense of the BNP, I must hasten to add that its leadership is increasingly revealing the Party’s National Socialist credentials. The latest article on the BNP website dated May 14th is headed “Why the Rightwing Label is Incompatible with Nationalism”. This is worth reading for those Americans who think the BNP is a Party of the Right, for Griffin (I assume he is the author since I doubt anyone else is allowed to emerge as a leader or thinker) states that the Party’s ideology is ‘collectivist’. It is absolutely opposed to ‘individualism’. ‘Collectivism’ is another name for ‘socialism’ and Griffin is surely advocating National Socialism, for he believes in redistribution of wealth so that no-one becomes wealthy. He claims that as his ideology is intended to extend no further than the Atlantic and English Channel shores, it is not a ‘universalist’ collectivism and therefore not Socialism. Well, maybe! Griffin is clearly opposed to individual liberty and getting rich and as I wrote in a previous article, he would have the British people restricted to Folk-dancing in clogs, drinking only English ale and cider and taking vacations in the rain in Cleethorpes or Blackpool. All of this would be depressing enough (and even more repellant to the vast majority of the British people if he was more explicit to the voters) but he and his faceless politburo also have a thing about purity of race. Since no Brit would be allowed to take a foreign vacation beyond Western Europe I suppose there would be little chance of meeting and falling in love with an African, Asian or Oriental, but in any case mixed blood would be a crime against the Folk. 

    I write this for the benefit of those who read the American Renaissance website, some of whose visitors have links to Griffin and his BNP. Thanks to a friend’s advice I now regularly visit the website and it has some good contributions. I find much there well worth reading. 

    Certainly in this revolutionary era when our new Ruling Class is attempting to eliminate ‘whiteness’, we need people willing to defend and be a voice for White people and their Euro-based culture as it has developed in the USA and contributed so much to America’s greatness. However, wise people with knowledge of history – especially Twentieth Century European history – will reject talk about racial purity and blood. Indeed any ideology that claims to be pursuing ‘purity’ is dangerous and ultimately unhinged. Part of the BNP’s socialism is the belief that a perfect society can be created by the will of the man or Party that has a plan. We know where this leads and since Griffin unapologetically rejects the concept of individual liberty and advocates collectivism (its antithesis), any American who wishes to protect the American way has little or nothing in common with him and his Party’s ideology. We on the Right are obliged to resist the attempt to forcibly erase the White/Euro based culture that has made America a beacon of freedom and civilization in the world. But the revolutionaries of the Left who hate ‘Whiteness’ are themselves racists. We on the Right do not have to oppose them by inventing our own brand of racism. 

    Some articles ago I wrote about the woman, Ramineh Behbekanian who was allegedly caught putting poison into drinks in a Californian Starbucks. At first I thought her name was Armenian but I have since been informed that it is probably Persian. I have also learned that she is a chemist. I have found nothing in the MSM since. Has anyone any information or is this another act of Islamic terrorism to be ignored by the MSM? Meanwhile the more we learn about the Boston Muslim bombers, the more coldblooded and homicidal they turn out to be. No-one in the Media or on the Left asks how they ever got into the USA as refugees and then were able to revisit their homeland at will. 

    Here is some good news. Not only has Dr. Kermit Gosnell been found guilty of murder but some newspapers have are reporting the truth – that his victims were children, not fetuses. 

    Weather – The UK is enjoying the usual cold, windy wet weather that heralds summer. Most of my contacts in Middle England still have their heating on. Here in middle California, a few hot days have again made way for a chilly spell.

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