IRA’s Gerry Adams Arrested in Murder Probe

We make no apology for leading with this news from Ulster and no apology for linking the IRA to Adams. Sinn Fein, the organization that Adams has led for decades is and always was the political face of the Irish Republican Army, a brutal terrorist conspiracy.   It has long been a tactic of violent revolutionary Leftist movements to use underground terror as one arm of its political campaign in those scenarios where the government is naïve enough to close its eyes to the symbiotic relationship of each to the other. It would be just as correct to assert that the IRA was and still is the underground terrorist arm of Sinn Fein. 

    The IRA in the decades of the last century was possibly the most ruthless and effective terrorist organization in the world, perfecting the bombing of civilian targets, the car bomb, the shooting in the back of policemen, and the massacres of people at prayer on a Sunday morning. No killing was too horrible or too shocking for the IRA to carry out. Bombs planted in crowded bars, restaurants and railway stations were timed to cause not just death but maximum cruel injury to those who survived. Not only did the IRA murder Ulster Protestants and UK citizens but it also pitilessly terrorized Ulster Catholics who failed to march in lockstep with its goals. It is not a stretch to claim that today’s Islamic terrorist attacks such as the Boston Marathon bombing and the car bombs that explode on busy streets owe their methods to the IRA/ Sinn Fein campaign. Indeed it is common knowledge that IRA bomb-making experts trained other Nation’s terrorists. 

    Regular visitors to this website will know that we attribute much of the Western World’s contemporary decline and degeneracy to the political rise of the Media Class, its development of a revolutionary social agenda, its natural Leftist sympathies and its secret coalition with the revolutionary Far Left. In the 1960’s when Gerry Adams, Bernadette Devlin and their Leftist comrades began their campaign of subversion and violence against Ulster’s Protestant majority and the United Kingdom government, the Media Class in Western Europe was covertly moving to the commanding position in politics. To the discerning observer it was clear that the Media people of the day were filled with hatred for Ulster’s Protestant working class people who were hard-working, patriotic and bitter clingers to their Bibles. The only thing the Protestant peoples lacked – that their counterparts in the USA had and still have – was the right to bear arms and thus defend themselves from IRA armed violence! Does any website visitor reading this recognize this Media Class and Leftist hatred of a hardworking, pious people? Well Media hostility to such people existed then and is even more overt towards such people today here in the USA. It has been openly expressed by our President to his wealthy and corrupt supporters. 

    The Media, not just that of the UK (led by the degenerate tax-payer funded BBC) and the Irish Republic, but of Western Europe and the USA, relentlessly portrayed Ulster’s Protestants as oppressors and bigots. It also relentlessly presented the Catholic Nationalists (whose Leftist composition it perceived lurking under the cover of Catholicism) as minority victims of religious bigotry and as freedom fighters resisting Imperialist oppression. It constantly and falsely drew moral equivalence between regular murderous IRA outrages and occasional Loyalist retaliation. Any Catholic murdered by Ulster Protestants was a martyr and victim of bigotry but not those murdered by the IRA; every British soldier patrolling the streets was a heartless killer; any British Army attempt to stop mob rioting was an oppression and if there were mob casualties it was reported as a massacre of the innocents. And the Mainstream Media (MSM) pumped out the Sinn Fein daily talking points without critical comment. Does this Media propaganda sound familiar to conservatives living in contemporary America? To its eternal shame the Irish Catholic Church gave moral support to the Godless revolutionaries of the IRA and some Priests gave much more than moral support. 

    The financing of IRA terrorism came largely from Irish Democrats in Boston, New York and San Francisco. Irish American historic resentments, harking back to the potato famine of the early 1800’s – like African American resentments harking back to slavery and Jim Crow – are always susceptible to passionate arousal. Being part of a designated victim class seemingly has great attraction and many uses. Gerry Adams and his Far Leftist comrades cared little about Irish reunification, as evidenced by their willingness to embrace governing roles within the UK. It is our view that those whose first resort is to the home-made bomb and random killing, are actually psychopaths, contemptuous of democratic ways, lacking empathy for their fellow human beings and enthusiastic proponents of the doctrine that the aims justify the means. 

    Ulster’s Catholic Irish minority, designated as a victim class by the BBC and Leftist Media, actually had long enjoyed the right bestowed on all Irishmen to move to any part of the UK, to live, work and vote. Countless hundreds of thousands have done so over the years and prospered. In any case it is but a short walk (literally) from Ulster’s Six Counties to the Irish Republic and an Irish Nirvana. Those who have not taken advantage of either ‘escapes’ from victimhood have been content to take the British taxpayers’ welfare payments and fester in their ghettos of West Belfast and Londonderry. It is also worth recording here that many thousands of Catholics in the Irish Republic volunteered to fight for Britain in 1939 and did so bravely. Those who returned to neutral Eire after the war faced great official hostility and persecution. These are not facts that the MSM will ever divulge. 

    The strutting and shameless Gerry Adams, appeased and rewarded by spineless UK politicians, is now being recast in the American Media as the hero of reconciliation and a man who faced down the IRA militants. In fact he was the chief beneficiary of a long bloodthirsty terrorist campaign. It is ironic that he is now being charged as a result of leaked documents in Boston, the source of so much IRA funding. The documents allegedly contain incriminating statements made by aging Irish terrorists who believed they were burnishing their violent reputations for posterity. It seems that they have implicated Mr. Adams in the 1972 murder of Jean McConville, a 37 year old widow and mother of 10 young children. The American MSM, as ever ignoring facts and inventing others to create a false narrative, are attributing Jean McConville’s abduction and killing to the IRA’s belief that she was an ‘informer’. Her actual ‘crime’ was that she went into the street to comfort a dying British soldier who had been shot in the back by IRA gunmen. This act of humanity cost her her life, for the IRA did not tolerate such Christian feelings amongst the inhabitants of the ghetto. Jean McConville, as well as being a poor widow and mother of 10 was a Catholic. She was abducted in front of her children, held captive, then cold-bloodedly murdered and her body concealed beneath a beach. Her death has not been on the conscience of any former member of the IRA or any current member of Sinn Fein. Nor has any IRA sympathizer in the USA or any Human Rights organization ever campaigned about her death. The Media has also shown little interest, in stark contrast to its obsession with the death of any past civil rights or homosexual victim. 

    It seems that NY Republican Representative Peter King, a long-time supporter of the IRA and who has described Adams as Ireland’s George Washington, is already attempting to spin Adam’s past and he will find a MSM panting to collude with him. It is said that he harbors Presidential ambitions. If the evidence that has led to Adam’s arrest proves to be accurate, King must surely pay a political price. 

    All of the current American MSM headline ‘news’ is selected, inflated or invented to serve the Democrat Party and its Media Class-chosen leader in the White House. This process will accelerate as we approach the November elections. At present some headline ‘news’ stories are chosen by MSM editors to distract public attention from Obama’s emerging catastrophes but most are selected to reinforce White Guilt which is at the heart of the Revolutionaries’ strategy. In previous articles we have written about White Guilt and its usefulness to our Ruling Class. Sometimes the Media has to omit many facts and twist others beyond recognition in order to discover White racism in an event. A good example is the MSM treatment of the Rancher Bundy episode which garnered a bonus when Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and other timid ‘conservatives’ swiftly rolled over with legs in the air. 

    The latest example of Media-created White Guilt and its ability to create something from nothing is the Donald Sterling ‘scandal’. Sterling, an 80+ slum landlord billionaire from LA suffering from cancer is the owner of LA’s less successful basketball team. He has long been a major contributor to the LA branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and, to a lesser extent, to the Democrat Party. Despite being married he has publicly surrounded himself with nubile bimbos. No doubt his wealth is like a flame for many greedy female moths and the shameless flaunting of such amoral behavior is widely admired in Beverly Hills and LA. His basketball team, like all others, is racially unrepresentative but despite this it seems his senile jealousy was especially aroused when his pre-eminent bimbo began bringing Black boyfriends to the netball games and flaunting them. In an emotional private exchange with her, and using ‘colorful’ language of the street, he demanded she not bring them. Since nearly all jealousy-driven exchanges between the cuckolded and the cheater are ugly and uncontrolled, normal people will not have been surprised by this. In this case, the bimbo tape-recorded the exchange and subsequently, presumably with her connivance, it appeared on the Internet. This is probably a criminal act but normal people will not expect a gold-digging bimbo to observe rules of privacy. Many might say that Sterling deserves the humiliation he is getting from his emotional exchange being made public. 

    In this case however, the Media, Leftists and those African Americans who see any whiff of racism as a tool of politics and a money-spinner, spotted the opportunity to blow up this trivial and sordid episode between two ‘low-lifes’ into a cause célèbre and proof that White racism is a national disease that is not only alive and well but aggravated by the presence of a Black family in the White House. Sterling, so it is said, has long been foul-mouthed and a regular user of gutter language that includes all manner of racial slurs. This has never, until now, bothered people within netball (basketball for Americans), officials of the NAACP, the Democrats of LA and the MSM. Suddenly, despite his Leftist sympathies and financial contributions, Sterling is being sacrificed for a greater cause. In an America hugely intimidated by Political Correctness and the economic punishments doled out to even minor transgressors, it is hard to find a racist or even a racist comment, and so Sterling’s private rant is the best that is currently available in this run-up to an election. 

    Just as the MSM and its Leftist allies had to do the best they could with the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case prior to an election, so they have to make whole cloth out of the grubby Sterling case. A MSM that can make George Zimmerman White; turn an injured victim into a predatory racist attacker; portray a young aspiring thug as a pre-teen clutching a bag of Skittles; provide an approving platform for an unprincipled ambitious Republican prosecutor with no case; conceal from public awareness the pathetic ignorance and lying of a prime prosecution witness; re-invent the circumstances of a crime by reversing the roles of attacker and victim; present the Court outcome as a travesty of Justice and bequeath the thug to history as another in a long line of Black victims of racism; – such a MSM can surely make the dying Sterling the poster boy of America’s White Guilt. 

    From now until November 2016, Obama will be presented by the MSM as a heroic Black President, tackling enormous odds made worse by the racism of those who oppose his policies, and the symbol of all victims of the racism that is rampant in America. To keep this narrative rolling, the MSM needs to uncover a string of cases. If they are non-existent, then they must be invented, for the ends justify the means. This strategy will keep the Black vote mobilized but more importantly it will nourish the White Guilt beloved by self-hating Leftists and the tool necessary to suppress Conservatives, Christians, Nationalists and free speech. The reality of the Sterling story is best found in Shakespeare’s title for his Play “Much Ado About Nothing”. 

    It is frustrating to see bloggers on counter-revolutionary websites comparing Britain’s United Kingdom Independence Party with America’s Tea Party. As British Opinion Polls suggest that the UKIP is riding high for the imminent May local government and EU elections, many on this side of the Atlantic are getting excited. They should calm down, for the UKIP has little in common with America’s Tea Party, and Britain’s political situation cannot be compared to that of the USA. 

    Here are some huge differences: 

    • America still has a thriving Christian base. The UK does not. 

    Americans have a Constitution that guarantees many fundamental rights. The UK’s citizens have no fundamental rights. 

    • Americans have guns with which to defend themselves and their property. The UK’s citizens have long been disarmed and rendered defenseless. 

    • Americans still have a substantial amount of free speech. Britons have none. 

    • America’s police forces (with the exception of the FBI) are local. The UK’s police force is controlled by Central Government and it and the Judiciary can take arbitrary action against any counter-revolutionaries. 

    • The British people have ‘enjoyed’ centralized and intrusive government for so long that they have no concept of individual liberty and limited government powers. The Conservative Party of David Cameron is not a conservative party and Cameron could be likened to NY’s Bloomberg. Britain has been swamped by immigration from the Third World and has a huge and multiplying Muslim population. Sharia Law already rules in many big cities and Muslims enjoy the special protection of the State. Britain obeys the laws passed by the EU. 

    It is against this last fact that the UKIP campaigns. It is enjoying favorable MSM publicity and Big Business money because in the forthcoming elections it will siphon off patriotic support from the persecuted BNP and other small Nationalist organizations (most of which, nevertheless, desire socialist economic policies). Unlike the BNP, which has a Nation-wide network of branches and battle-hardened deep roots, the UKIP is largely a Media creation with feeble roots and only flourishes as a protest movement when the mainstream political parties are unpopular. You have been warned!

    American Leftists and the MSM are outraged by the ‘botched’ execution of a convicted Black killer who buried his 19 year-old victim alive. The other killer whose execution has been postponed murdered an 11 month-old baby. We can tell everything we need to know about our Ruling Class and its allies from what enrages them! 

    We like anecdotes for they are more believable than MSM reporting. Recently I went for dental cleaning here in California’s Bay Area, where there has been much publicity about the CEO who was sacked for having once contributed to the Prop 8 campaign for real marriage. As we went to the treatment room I said “Before you start work on me I think you need to know that I contributed to the Prop 8 campaign”. The hygienist, an educated married White Christian woman with two young children had no idea what I was talking about. Too few of ‘our’ people pay attention to the loss of their free speech! 

    Weather – Here in middle California 3 days of around 90F were preceded by abnormally cool weather and temperatures are about to drop low again. Much of the USA is still experiencing a prolonged winter. Nothing unusual to report from the UK!

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