Inflation is the Elephant in the Room

It is the contention of this Website that the people in the USA and in Europe find themselves in the midst of an unreported revolutionary civil war. We argue that a new Ruling Class has taken power and is busy but stealthily imposing its agenda on us. This agenda is shaped by a set of values that are truly revolutionary and largely rejected by the ordinary people, though the revolutionaries have been busy building infrastructure support for their agenda over several decades as they accumulated power. The many organizations that represent traditional values and flourished in pre-revolutionary times are now under constant attack, being systematically marginalized and are being cast as counter-revolutionary, bigoted and reactionary. Foremost of these are the traditional Christian Churches, socially conservative political parties and organizations that promote Nationalism. Sadly, although these three and others often overlap at rank-and-file level, they rarely recognize that they face a common deadly enemy and so far none have identified exactly who that enemy is. We maintain that our new Ruling Class is best called the ‘Media Class’, because its core grew out of the technological developments of the 1960’s, when television found a central place in every home (almost every room!) and met a demand for 24 hour/7 days per week news and entertainment. This demand united the News-providing industry and the Entertainment industry (most importantly Hollywood). At this point, as never before, News became Entertainment and Entertainment became News. Increasingly, people providing and presenting the News became celebrities and Entertainers. The divide between Movies and TV became blurred and all participants became part of one great industry and one economic and social Class (the Media Class). Hollywood and the broader Entertainment Industry, already wealthy, -its participants now getting wealthier each year- were always magnets for the dysfunctional, the perverted, the discontented and Leftists. Their rapidly growing political power enabled them to more openly express, as both individuals and in their work, their common political and moral characteristics. By playing key roles in the rapidly – coalescing Ruling Class, Hollywood and Entertainers have been able to increasingly escape the restrictions of public opinion that once forced them to hide their true political leanings and proclivities. It is no longer necessary for film-makers and actors to produce films that are patriotic, supportive of family values and present traditional Religions sympathetically. Entertainers of all kinds, now dependent on TV for exposure, can only seek career advancement by identifying with and promoting the political and moral agenda of the Media Class core. Professional Sport, which has become financially dependent on TV exposure, has become another limb of the new Class. The Advertizing and Fashion Industries have always shared much of the morality of Hollywood and been closely connected to it, but now there are no political or moral boundaries between the people who inhabit the News Media, the Movie Industry, Pro-Sport and the Fashion and Advertizing Industries. All of them together, moving easily among each, together form the Ruling Media Class.

Radical and Right identify them as exclusive components of a CLASS, on the basis that they share an interconnected source of wealth creation, a common political ideology, a seamless employment world and an amoral lifestyle. We identify them as parts of a RULING Class because together they have been able to commandeer and purge a political party (in the USA that party is the Democrat Party), fund and elect a President (Barack Obama), control news and information, issue propaganda without restriction, increasingly suborn the judiciary and set aside the US Constitution. They, as a Class, have naturally evolved an agenda that is revolutionary and so we claim on this website that a new, amoral and extremely wealthy new REVOLUTIONARY Ruling Class is waging all-out war on all who stand in its way.

What has all this to do with inflation? It is the context that explains why inflation is the elephant in the room of the current news reporting. At this moment in time in the USA, the dire economic and financial situation that confronts the ordinary working people is not the major concern of its Ruling Class. The same is true in the context of Europe, though politicians, bankers and some influential businessmen on both continents may appear greatly concerned. For the Ruling Class of the USA, the priority is engineering the re-election of Obama to the White House next November, and preferably with a Democrat majority in both Houses of Congress. If this cannot be achieved, despite a massive war chest and near-total control of the Mainstream Media, the opposing Republican Party has to be deprived of its conservative, Christian and patriotic leadership. Only this will ensure that the Media Class’ moral revolution can proceed to completion. For a Media Class that owes much of its wealth and power to the creation of fantasy and whose members inhabit a world of drugs, sex, perversion and privilege and who can comfortably live with espousing one life-style whilst living the opposite, the economic and financial decline of the USA is of little concern.

The dire economic and financial circumstances of both the USA and Europe are actually the consequence of the rise to power of their respective Media Classes. In order to achieve political power, the numerically small Media Class has, along the way, forged alliances with Leftist forces. Since powerful Governments alone can impose unpopular revolutionary moral policies, the Media Class has naturally allied itself with those who ideologically seek big Government. We can call them Leftists, Liberals, Socialists or Communists, but on this Website we use the term ‘Leftists’. The nascent Media Class has always been comfortable with Leftist ideology. Since those who work in the Public Services have a vested interest in Leftist Big Government, the Media Class has also forged an alliance with the Public Service Unions for they can fund Leftist politicians and, even more importantly provide a dependable voter bloc, Nation-wide organization and thugs on urban streets. The Media Class and its Leftist allies have also found it profitable to promote the causes of certain racial minorities, for such minorities provide easily-manipulated voting blocs and help to demoralize and impoverish the native working (and naturally conservative) peoples.

The truth is that the new Ruling Media Class cares nothing for the poor and for any minorities, except that they can be exploited, for the membership of much of this Class is preoccupied with the next orgasm, the next fix, the next drink and the next shocking event – followed by the next trip to rehab or to the doctor. Does anyone who has resisted the brainwashing of the MSM and the Entertainment Industry, really believe that the inhabitants of Hollywood (who bankroll Obama’s campaigns), the Leftist ideologues of the Print Media and Academia, the bought-and -paid-for politicians of the Left (who, if not already rich, will use their public offices to become so), and the Public Service Union thugs, really care a fig for the poor, minorities, or even the environment?

The US economy that has been driven into bankruptcy will eventually-unless Obama and his comrades are defeated and a conservative Government elected next November- be ‘rescued’ by an increase in the process already under way, which is the covert and feckless printing of money. This process, which is the criminal misuse of Government power, is presented to the ordinary people using various fancy words-bail-outs, economic stimulation, TARPS, ‘rescues’, grants, Aid and so on but the end result is that the savings of ordinary people are to be wiped out. The feckless and those upon whom the Media Class depends for votes may suffer a little but in the end it will be the conservative backbone of the native people who will be most cheated. ‘Experts’ in the MSM are busy claiming that inflation is not yet a problem and next year will only rise from its current 2.5% to 3% and then decline. If anyone who currently buys food and gasoline believes that inflation is only 2.5%, I will be amazed at his gullibility. In the last decade, inflation has halved the value of the dollar. Gasoline, now priced at $3.60 at the pump, is really only the same price as 10 years ago, for it is the dollar that has dropped in value.

On this website we advise visitors to ignore the propaganda of the MSM and to trust their own lying eyes. If the sea level at Starcross village on the English Channel has not risen one centimeter in the last 100 years, then sea levels have not risen no matter what the MSM claims. Similarly if your own eyes tell you that inflation is gathering speed at the supermarket and the gas pump, then it is gathering speed. We predict that inflation will be ignored or greatly played down by all the ‘expert’ commentators who get MSM exposure- until after next November. Once Obama and his comrades are returned to power, the American people will be allowed to know that their currency is worth little and their savings have been spent.

In the meantime, Obama continues to please his masters. This last week he has announced that the US will only give financial aid (despite bankruptcy) to those African countries which give favored treatment to homosexuals and other afflicted sexual perverts. It seems that this has enraged most Africans but this matters little to the President who once boasted that he would make friends for the US all over the world. The Media is, of course, quietly approving, for advancing the homosexual/pervert cause is at the top of that Agenda I mentioned earlier. We should not be surprised that homosexual/pervert advancement abroad is a US Government priority for within our own borders it is also an absolute priority of Government no matter what other dire problems confront us. As it is our Ruling Class’ and Government’s priority we should not be surprised that business leaders are competing to seek approval by being pervert-friendly. Last week, Macy’s Department store chain sacked an employee in San Antonio, Texas because she refused to let a man dressed as a woman (in newspeak, a ‘transgender’) use the female changing room. Former employee Natalie Johnson has now discovered that in this revolutionary new world old-fashioned common sense and Christian values are punishable. Macy’s has proudly and boldly proclaimed that “transgender people can change in any dressing room they choose”. It is hard to believe-or is it for our website visitors?-that such nonsense can be concealed by the MSM. In the UK, Tesco’s the supermarket giant, recently announced that it will no longer donate money to cancer research but it will continue to sponsor the (newspeak once again!) ‘gay’ ‘Pride London’ Festival. In the USA, the good old Salvation Army, probably the most effective and non-judgmental charity working for the destitute and mentally ill of the streets, is under savage attack from powerful, rich, homosexual organizations. No matter that the SA offers help to all, including destitute homosexuals if there are any, the fact that it holds homosexuality to be a sin is sufficient for these campaigners for ‘Human Rights’ to destroy it. Just as they are happy to drive Christian foster parents from the Child Care field so they are happy to let the destitute go hungry and uncared-for. We should not be surprised, for sexual perverts, the Media Class and their Leftist allies are wholly self-centered.

The UK was, not so many years ago when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, still a true democracy with a historic record of free speech. Since then much has changed, including language, for now ‘new-speak’ rules the UK, just as it rules anywhere the Media Class holds power. In post revolutionary societies, words have deliberately and cynically been taken and reversed. ‘Gay’, once generally meaning ‘light-hearted’, ‘full of mirth’ ‘lively’ and ‘cheerful’ now has been used to replace the accurate word ‘homosexual’. (It is little known by today’s poorly educated young people that ‘gay’ also once meant ‘given to pleasure, wanton, immoral, licentious and showy). No-one now would dare to use the word to mean cheerful. Homosexuals are rarely cheerful and lighthearted but seemingly angry, discontented and (secretly) ashamed.

The word ‘democracy’ has also become wholly devalued. The UK’s Liberal Democrats’ are anything but Democrat in the sense of believing that the will of the people should be paramount. I would describe the Liberal Democrat Party as a neo-Fascist Party and it works behind the scenes to make the UK a region of a neo-Fascist Europe. The UK, whose Conservative Party is currently in an alliance of Government with the Liberal Democrats, is neither conservative nor democratic, for its Prime Minister, David Cameron has sold out its last vestiges of social conservatism in order to gain Media support. In this he has been successful. He is now gaining even more Media Class support, for the country under his rule is now openly and brazenly singling out for persecution its native citizens. Here is some evidence to support this claim!

Emma West is a 34 year old White native of the UK and is reported to be a former dental receptionist and mother of two children. Since there seem to be no Press reports of a current husband we can assume that she is a single parent and probably unemployed. In late November, she was a passenger on a Croydon tram which was crowded with mostly people of color. She had a small child on her lap, when suddenly she began loudly berating the other passengers. She was caught on video which was later turned over to the transport police. The police, ostensibly in an effort to track her down, released the video on UTUBE and she was ultimately identified and arrested. Her language during her outburst (the MSM has dubbed it a ‘rant’) is directed at the passengers in general and is peppered with expletives and racial accusations. It is not clear if her outburst was triggered by a specific incident with a fellow-passenger, a symptom of mental illness or simply the accumulation of an emotional build-up of anger about mass immigration. She assaulted no-one nor threatened violence, at least according to the video record. Her outburst must have been disturbing to the other passengers, Black, Brown or White and very disturbing to her child.

This ugly incident is nevertheless a minor one compared to daily incidents that occur on public transport in Britain’s big cities. I can confirm that passengers both White and colored frequently have their bags snatched from them, are robbed, are subject to physical attacks, threatened and otherwise intimidated and almost wholly by Black young people both male and female. I will not use the general term ‘minority’ because the perpetrators are almost never Indian, Chinese or other Oriental origin. Quite often, no attempt is made by the police to trace the perpetrators, so the priority given to tracing Emma West is unusual, to say the least.

West was quickly identified and on November 29th she appeared before Croydon Magistrates, was charged with “aggravated racial harassment on a tram” and remanded into custody. Since that date she has been imprisoned in Her Majesty’s Prison at Bronzefield and her two children taken into care by the local Social Services Department. She is reported by the MSM as having expressed ‘Xenophobic insults”. It is stated in all MSM reports that she was remanded into custody ‘for her own protection’ presumably because her outburst had been put up on the Internet. Since her first appearance in Court there has been a News blackout on her case, despite the fact that all the MSM reporters were at the follow-up Hearing. The two main Nationalist Parties (the BNP and Britain First) have begun picketing outside Bronzefield and not surprisingly, the MSM also has a blackout on these protests.

Here we see the ability of the Media (which is always eager to promote any Leftist protest no matter how small and inconsequential) to deny the British people real news deemed undesirable by the Media Class and its Leftist allies. Emma West has become a non-person since her arrest just as surely as if she had been arrested in Soviet Russia in Stalin’s time. She has not yet been tried or found guilty of any crime. Any other alleged perpetrator of a minor crime could expect to be bailed to appear at a future Court. West is being treated vastly differently than others accused of what used to be deemed ‘Behavior likely to cause a breach of the peace”. In fact, West is being treated far more harshly than a number of Muslims who have recently appeared in UK Courts charged with serious violent crimes. There was little likelihood that West could have disappeared abroad before trial, which is one of the few criteria for denying bail, along with a risk of witness intimidation and likelihood of committing another very serious crime.

It is hard not to simply conclude that West is being made an example of, though I think her harsh treatment is being driven more by the sentiments she expressed, for they are sentiments that many native Britons now hold but dare not express. A great many native British people, especially the poor who have to live in close proximity with certain minorities, are extremely resentful that ‘their’ small country is being occupied and over-run and they have had no say in it. The Ruling Class and its Leftist allies are willing to make an example of dissenters as a deterrent but would prefer to completely hide from the people any evidence of discontent. It has the power to do so, for the UK is now a country where law enforcement is arbitrary and where the Media can impose a virtual blackout. It is my honest belief that the Media Class and its Leftist allies are working toward a Gulag system for those they view as counter revolutionaries. They care nothing for Britain’s traditions of free speech and impartial justice, indeed they despise them.

West may not be a very nice person. She may be an inadequate mother, ignorant, foul-mouthed, feckless and a product of the culture that has been fostered in the UK by the Media and public education since the 1970’s. She may not be the kind of person that most decent people want to be identified with. On the other hand she may be a stressed mother of two small children who briefly snapped under pressure. It makes no difference for she has become a victim of something deeply wrong with Britain’s Justice system under its new Ruling Class. I hope the Internet enables the small Nationalist Parties to draw in masses of protestors to Bronzefield and that West is freed because of a popular outcry.

Music Choice – Clifford Brown was a young emerging master of the trumpet when he was killed in a car crash. For me, he was the best after Fats Navarro-who also died at a very early age. Brown was clean living and destined to be the giant of the jazz scene after the death of Charlie Parker. Brown was not only technically superb on the trumpet but he was also an excellent composer and his improvisations were extremely lyrical, and expressed every emotion from joy to sadness. In 1954, his Quintet with Max Roach on drums, Richie Powell on piano, Harold Land on tenor sax and George Bledsoe on bass played a concert in California. The whole album is superb but I recommend one track in particular. It is “Clifford’s Axe” and is a trumpet solo based on the chords of “All the Things You Are”. Music never gets better than this!

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