Incontestable Death Penalty Argument

The contributors to this website support the death penalty for murder and would extend it to a number of other crimes, including terrorism, spying, arson and serious cruelty to children. We have pointed out in previous articles that the Media Class, in line with its underpinning Leftist ideology, constantly promotes abolition of the death penalty and generally promotes “soft” sentencing of criminals. In contrast however, Media people applaud stiff sentencing for such things as racism and other politically incorrect activities.

In an article on this website (14th January 2006-see Archive) we referred to the many occasions when convicted killers have been set free or escaped custody and killed again. Those who have lost their lives are victims of the abolition, or non-use, of the death penalty. This is an incontestable fact. Do not however, expect it to be mentioned in Media reports. On many matters, the Media is quick to insert opinions and qualifications when reporting news. Reporters are skilled at introducing comments from their friends in “advocacy” organizations or using such phrases as “however, critics say….” But on some matters reporters are amazingly succinct and omit any comments.

An example last week of a “bare-bones” report was the BBC reporting on the deaths of Jeanette Wallace and Derek Ord. Here was an event that cried out for some comment about death penalty effectiveness and the scandal of soft sentencing that always goes hand in hand with death penalty abolition. But, surprise, surprise, the BBC felt no need to insert any commentary. Ord was jailed in 1987 for the murders (plural!) of his estranged wife Jean, aged 39, and her mother, Dorothy Abnett, aged 75. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. This being abolitionist and “civilized” Britain, words used in the penal system no longer mean quite what they used to mean. “Life” does not mean for a lifetime, or anything remotely like it! Once reformers had eliminated capital punishment, they lost no time gnawing away at the concept of “incarceration” – a word they like to use which means imprisonment. Thus this double murderer was released into the “care” of the probation service in 2003. By my reckoning, Ord’s life sentence amounted to about 15 years of “incarceration”.

Anyone with knowledge of the British Probation Service will be aware that the days when probation officers were recruited from the military and similar authority occupations, ended in the progressive 1970’s. At that time, the Probation Service was handed over for recruitment and training to the Universities and Colleges, and therefore fell into the hands of Leftists. The Probation Service became part of the larger social work scene, which had also fallen victim to the Leftists of higher education. Thus the underpinning ideology changed from punishment and control to defining criminals and other anti-social elements as victims of (Capitalist) society. British Probation Officers, to a man and woman, now see their job as helping offenders to get the most lenient treatment possible and many Probation Officers are Leftist activists. It would be hard to find one who supports incarceration, let alone capital punishment.

Handing Ord over to this service therefore, was tantamount to sending him on his way with fingers crossed. We are told that Ord’s probation officer warned Miss Wallace about his past crimes and that Miss Wallace chose to ignore the warning and refused further contact with the probation service. Feminists would argue that Miss Wallace bears no responsibility for her fate, since all women are victims, especially those who are attracted to violent men. The rest of us might say that she was a very foolish woman when she chose to continue her relationship with Ord, but nevertheless she did not deserve to pay for it with her life. She died of multiple injuries inflicted by Ord who then had the decency to hang himself.

The BBC’s brief factual report reassuringly winds up with “a full report is being sent by the Probation Office to the National Probation Directorate”. A Probation Service spokesman is quoted as saying “however it is never possible to eliminate the risk of an offender committing a further offence” Never a truer word spoken!

Miss Wallace might still be alive if the BBC and the mainstream media did its job as a watchdog for the public rather than pushing a Leftist agenda that is soft on crime. The BBC, so willing to infiltrate BNP meetings and carry out similar political stunts makes sure that the debate on capital punishment is either grossly one-sided or smothered altogether. Miss Wallace can hardly be blamed for not knowing that killers often kill again. Indeed, she could be forgiven for believing that the Authorities would never release a man who was dangerous. The fact that Ord had been granted his freedom by experts on criminology and other trained professionals must have been quite reassuring to her and to the general public amongst whom he moved.

This website likes to put Media reports under the microscope from time to time and reveal just what it is that is being slipped under the public’s radar. This barely reported case reveals so much that is wrong in the UK and how its people are constantly lulled into acceptance of outrageous nonsense or worse. So, let us spell out what we have here. First, a fully deserved capital punishment sentence for double-killer Ord the first time around would have saved at least one innocent life. Secondly, a sentence of “life” from a court means quite the opposite, so we are in the realms of Orwellian Newspeak. This misuse of English in order to mislead bears comparison with the misuse of “gay”, “fascist” and “refugee”, to name just a few words that have been hijacked for propaganda purposes by the Media. Thirdly, the UK judicial system has abandoned any pretence of existing to protect the public. Its real objective is to pursue an ideological doctrine that puts the anti-social offender’s needs and rights before all else. In another misuse of the English language this is what those who espouse “human rights” always mean when they use the term. Fourthly, we have the grand understatement by the Probation Service that offenders set free pose a risk that cannot be eliminated. Here they are talking about a double killer as though he were a shop-lifter. Finally, we have the fatuous referral to the National Probation Directorate. You can bet this is another public service quango made up of people with the same mindset and pedigree as those who gave us the current scandalous situation where killers are set free after evading justice. No doubt a Report will eventually be issued that will advocate some trivial change to probation service routines whilst reiterating that risks cannot be eliminated. The Media and the Human Rights Groups will welcome the Report or express concerns that suggested changes are a step too far.

There are two good simple and wholly effective remedies. Bring back capital punishment and scrap a Probation Service that is a total waste of public funds. All savings achieved can be invested in longer sentences for habitual criminals. Do not expect to read or hear such proposals in BBC or other mainstream Media reports. Miss Wallace’s death will have been in vain.

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