Immigration, Oakland Riots, Sports Shoe redistribution and East Coast suffocation

The news that Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has filed a suit in Phoenix, Arizona to block that State’s immigration law came as no surprise to anyone with half a brain. Holder, who must be the worst AG in modern history, is just the man for this lawless Administration. Like his boss and his comrades in Congress, Holder is brazen in his disregard for principle. The man who has failed to bring Black Panthers to justice for blatantly intimidating voters and who intends to bring Islamic terrorists to a criminal trial in New York has now decided to challenge what is, in effect, a State law that is identical to a Federal Law, on the grounds that the States have no right to pass immigration law. Holder is going to argue that only the Federal Government has this right whilst he presides over a Justice Department that allows local cities like San Francisco to pass and implement ‘Sanctuary Laws’. What we have here is a Government that arbitrarily picks which laws it will implement and which laws it will ignore. This is lawlessness!

Obama, Holder and their Democrat Party Congressional comrades can only get away with this brazen activity because the Media concurs. I have yet to read in any Mainstream Media ( MSM ) reporting even one oblique comparison between the Government’s action against Arizona and its blatant ignoring of all of the Sanctuary laws that have been passed in Leftist cities across the USA. For the benefit of non-USA readers, the Sanctuary laws are official declarations that illegal residents who come to police attention will not be reported to the Immigration Department. In SF, one young illegal Mexican criminal who repeatedly benefitted from this law eventually murdered innocent residents. Surviving relatives of the victims who attempted to hold the SF Supervisors responsible for this breaking of Federal Law were denied justice in the Courts. Those Christian Church pastors in California’s TRI-Valley who are now sucking up to Democrat politicians and deploring their colleagues who support conservative Republican politicians, are willing to ignore a Leftist regime (and I use the word ‘regime’ deliberately) that is flagrantly lawless. Presumably they cannot see the looming danger for Christians when Government starts to use its powers arbitrarily and is aided by almost all of the Media. We have asserted many times before on this website that Leftists are always lawless because they hold that the ends justify the means. No Leftist academic or theoretician will ever subscribe to the view that law can be politically neutral. For Leftists all laws are made purely on political grounds and for the benefit of the ruling Class. They regard all laws as instruments to be used against political opponents and so when in power (as Leftists are now) they consider it quite proper to pick and choose which laws will be implemented until they have the opportunity to make laws that are their own political instruments. There is no difference between the selectivity now being employed in immigration laws that are on the books, and the selectivity being employed regarding laws that are on the books about marriage. The Federal Courts, most of which are now highly politicized for the Left, are busy making new laws on marriage until a Leftist Government has the opportunity to legislate radical new laws for the benefit of those many homosexuals who largely control the Media Class.

Obama and Holder have no interest in blind justice, just as they have no interest in preserving the US Constitution. Indeed they lust for partisan implementation of the law in order to carry out a revolution for the Leftist Media Class. As those who understand the Left and perceive the Media Class agenda (that now underpins US politics) at work well know, they also have no interest in the welfare of poor Latinos, whether legal or illegal. What they seek is the destruction of the conservative American people and the American Constitution. In order to remain in control of the political process long enough to complete their revolution, they need a mass of ignorant and grateful new Latino voters before 2012. Now, only the Supreme Court stands between the revolutionaries’ corruption of law, and the conservative people and it is Obama’s intention to intimidate the Supreme Courts constitutionalists until he is able to stack that Court with Leftists.

Last night, as I predicted in a previous article, the Leftist mob of Oakland, California, took heart from the Contra Costa Times reporting and went on to the streets for a little redistribution of wealth. Under the guise of protesting an LA Jury’s decision on the shooting of Oscar Grant on New Year’s Day, 2009, the Reds set some fires and then helped themselves to the contents of a Footlocker store and some other businesses. The Media is uniform today in reporting this little riot and subsequent looting as a political protest and a justified one at that. We are supposed to believe that the Black population of Oakland, indeed the Black population of the US, is devastated by the loss of one of its bright young men. Now I understand why Oscar Grant’s family, and especially his mother, is upset. On the other hand, those of us not related to him might wonder what sort of young man was fighting on the station at 2am and violently resisting arrest. We might also think that the Bay Area’s transit police have a very dangerous and thankless task, especially in Black neighborhoods and at 2am in the morning. We might also consider that the trial and the outcome are a tragedy for Johannes Mehserle and his family too. He now faces jail for 4 years or more and a ruined life. As far as we know, Mehserle had a spotless record and was in the police force to keep us all safe when we use the BART. Curiously, the MSM has absolutely no sympathy for him. The jury, having heard all the facts, came to the conclusion that Officer Mehserle had no prior intention of killing Grant and no apparent motive. We might speculate that he lost his temper or was fearful, rather than drew the wrong weapon, but the evidence did not convince the jury of this. As I have written earlier in this article, we are meant to be a Nation of Laws, yet our Media Class in its reporting always puts politics above Law. Thus in all MSM reporting, the focus is on ‘justified Black anger’ and the tragedy of Oscar Grant, and Mehserle can be sacrificed for a greater good. Forgive me if I am hugely cynical about the anger of the rioting Blacks of Oakland and their White Anarchist comrades of SF and Berkeley. Theirs are crocodile tears as are the tears of the MSM. One Black man dies at the hands of a White policeman and they are outraged yet every week young Black men die at the hands of other young Black men by the dozen in Oakland, neighboring Richmond, SF, Detroit, NY, Washington DC, and Chicago, and we are not supposed to notice or get upset with the perpetrators.

On this website we regularly point out that Media headlines and Media focus have little to do with real news and everything to do with the Media Class political and social agenda. This week has seen the MSM preoccupied with temperatures on the East Coast of the USA. A casual reading of both the headlines and the articles would have us believe that heat records are being smashed and that Philadelphia and other such places have become uninhabitable. I searched for measurable facts in many articles but found only assertions. Certainly some cities experienced a few days of unpleasant heat and it was a long time ago that such temperatures were previously reached, in some cases in the 1800’s. Of course the East Coast has become densely urbanized since then and we all know that buildings and population density affect temperatures. Here in my relatively small California East Bay city where I live on the fringe, I am constantly surprised to see trees and bushes flourishing in the Downtown area whereas mine succumbed to the frequent frosts of last winter. I might add that after an unusually cold Winter and a cool Spring we are mostly experiencing a pleasantly cool summer with only a few hot days. The UK has had some hot days in some places after an unusually cold and wet winter but again the heat has been patchy and brief. Global warming would surely be widespread and persistent if it was global! So why the Media hype? I suggest two reasons and you can take your pick. One is that the Media this week has been trying to restore the credibility of the Global Warming crowd following the report of another so-called official enquiry into the evidence of false reporting that surfaced last year. This latest report is a white wash and so has to be reported in the context of news of amazing global warming. The other motive of the MSM is perhaps to pave the way for Obama’s imminent Cap and Trade legislation.

The Media is hugely cheered by some news on the AIDS front. Headlines trumpet an advance toward a vaccine. This is great news for the ruling Media Class, for sexual diseases preoccupy this Class, especially diseases which result from sodomy, promiscuity and drug taking. At times, AIDS spread and treatment has dominated the headlines but not recently. I suspect that this has something to do with Obama’s costly healthcare legislation. A vaccine however will reduce the costs of this disease and a resurgent focus on it will not be counter productive for Obamacare.

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