Idiot Spitzer

Good news is almost always completely unexpected and thus the news yesterday afternoon that Eliot Spitzer, the Democrat Governor of New York State, had been caught visiting high-class prostitutes, was stunning. As they would say in London (before it was colonized), ”It couldn’t ‘appen to a nicer bloke!”   At the time I am writing this piece Spitzer has not resigned his Governorship, but he will. Some speculate that he is hanging on to the office in order to cut a better deal with the Feds and this may be true. It is also possible that he is hoping to ride out the storm, just as his old political buddy and former President, Bill Clinton did over the Lewinsky scandal. Fat chance! Spitzer, unlike Clinton, has few friends and the timing is different. Clinton’s departure would have been catastrophic for the Democrat Party whereas Spitzer’s staying on would be very bad news for the Democrats in this election year. The Democrat Party leaders and their Media masters will want the Spitzer episode over and done with. If he hangs on there will be daily bad publicity with endless new revelations and details, all of it distracting from the Primary race.

Most newspapers yesterday and this morning were coy about mentioning that Spitzer was a Democrat. This rather important fact was generally buried in the small print of paragraph 199. In the run-up to the 2006 elections the word Republican was always prominent in every scandal report, but I suppose we must not get too picky as it was the Leftist New York Times which broke the Spitzer story. As everyone now knows, Spitzer partially made his reputation by ruthlessly prosecuting prostitution rackets, so the revelation that at the same time he was meeting with girls in hotel rooms is especially hypocritical. Spitzer was buying the most expensive whores on the East coast, for he is a very rich man. As I wrote in a recent article on this website, the Democrat Party is now the Party of the rich and famous, even though it is presented in the Media as the Party of the downtrodden. Everything we learn about modern Leftist political parties and politicians reminds me of the brilliance of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, for as Orwell told it the pigs who replaced the Farmer were soon indistinguishable from him and even keener on getting their snouts in the trough.

Spitzer had his wife standing beside him when he made his public appearance after the news broke. This is standard procedure these days. I suppose Tammy Wynette and her song “Stand By Your Man” laid the foundation for this ritual. Mrs. Spitzer might well have been shell-shocked, though I am increasingly cynical about these wives and find it hard to believe that they do not know the men they are married to. Like the old aristocratic families of a previous age, the marriages are mostly about maintaining status and living comfortably and not about love.

Spitzer, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton, was regarded by the Democrat pundits as a future Presidential candidate. He has been outspoken in his support of easy abortion for convenience and also very supportive of same-sex marriage, so he had the most important ideological credentials for a Media-supported Leftist. To put icing on the cake, he is clearly amoral and ruthless, as well as rich. Nevertheless, I think he was probably too much of a good thing for the Democrats to be enthusiastic about him. His attacks on the Wall St. billionaires, his vicious threats meant to intimidate very important people and his naked ambition probably made many on the Left uneasy and afraid. Now he has been unmasked he will have few friends amongst the influential. Clearly the New York Times, one of the Media Class leading organs had decided Spitzer was a liability. No politicians, and especially those on the Left, should think they are beyond the power of the Media Class. Spitzer must ultimately be seen as an idiot, as well as a grandiose and narcissist psychopath, for he assumed he was so smart and so powerful that he could play with fire in his own woodshed. I will remind readers again that this man, a campaigner for the poor and underprivileged, has been spending tens of thousands of dollars on prostitutes and his expensive taste included ‘unprotected’ sex. His wife should check herself out at the doctors!

The Mississippi result tonight was another good one for Obama but I still predict the Clintons will win the nomination. There is much that should worry the Democrat Party and its Media masters. The latter are busy providing the usual spin to the contest and trying to paint it as an exciting and positive experience for the Party. True, it is mobilizing many voters and generating publicity, but all avoid the downside. This contest is not about two sets of policies. It is between two separate interest groups, whose activists do not care a fig about each other. The problem with diverse coalitions, which modern Leftist Parties are, is that they are selfish. The African-Americans, who used to fawn on the Clintons, have in the course of this contest become mobilized for one of their own and the longer the contest goes on, the more they have acquired an expectation of total victory. On the other side are the White, privileged Feminazis who are driven by Leftist ideology and who also think their time has come. The two candidates are equally self-centered. This rift has a dynamic of its own and it is no good assuming that past contests are any guide to this one, for this time a new ruling Class is in the driving seat. I believe that the Blacks have little influence within this new ruling Class but the Feminazis and their ideological allies who care about social issues for the privileged, do have Media power.

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