Ideology Trumps All

On this website we try to ensure that we use all words with their exact meanings.   When we write that someone is a psychopathic liar, we mean just that. We are not employing rhetorical exaggeration. We mean that the person who is lying suffers from or enjoys a condition called psychopathy, and has no conscience about lying, sees himself as smarter than all others and is self absorbed. When we write about perverts we mean people who have turned aside from normal sexual relationships. Anal intercourse whether between heterosexuals or homosexuals is perverted. When we use the word revolutionary we mean radical change and the overthrow of an existing system and the substitution of a new economic, social and political system. We employ these words carefully and though they may also be derogatory and disparaging, our prime intent is to describe things accurately. 

    We emphasize this because we constantly claim that the USA and the UK (the two Nation States on whose politics we focus) are undergoing revolutions and the daily events we are monitoring on this website are not the ups and downs of their old ‘politics as usual’. We mean ‘revolutions’, just as Karl Marx used the word to describe Britain’s industrial revolution and the overthrow of the landed aristocracy by the new industrial barons. We mean revolutionary just as historians use the word to describe the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia in 1917 and the Chinese Communist seizure of power in 1948. We also mean the word as it can be applied to Hitler and Himmler’s Germany once war began in 1939. The latter three examples were characterized by extreme violence and speed whilst Britain’s industrial revolution was relatively peaceful and slow, but the intention of the revolutionaries was a total transformation of their societies and the consignment of the old traditional ways to the ‘dustbin of history’. It was intended that things should never be the same again; no going back and old institutions would have to adapt or perish. The British industrial revolution, being the first of its kind, was a relatively evolutionary and gentle affair and as it happened was not ideologically driven. It was driven by technology, manufacturing and economic forces, and as such its outcome was ultimately beneficial. The political and legislative changes it required were gradually achieved and after much compromising. 

    Subsequent revolutions, such as in Russia, Germany and China, were driven by ideology and led by psychopaths. Opponents were not just defeated but wholly suppressed and even physically destroyed. This violence was rational. When ideology trumps reason and society is being taken on an experimental course, immediate results may be painful, even catastrophic, and therefore highly unpopular. Ideologues, focused on long-term and idealistic goals, care little about short-term results but realize that the unpopularity of their revolution can only be overcome and the revolution itself protected by the obliteration of all opposition and potential opposition. Thus, Stalin, in pursuit of communist ideology, transformed Russia’s agriculture through murder, collectivization, and the forced starvation of millions. His imposition of terror ensured the unhindered continuation of revolution. 

    On this website we assert that in the USA and the UK the old politics (fair elections, free speech, a competition of ideas and policies, toleration and compromise, a neutral government bureaucracy, a non-political judiciary and police force, a Government restrained by tradition and/or Constitution) no longer apply. We maintain that a new Class has been created by technology and that the new and revolutionary (Media) Class, after forming a coalition with the Left and Government Unions, has, by deceit, won political and legislative power. The Democrat Party, purged of ‘old’ Democrats, is a revolutionary Party and Obama is a revolutionary President pursuing a revolutionary agenda. The agenda is ideological and therefore wholly experimental. As such, the revolutionary activists are aware that immediate results may be widely unpopular and their current near-monopoly of the Media may not be enough to protect the revolution. 

    It is in this context that all current events in the USA (and UK) must be understood. When America’s revolutionary Democrats pare down the military even whilst transforming and weakening it with the recruitment of women and the imposition of open homosexuality, this is the triumph of ideology over rationality. No matter that the immediate result will be a weakened military functioning in a dangerous world and that America may be harmed. In the present the agenda is advanced and in the longer term the revolution’s leaders will have a military force willing to crush internal opposition. 

    When Democrats in California, pursuing the Leftist ideology of environmentalism and totalitarian Government power, deny water to drought-stricken Central Valley farmers, they are knowingly risking widespread food shortages. Such concerns are capped by ideology and the opportunity to punish and weaken farmers who are politically conservative and represent current and future political opposition. 

    When Obama and his comrades pushed through the OBAMACARE legislation, they were not concerned that most Americans were happy with their medical insurance. Nor were they genuinely concerned with the needs of Americans too poor or sick to tap into the existing system. If compassion for Americans had been their motivation, they would have halted illegal immigration and an open door to refugees, both of which impose great burdens on a health system. Obamacare is ideologically driven and intends to destroy the current system and replace it with Government power over medical provision. To ideologues it matters not that the results might be an inferior health care system and unpopularity, for ideology trumps all else and unpopularity must not be allowed to hinder the advance of the revolutionary agenda. 

    At this point we must repeat what we have written many times in past articles. The new Ruling Class does not intend to suffer as a result of the weakening of the military, does not intend to experience and suffer from food shortages and will not stand in line for rationed medical attention in post-revolutionary America. The hardships of a new revolutionary society are to be borne by the masses in whose name it is (falsely) created. Medical care will not be rationed or denied to Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama, George Soros or the Media stars. 

    The new Ruling Class is aware that its ownership of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the general control over information and news that this confers, may not be sufficient to counter the unpopularity of the revolutionary policies already imposed by stealth. The Internet, Talk Radio and to a much lesser extent Fox News have punctured its anticipated monopoly over mass communication. To compensate, Government institutions have been (illegally) employed to suppress opposition, and the IRS’s brazen pursuit and harassment of Tea Party groups and traditional morality campaigners, is just one example. Eric Holder’s Justice Department is now greatly expanded and openly pursuing political opponents of the regime. If all this does not suffice, we can expect steps will be taken to purge the Internet and Talk Radio of opposition voices. 

    The disarming of the civil population is clearly a priority of this Government both at national and local level. The opening of borders to Third World peoples and the extension of voting ‘rights’ to them; the ramping up of class warfare and the incitement of racial divisions by the Media and D of J; the calls for the suppression of free speech by academics; the packing of the Federal Judiciary with Leftists and the blatant abandonment of the Constitution – these are all moves to protect the revolution and its leaders through a period of unpopularity. The lead-up to November’s elections will see a massive drive, unfettered by any concern for truth, principles or legality, to destroy opponents. 

    Two postscripts! 

    We would mention the withdrawal of aid to Uganda as punishment for its unwillingness to de-criminalize sodomy. The aid has been provided to help feed children and the hungry yet here we see the triumph of ideology over humanitarianism and, incidentally, the new power within the Western Media Class of libertines and perverts. 

    Those Americans who wish to learn how creeping and subtle totalitarianism works should visit the UK’s BNP website and follow the police persecution of BNP councilors Dawn Charlton and Clive Jefferson in Maryport. This example of the suppression of opposition and free speech, in a one-time democracy, is a result of a politicized centralized police force and judiciary and a disarmed population. The British people, befuddled by TV soaps and soccer, are largely unaware of these events because the MSM controls the news and all the main political parties’ politicians live in fear of Media denunciation. 

    As Putin proceeds to annex the Crimea, America’s MSM produces pictures of Obama in shirt sleeves, phone to his ear and allegedly hard at work discussing a response with world leaders. We suspect that recently he has been hard at work studying a map of the world to find the Crimea and we doubt that important discussions with world leaders would be conducted away from the White House and without the presence of advisors and military personnel. The MSM pictures are, of course, only intended for those Americans who spend their time watching TV sports and walking the dogs. 

    The missing Malaysian airliner continues to create much speculation but little information. Although Muslim terrorism to punish the Chinese is the most likely explanation, we cannot rule out a mechanical failure and sudden disintegration. 

    Weather – In the USA and UK a pleasant Spring is arriving. Surely this is more evidence of global warming?

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