I was Wrong!

In my previous article I made the point that history is repeating itself and I compared the Allies pussy-footing response to the kidnaping of 15 UK sailors and marines with the early appeasement of Adolph Hitler in the 1930’s. Someone on the Left responded to my piece with the comment “rubbish in = rubbish out”. The commentator may have been referring to our website’s basic view about the domination of the Media Class, but more likely the comment was aimed at my comparison of the Iranian leaders to Hitler.

When I reflected on this I realized that I was wrong on at least one count. I think my warnings about appeasement were right but I did Hitler an injustice in putting him in the same category as those who now rule Iran (and those who make up the ranks of Al Qaeda and similar Muslim Imperialist forces). Hitler was not demented until the latter days of the Second World War, when exhaustion, drugs and the effects of injury detached him from reality. There is no evidence that he was suicidal in the 1930’s, nor did he believe that 70 or more virgins awaited him or his followers if they blew up fellow Germans by strapping bombs to themselves. This is a very serious point and too many people have lost sight of it! Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Chou, even Castro, and the monster in North Korea, had, or still have, a wish to live. The brutal communists who encouraged their opponents to believe “better Red than dead”, did not believe that they themselves were better dead than alive under capitalism. As far as I can ascertain, the Muslim Imperialists we are now at war with, are happy to die en masse if in doing so, they wipe out the rest of us. One would have to go back to the Japanese kamikasi pilots and before them to the nihilistic Anarchists of 1890’s Russia to find opponents who worshiped death, including their own.

It is just possible that the instigators of the Muslim terror do not wish, or expect, to die themselves and are cynically using ignorant and brainwashed fools to carry out the acts of murderous terrorism. Perhaps some suicide bombers are propelled by loyalty to family being used as hostages, but it seems to me that the suicidal acts and the greater purpose of all the terror, is a frightening and wholly new aspect of the ideological and violent warfare being waged against us. I believe that our enemies and their leaders are demented.

We maintain on this website that the war against Islamic Imperialism should over ride every other issue, for our opponents are willing to kill us all if we do not submit to them and they are happy to die in the attempt to annihilate us. Unfortunately, many of our fellow citizens have not grasped this point, and the Media Class, cocooned from reality, is busy distracting us with issues like same-sex marriage and their hatred-fueled campaign against a Christian President.

The air of unreality that now pervades our politics is only possible because President Bush took the war to the Islamic backyard. His decision to do so has arrested the attacks on US soil and elsewhere in the world. It is clear that going into Iraq and Afghanistan has, for the time being, wrong-footed the Islamic Imperialists and put them on the defensive.

On this website we are very critical of the Bush war policy but not of the invasions. We are fighting our enemy in the right place and his desperate brutal and suicidal resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan is daily evidence that he is on defense instead of offense. If he were able to go on the offensive he would be constantly striking us in our backyard and 9/11 would be only an incident along the way. It is depressing that as our troops fight and die to preserve us and hold back an insane enemy, our Media, our political chambers and our law courts are preoccupied with helping and encouraging the enemy. We face an enemy that hides amongst civilians, turns human beings (willing and unwilling) into bombs, saws off heads before the cameras and completely ignores all the rules of war, yet our legislators, our lawyers and our Media masters are obsessed with nit-picking every effort by the Bush government to protect us all.

The Weekend Edition of the Wall Street Journal had as its leading article the story of a Lt. Col. Crouch, a military prosecutor, who has refused to continue with the prosecution of a Muslim held in Guantanama because the evidence against him by another detainee may have been obtained by harsh means. The whole back page continues the story and presents Couch as a hero, with a smiling family photo and five whole columns from the top of the page to the bottom. The reporter is Jess Bravin and he regularly writes anti death penalty and anti-punishment articles for the Journal, and like the rest of the Journal’s gang is always looking to put the Bush Administration and the US in a bad light. Do we ever read or hear anywhere in the Media that a terrorist has been treated, accused or held justly? One would think that every prisoner held in Guantanamo is mistakenly detained and has been inhumanely treated. Col. Couch is entitled to suspect the worst and withdraw from his remit on conscience grounds and I am aware that even in times of war, we are all obligated to be careful not to descend into barbarity. But we are in a war with a deadly enemy who has abandoned all civilized behavior and any rules of the game. We cannot afford to adhere strictly to methods appropriate only to a civil society dealing with ordinary crime. Surely, in the context of this war, Col. Crouch’s action deserved no more than a briefest mention in a corner of the Journal’s back page.

I am sick to death of the unrelenting efforts of the Media Class and its allies to portray those who defend and protect us as the bad guys or the bumblers. There must be some detainees in Guantanamo who are wrongly held, but surely the vast majority are guilty and they hold information that we need. They are not POWs captured on a battlefield – conscripts unluckily caught up in a war – but crazed fanatics who lack any humanity. As I wrote in a previous piece, we are in a deadly war as the result of a murderous attack on us that was as significant as Pearl Harbor. We shackle our protectors, hold back our troops, tolerate campaigning dissenters in our midst or give aid and comfort to our enemy only at our peril. It seems that the unreality that permeates Hollywood has spread to the whole nation, underlining what we say on this website, that the Media Class has taken charge.

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