How The Media Operate: Media Debate Part 4

In three previous articles I have briefly described some of the methods the Media Class uses to advance its agenda. Although there are some differences in the methods used in the UK and the USA, these are mostly superficial, and it can be said that the Media Class uses every opportunity and every outlet it has to relentlessly indoctrinate the public.

Political Correctness had certainly taken root by the 1980’s in the UK. Social issues had begun to take pride of place on the political Left, pushing out the old economic dogmas of Socialism. Feminism, Abortion “Rights”, Multi-culturalism, Anti-racism and Homosexual “Rights” were in the ascendancy in Academia and in all publicly funded institutions. The BBC was in the forefront of this movement, probably setting the pace for TV and Radio. Traditional Religious beliefs began to be undermined and only religion shorn of moral certainty given airtime. Any expression of Nationalism and resistance to immigration was given short shrift by this tax-funded organisation. Maybe the National Front was only an ugly thuggish movement and maybe Ulster Unionists like Rev Ian Paisley were only bigots. That is certainly how they were portrayed by the Media day after day. We shall never know now if they had relevant things to say, as they were effectively barred from getting their message to the public.

Political correctness (PC) is a shorthand for the process whereby a ruling class initially puts certain issues beyond public discussion. It is a new phenomenon in the UK and USA and so we have no precedent to examine, unless we study the rise of Stalinism in the Soviet Union of the 1930’s. Then we can see that PC moves on to the personal denunciation and destruction of those who wittingly or unwittingly exercise free speech, to laws underpinning the banning of discussion, to the search for potential “offenders”, and to the purging and elimination of those whose inclination might one day lead to “offending”. PC is ultimately a weapon for purging opponents and would-be opponents.

The BBC became a centre of PC, and in the 1980’s daily programmes like “Woman’s Hour” started to reflect not British housewives as they were, but women as they ought to be in the future. Soaps were used to introduce unsuspecting listeners and viewers to new ways of thinking on social issues. Meanwhile the sexual content of programmes became ever more explicit as marriage, heterosexuality and other traditional values came under assault. Popular soaps like ITV’s Coronation Street soon followed suit in pushing multi culturalism and the rest of the “progressive “agenda.

The rationale for more sex, less morality and bad language has been that the Media has a duty to portray the world “as it really is” (sic). Curiously, on many other issues the Media Class discovers a duty to not “pander” to public attitudes. Capital punishment, abhorrence of sodomy and many other aspects of the real world are eliminated from content or presented in only the worst light.

In the USA, Hollywood has long pushed the Media Class agenda through films. Soaps have all the same PC content as in the UK. If certain topics are excluded from the public’s diet of entertainment, or are only introduced in a very negative context, then the stage is set for making them illegal and eliminating free speech.

The better acted and more expertly directed the film or soap, the more you are likely to be successfully indoctrinated. Indeed, it may be that through fiction, the Media Class has enjoyed its greatest success in reshaping public morality to suit its own tastes.

So, if they don’t capture your mind with manipulated news they get you in your daily entertainment. Remember, the Media Class has an agenda and it is being advanced every day. Political Correctness is a means of underpinning that agenda and the more the agenda is advanced, the less freedom of speech and thought you will be premitted. Only on this website will you be enabled to understand this process.

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