How The Media Operate: Media Debate Continues Here

In a previous article (Media Debate) I briefly described one technique which the Media Class uses to advance its agenda and which I had experienced at first hand. This was a “look behind the scenes” of TV and Radio.

There are a number of other techniques which are equally well concealed from the public. Perhaps the most effective is the one which simply ignores a person, event or issue. The Swift Boat Veterans got this treatment in the last US Presidential election. Whilst Kerry’s version of his war service was trumpeted daily by the Media, the damning accusations about his brief and questionable service in Vietnam by hundreds of his outraged former comrades, was almost wholly ignored. Any mention of these Vets was framed in a negative context and their accusations obscured. The public had to learn about the charges against Kerry from political advertisements the Vets themselves paid for and from speaking engagements and conservative Talk Radio shows. In contrast, gibes about Bush’s military service were daily fare in all Media outlets.

In the USA, political advertising and Talk Radio offer at least some opportunities for the Media Class’ powers to be by-passed. In the UK there is little chance of the BBC and its Class allies being by-passed, except occasionally by particular national newspapers.

Thus, in the UK, frequent racist murders of white victims, even when they are most flagrant and brutal, are concealed from the public. In contrast, any racist murder perpetrated by White on Black is headlined day after day. The British public, with the exception of those who live close to a murder scene, could be forgiven for thinking that only Whites commit race-inspired murder and only Blacks are victims. In fact, Whites are most often the victims.

The Media Class has motives for the above examples of manipulation of news. In the US election, the Media Class wanted Bush defeated and a Democrat President in Office. It has an overpowering hatred of Bush because of his attachment to traditional Christian values which are an obstacle to the Media Class’ new Social Order. Getting Democrats into power would pave the way for a legislative onslaught on traditional marriage and much else dear to Media people’s hearts.

In the UK, the Media Class sees an open-door policy on immigration as one way to destroy traditional British values, as well as to create the kind of social breakdown that turns Cities into breeding grounds of welfare dependence, creates rootless and vulnerable young boys and girls, and encourages moral decadence. In such a world, the Media Class, whose roots are in the Bohemian world of Arts, Entertainment and Fashion, feels comfortable. It is a world where anything goes and nothing is too shocking to be portrayed as normal. In order to keep the immigration floodgates open, the majority population must be lulled into thinking that all is well with “multi-culturalism” and that the host population needs to be punished for its thoughts and values.

Only by recognizing the power and the agenda of the Media Class can you understand the daily news and its twisted treatment. Only this website makes it all make sense.

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