How Much Longer Must Trump Stand Alone?

It was predictable that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco would uphold the Ruling of Judge James Robard of Seattle and provide more bad Mainstream Media (MSM) headlines for President Trump. The judiciary of these West Coast cities is infested with pansy-boys, life-long academics and Leftist America-haters.

The over-weight, pompous, bow-tied Robard is typical of cosseted academics and lawyers throughout the Western World. There are too many of them, they lie in wait to frustrate any attempt to rid a Nation of parasites, and they shelter behind their comrades in the MSM. At some point, a Higher Court beyond America’s bath-houses will re-assert the law and over-rule Robard and the Pinkos of the Ninth Circuit, but there will be no penalties for their brazen political actions, and the propaganda damage will be done.

In the meantime, those who get the real news from Free Republic and similar websites, will have learned that Prof. Robert Reich of Berkeley (another legal scumbag) was lying through his teeth when he went on TV shows claiming to know that Berkeley arsonists and rioters were from outside town. A persistent Broad Right detective has uncovered the identity of the rioter who knocked down a conservative citizen and boasted about it on Facebook.

It seems the tattooed un-prosecuted offender is none other than Dabney Miller, an employee of Berkeley‘s Administration. We can be sure that Dabney is not a lone wolf rioter on the staff, or among the students. Despite the unmasking, Dabney remains in employment, and the cockroach Reich will not be brought back before the cameras to eat humble pie. Such is the social justice in today’s America!

Meanwhile MSN is crowing about the various organizations that are besieging Trump’s properties, including his home in West Palm Beach. The stated aim of these groups is to inflict losses on his businesses and make his personal life so intolerable that he will be driven from office.

This strategy is, on a grand scale, what is being carried out by the Left and its MSM comrades, on small businesses and vulnerable individuals all across America. It is a strategy now several years old in its origins, but in the aftermath of the election, it has rapidly evolved into open warfare. The targeting of Trump and his family businesses, because it has gone un-resisted, has now been publicly endorsed by large companies. How much further has this to go to be unacceptable to the Broad Right?

The noisy marchers on his home should not be dismissed as legitimate protest. These people are not marching around the local town, but on his home. The demonstrations are part of a campaign by sinister hidden forces to make Trump and we, his supporters, into social and economic lepers, shunned by ordinary citizens. It is vicious persecution now and planned to grow into attacks that will be nothing short of terrorism.

This personal, on-the-ground intimidation, combined with what someone called “ the super-saturated Leftist propaganda of the MSM” cannot be allowed to continue. The MSM, its Far Left allies and their shadowy paymasters have declared war on Trump and us, dismissing the election results, and acting to bring down the Presidency and marginalizing his followers. We need to learn from the 1933 Nazi campaign against Germany’s Jews and their businesses, when identical aggressive tactics quickly isolated ordinary Jews from the rest of society.

On this website we call upon President Trump to mobilize his followers and confront the enemy with matching force or hit him where his followers are vulnerable.

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