How are the Mighty Fallen?

When the Media Class decides that one of its politicians has become expendable, it wastes little time putting in the boot. Usually, it is ‘moderate’ Republicans in the US who taste this sudden negative treatment after a flattering period of Media courtship during a contest with a Conservative. It is rare that a Democrat experiences Media hostility, perhaps the last one being Joe Lieberman. Who would have thought that the Clintons would ever experience negative headlines and even more negative reporting? As they say, a day is a long time in Media Class loyalties. Thursday’s Wall Street Journal had a consistent theme that would have been unimaginable six months ago when it appeared that every reporter and editor considered her to be the smartest women in the US and beyond criticism in her march to the White House. Thursday’s World Wide News column on the front page (which for the last seven years has featured daily bad news for President Bush and his Party) led with “More Democrats sense Clinton’s race is almost over”. This is an editor’s opinion masquerading as fact and news, but that is nothing out of the ordinary in the modern Media, only the target of this self-fulfilling prediction is unusual. Beside the column, is the biggest headline and piece on the front page and it leads with “Democrats Look to Life After Clinton” and a third front page column leads with “Fund Race: Obama Outflanks ‘Hillraisers’. On page A6 is a big story headlined ‘Clinton Gas-Tax Proposal Gives Her Little Political Mileage” and on the opposite page under another pro- Obama article is one headlined “Clinton Losing Grip On Catholic Voters”. Two of the ‘bad-news-for-Clinton’ articles continue on inner pages with a repeat of the big negative headlines and there is an Opinion piece that is headed “Obama vs. McCain: Let’s Get It On”. The Clintons must be shell-shocked! The pattern of negative reporting can now be found in every newspaper in the US as the Media Masters set about burying their erstwhile female champion as quickly as possible in order that the elevation of Obama and the destruction of McCain can begin in earnest. I have no doubt that the Clintons once thought that the MSM was in their pockets but they misunderstood their relationship with the Master Class, for the Clintons were the servants and not the masters. Obama and McCain should remember this.

I, like every other anti-Leftist, am not enthusiastic about the McCain candidacy, but I recognize a glass that is half full of water when I see one. Whether Obama or Clinton becomes THE Democrat candidate in November, we the voters will not even have a choice between two half glasses of water but a choice between a half glass of water and a glass full of cyanide. Surely only a fool would choose the full glass?

On this website we constantly remind readers that the Media Class is a decadent Class and full of dysfunctional people as befits a Class that is rooted in entertainment, the Arts, celebrity and Fashion. We also point out that the Media Class became the dominant Class once the Entertainment and News Worlds became one-probably sometime in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s. This huge concentration of power went by almost un-noticed, but it is possible to chart the formation of the new Class through individuals’ careers. We have mentioned before the sudden demise of certain comedians and entertainment shows that were politically incorrect and which had to make way for the political propaganda that would introduce the agenda of the new Masters. George Wellor in his book on the New Class, has cited the erasure of the popular British comedian Benny Hill at the height of his success, and there were many such examples. There are also equally instructive examples of people who suddenly flourished for the opposite reasons. In this weekend’s WSJ there is an excellent review by Kyle Smith of the new book “Audition” by Barbara Walters. Smith is not consciously making our point about the new Class, but I recommend that his review be read to do just that. I will quote just a few sentences from his first column.

“Who is Barbara Walters? She is a journalist who cannot write….. She is the veteran of a major TV network’s news division who once wedged a piece on her own apartment into a prime-time broadcast….She is a celebrity who is most famous for her orbital relationship with other celebrities….Immensely rich and familiar to all, she has been around forever without anyone knowing quite why…(actually she has been around only since the mid-1970’s-Mr. Right)…In the 1970’s, Ms. Walters had a clandestine affair with Senator Edward Brooke, the first Black Senator since Reconstruction. She broke it off not because she was bothered by his existing marriage but, she says, because a scandal might have hurt her career”.

As the Media Class has increasingly stamped its morals (or lack of them) on us all, I suppose such an affair now would enhance her career and perhaps this is why she mentions it in her book. The whole of Smith’s review is a devastating critique of Walters, her actions and her motives. We see that she is a self-obsessed, selfish TV/News personality who has been incapable of forging a successful marital relationship and whose career took off when she became the first woman co-anchor of a network evening newscast in 1976. She was lured to another network with a million dollar contract, a huge sum at the time. News anchors are not employed because of their superior knowledge about what is news but as entertainers/ actors. No doubt Walters has had all the correct stances on feminism, abortion, Party sympathies, homosexuality and the rest of the litmus test issues and her lack of character has been a plus for her elevation within the Media Class. Despite the domination of feministas in the Media world, looks count for everything for female newscasters. Mr. Smith is a film critic for the New York Post who blogs at He deserves to be more widely read.

Finally, I must mention the weekend murder of a 16 year old White boy in a baker’s shop in London. This seemingly casual killing was witnessed by several people and the police have already been visiting addresses with a suspect in mind. No Media outlet mentions a description of the killer and neither do the police, so we can assume that the killer is not White. We can also bet that when the killer is apprehended the police will insist that the killing is not racially motivated. Visit the BNP website to learn more about this and other recent UK murders, for ONLY there will you learn the truth. What amazes me most is that the average Brit is still voting for one of the Big Three parties that perpetuate the racial Balkanization of the UK. Perhaps the Media Class is sending subliminal messages through the airwaves and through the dreadful noise that passes for pop and rock music and thus reducing the British people to moron status.

If all goes to plan I shall be in the UK by the end of this week. Unfortunately, I cannot take my gun, as British people and visitors are denied the right to protect themselves from predators, despite the police not having control of the streets. If I am in any town or city, I will not have a couple of drinks and then walk back to my hotel, for if I do and I am attacked by a yob or some prowling refugee, I know it will be my fault for being provocative. There will be no new column on this website for the next 12 days, but if I make it back to the relatively safe haven of the US I will resume writing before the end of this month and my first piece will be on the West Virginia Democrat election. God Bless all our website visitors.


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