Hot Air, Al Gore, Nobel and 2008

First let me, on behalf of this website, congratulate Mr. Gore. It takes a lot of hot air to win a prize from the Nobel Nuts in Sweden. It was unfortunate for Al that a British judge ruled only hours before his award that his film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was full of errors. This was an inconvenient judgment but Al has taken it in his stride as well he might given that most of the MSM have overlooked the errors and given both his film and the award the ‘thumbs up’. Nothing is going to stop the MSM flogging the ‘man-made global catastrophe’ horse, for it serves many purposes for the Media Class and its Leftist shock-troops. Here are just some!

Combating global warming will grow Government mightily and every Leftist aches for Government growth. More public service jobs = more unionized jobs = more Leftists in non-jobs where they can campaign and be paid for it = more throttling of the private sector through taxes and regulation = more employees in the sector that can advance homosexual and abortion ‘rights’ = more people who can be made to toe the Leftist line or be sacked = more people who can be silenced.

As it happens, here in central California, October temperatures continue the cool sequence of cool temperatures that stretches back through this summer and last. Still, like the thickening ice in the Antarctic, the absence of hurricanes and the unchanging shore lines around the world, our lying eyes are no match for the ‘experts’ that the Media Class selects to promote their agenda whilst ignoring the many experts who have other opinions.

Al has had a good weekend – back in the limelight that he craves and no doubt making pots of money speaking here, there and everywhere. As we are kind people on this website, I feel it necessary to caution Al, just as we cautioned Cindy Sheehan (who ignored us!). Don’t let this Media adulation go to your head, Al! Do not listen to the tripe about entering the Democrat Presidential race! Be content with your current share of the limelight, for the Presidency has already been allocated to Mrs. Clinton by the Media Class. If you enter the primaries and start to look like a winner amongst Democrat activists the Media will crucify you – that is if a hit squad doesn’t arrange your accidental death first. If you are a good boy, I suppose you might get offered a Vice Presidency, though I think you only have an outside chance. Mrs. Clinton will select someone who can exist in her shadow and you are just too big.

The Nobel Prize was surely completely discredited among the discerning a long time ago. It has been nothing but a device for Leftist political propaganda and if I were offered it I would be highly offended. As yet, I see no evidence that any of the global warming crowd have adjusted their lifestyles to save the earth. Pop stars and other celebs are still flying around the globe, buying outsize mansions with ocean views, getting drunk and sniffing cocaine, entering rehab clinics and spending their riches on themselves. Politicians like Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Gordon Brown and David Cameron are still spouting hot air. In the UK, the concreting over of fields and woodlands in order to build houses for unlimited numbers of Third-Worlders continues unabated. Since all these great and good people don’t act as though they are alarmed about the next 50 years, I figure I can sleep soundly at night – at least as far as the climate is concerned.

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