Homosexuals Win Another Victory

The news this week that e-Harmony.com, the formerly Christian dating service, had caved to a legal assault by the homosexual juggernaut, came as no surprise. No one in their right mind would fight a homosexual-inspired case in an American court, for it is clear that US courts are vying with the Media Class to be in the frontline of the culture war. Quite soon we shall see the California Supreme Court over-ride the recent voter victory of Prop 8 and the massed Media will applaud. A Connecticut Court was the most recent Court to make a new law and legalize same-sex marriage and immediately there were endless Media news bulletins to tell us of delirious same-sex couples who had “never expected to live to see this happy day”. As a result of the New Jersey surrender of e Harmony, the company groveled by paying compensation as well as opening its website to same-sex dating. The logic of this case is that no dating service should be able to define its clientele and I wait to see if Jews, Blacks, Hindus, vegetarians and Muslims are forced to accept clients of any and every persuasion. I expect to live to see the day when a man wishing to ‘marry’ his dog is granted equality by a Court for why should anyone, no matter how bizarre his appetites, suffer the humiliation of discrimination?

The news from Bombay (Mumbai for the recently educated) is so terrible as to be beyond shocking. Like 9/11, it is an event so ghastly and cold-blooded that numbness rather than outrage results. At least that is all I can conclude as I never read or hear in the Media any calls for retribution. Instead I see masses of generalized criticism of governments and security services for having fallen short or been asleep at the wheel. We are quickly told that ‘intelligence” services should be improved and preventative steps (never specified) implemented. I have a feeling of dejas vu, for when the Irish Republican Army was busy shooting down worshippers in Ulster churches, planting bombs in crowded bars and shooting British soldiers and policemen in the back, there was also an absence of anger in the British and world Media and certainly no calls for retribution. People were told to stay calm, politicians expressed sadness and regret but there was to be no retribution, not even when Irishmen in London pubs were noisily celebrating the casualty lists. The scum who massacred unarmed, unsuspecting people were described as terrorists or ‘the IRA’ and the population who harbored and supported them were never punished. Indeed they were ultimately rewarded with recognition and many, many concessions. I firmly believe that the IRA paved the way for all of the modern terrorist outrages. The dirty little secret is that the Media Class in most of the world, their Leftist foot-soldiers and their puppet politicians are not interested in crushing terrorism for they are infatuated with the proponents of nihilistic violence. Occasionally a Government leader some where does the right thing and reacts ruthlessly and vengefully and immediately the world’s scribblers and politicians are really outraged. Pinochet in Chile was pursued to his grave for brutally resisting brutal Leftist terrorism and Columbia’s leader is now getting the same treatment.

Surveys in the UK and France have revealed that at least one third of Muslim residents support the terrorists. You can bet that another one third is at least ambivalent. Although the Media is anxious to play down the early news reports, it is clear that several of the Bombay killers were Muslims from the UK. It is amazing that the West is no longer Christian but secular and yet ‘turning the other cheek’ is now the order of the day. In Ulster, the IRA having got every concession demanded, plus a few more, is now resorting to violence again. Will civilized people stand and fight ever again and will they go on tolerating the enemy in their midst? The killers are not lone misfits. They are large gangs recruited by even larger gangs who operate within sheltering and approving populations. These populations do not seem to fear retribution from their victims.

When the Bombay outrage hit the news outlets there were constant Media claims that the Muslim killers were particularly seeking out Americans and Britons. This reporting was clearly intended to remind us Americans and Brits that we are the real targets (and the root cause) of all this violence and that the Indians were like pedestrians who inadvertently step in front of a car aiming for someone else. I was therefore surprised to read the list of the dead. The only UK citizen listed was a Cypriot. I doubt he looked very British, poor man. The few US citizens on the death list were Jewish (and Israeli) and a poor couple who had gone to India in search of New Age enlightenment. If the killers were really looking for US and UK natives, they were singularly inept. Nothing gets by the Media without being spun.

I saw on a BNP website a reference to Islamic ‘expansionism’. Not a bad word! On this website we refer to Islamic Imperialism, surely the most accurate description of the terrorism. Has anyone else used this term or do we have a monopoly on it? One question is rarely asked amidst all the violence. What are the killers seeking, other than 70 virgins in the next world? Teams of men do not train for months and then go on a suicidal cold-blooded killing spree of innocent people without a strong and clear motive. The answer, avoided by the MSM and most politicians, is that they believe they are helping to impose Islam on the rest of the world. And in their endeavor they have the active or passive support of most Muslims around the world and it is this approval that fuels their mission.

On the same BNP website I read that the Liverpool police visited the homes of the 13 BNP activists (who had been arrested and held for leaflet distribution on Wednesday) in the early hours of Saturday morning to deliver letters. The police intention was obviously to avoid any discussions with the recipients, for the letters were to inform them that no prosecutions would be taking place. Mr. Radical and I believe that the police never for one moment thought they would have grounds for prosecution but believed that the arrests and the threat of future prosecution would be intimidatory. The interesting question is why the speeded up retreat. Mr. Radical thinks the police Chief (and his bosses at the Home Office) were fearful of the BNP protest rally fixed for Saturday morning in Liverpool. He might be right. My own belief is that the climb-down had much to do with the police raid on the Tory Shadow Minister and his arrest by Special Branch men. The UK police and their Home Office and Government bosses have been relentlessly pushing the envelope of illegal and arbitrary behavior, high handedness and intimidation of political opponents, especially in damping down public resistance to mass immigration. Ambitious Police Chiefs have seen the green light and the BNP has been the target until now. Since there has been absolutely no outcry in the Media concerning free speech, indeed no mention beyond local Media outlets, the Leftists in Government have become over confident. The Tory Shadow Minister was a bridge too far. Perhaps in another 6 months it would have worked but the Media has publicized this one and there is now popular resentment. I think the police will have to pull back and some zealous policemen may be thrown under the bus. In the light of this embarrassing incident I think the Liverpool police Chief calculated that the Shadow Minister raid and the BNP arrests might get linked in the public consciousness. He did not want the wider public to learn what has been happening to the BNP for the encroachment on civil liberties taking place in the UK has to be incremental to stay below the radar.

In the event, the BNP marched through the busy Liverpool town center yesterday morning with banners unfurled and then distributed the leaflet that had provided the police justification for arrests just a few days before. This must have been embarrassing for the police and very humiliating for their Chief. I expect a few of the older policemen had a few laughs up the sleeve at his expense. No National Media have covered this event, of course, for Tories, Labour and LibDems are united in fear of the BNP and the native British people. The BBC, which trumpeted the original arrests, has been muted on the police reversal, and in covering the BNP march managed to report only the violence of a few Leftist anti-BNP’ers as though it was BNP violence. What else could be expected from a Leftist Media organization that is committed to lies and propaganda? Still, this was surely a victory for the BNP, free speech and for the British people. A pity more of them are not aware of what is happening.

Finally I must just mention that Barack and Michelle Obama have decided to send their two daughters to a Washington DC select private school. The Messiah knows of course that he will not get the ‘Sarah Palin’ treatment from the MSM, indeed the news will not warrant a mention. There is no room in the columns because they are filled, day after day, with adoration of his every move. As the Obama excitement mounts in the Media, Peggy Noonan is getting the same trembling down her ancient legs that has long afflicted Chris Matthews. Sadly there is no cure for Restless Leg Syndrome so I hope I escape it.

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