Homosexuals and the BBC

Despite reading the BBC website every day, I was not aware that a “Top Radio 4 Presenter” had recently been suspended from work because he has been charged with male rape. As far as I know, that information has still not been given out by the BBC. Fortunately, because I like to keep abreast of the real news, I read the Biased BBC website every day and it was there that I learned that Mr. Nigel Wrench, aged 46, has been so charged and will appear in court this month.

The Sun newspaper has also briefly reported his suspension and the criminal charge. I realise that Mr. Wrench has so far only been charged and may ultimately be found to be innocent when his case is heard. Nevertheless, this is surely news?

If the Rev. Ian Paisley, a distant cousin of President Bush, Nick Griffin or even some minor official of the BNP had been charged with (heterosexual) rape, I am sure the BBC would have found it necessary in the public interest to make it a big story. I guess the BBC has been too preoccupied with publicizing and celebrating Birmingham’s recent Gay Parade, Plymouth’s first Gay Parade and other similar widely popular gatherings. There is no doubt that the BBC is in the business of promoting ‘Gay’ events at every opportunity and if you don’t believe me just take a peek at the BBC Devon website. Besides the fulsome written praise of the Plymouth event, there is the usual innocuous BBC picture of the rear view of two men with arms around each others’ waist, in the anodyne embrace that omits the genitals and any fecal matter. It is not only the BBC that is celebrating, for we are told that the Mayor of Plymouth and his wife and the Devon and Cornwall Police force are also “supporting the event”. Officialdom, it seems is keen to join the BBC in welcoming and enthusing over public get-togethers of those who are ‘gay’, lesbian, transsexual and transvestite. It is difficult to experience all of this orchestrated publicity and not suspect that behind the scenes there is a network of officials, Media people and homosexual activists who are busy promoting an agenda together. After all, the British National Party’s annual celebration (the Red, White and Blue Weekend) does not qualify for this sort of publicity. Indeed, the Party’s launch of its 2007 election Manifesto (surely a public event and newsworthy?) was shunned by every Media outlet except one, and you have guessed right, the ‘one’ was not the publicly-funded, Charter-directed BBC.

It seems to me that there are several great and dangerous experiments taking place within our western culture, none of which are up for public discussion. They are, immigration, the imposition of multi-racialism, the suppression of the native Christian-inspired culture and the insertion of homosexuality into the mainstream of every aspect of life, and all are proceeding apace and without the people’s permission. It would seem that there is an agenda emanating from somewhere that aims to get all the above imposed to the point where none can be reversed. The Media, which should be alerting the people, is in fact pushing the agenda along.

No-one who reads our website regularly will be surprised by this, nor by my re-iteration that we do not wish to stop sodomists from practising sodomy. We are pretty much for personal freedom, especially in private, and for free speech. Unfortunately, it is increasingly clear that sodomists, like Socialists and Liberals, globalists and climate change activists, do not believe in free speech or conflicting judgements about human behavior. Recently, in the UK, representatives of ‘Stonewall’, the leading homo activist organization, have been demanding that the Government should force Catholic schools to obey the new laws that instruct public schools to teach positive views of homosexuality. The latest Stonewall hijacking of a word (surely ‘gay’ is a hi-jacking of a good traditional word?) is to describe the absence of ‘positive gay’ teaching in schools as ‘bullying’. Stonewall accuses the Pope of hysterical attacks on homosexuality. In the Media’s reporting it is now the Pope and others who view sodomy as abnormal, who are hysterical. It has never struck me that the new Pope, in condemning sodomy as a perversion, has been getting hysterical. If I had to point the finger at hysterical behavior, I would have to point it at the homosexual activists who commit obscene protest acts in Cathedrals, scream abuse at Christians, dress in female clothes and chains and leathers to celebrate in public and do other worse and more disgusting things for publicity. Still, from now on, we can expect the Media in general, and the BBC in particular, to describe the Pope (and all who say that sodomy is perverted and disgusting and should not be taught to children as ‘normal’), as hysterical. Catholic schools are about to feel the heat!

But back to the BBC’s Mr. Wrench, who presumably is on full pay from British taxpayers by virtue of them being forced to fund the BBC. We learn from the ‘Biased BBC’ website that he became HIV positive in 1993 as a result of having sex on Hampstead Heath with a man who didn’t want to use a condom. Subsequently in an article in a journal called the ‘Pink Paper’, Wrench wrote, “barebacking can be warm, exciting and involving.” For those who are innocent of the ways of the unfortunately perverted of this world, Wrench was referring to having penetrating sex up another man’s anus (or vice versa), without a condom and possibly made more exciting, warm and involving when it involved a stranger under the stars on Hampstead Heath (and the risk of AIDS). In a later interview written up in the Guardian newspaper (where else but this Leftist publication that is essential reading for the UK’s progressive politicians, public service elite and Government Ministers?), Wrench called for a rational debate on ‘barebacking’.

In the Leftist New Statesman journal on 27th March 2000, writer Sean French was partly critical of Wrench’s advocacy of sexual risk taking. French was understanding of the impulses that drove homosexuals to be promiscuous but was worried about the spread of AIDS. French noted, without a hint of disgust, that “even at the end of his life, Derek Jarman spoke movingly of how promiscuous sex had been a liberation for him that he still did not regret”. Jarman was a film maker who died of AIDS early in the epidemic. I cannot but be fascinated and astonished by the use of words like ‘movingly’, ‘warm’ and ‘involving’ in relation to what not so long ago were known as acts of gross indecency.

A few years back, I read a book about the Media by a Media insider homosexual and he celebrated the capture of every editorial room of every newspaper, fashion magazine and TV station by ‘gay’ people. He was referring to the USA, but I doubt that things are much different in the UK. Andrew Marr, a BBC insider, wrote in the Daily Mail in 2006 that the BBC “employed an abnormally [his word, not mine!] large number of gay people”. Mr. Wrench must have been one of the many he had in mind.

A few decades ago, when the UK Parliament was being persuaded to stop criminalizing sodomy, the public was told that all that homosexuals wanted was to be left alone to have their imaginative imitations of (hetero) sexual intercourse in private. At the time, I believed this to be reasonable, though most people would have opposed such ‘reform’ if they had been consulted. However, as with the concurrent abolition of the Death Penalty, MP’s and the elite did not consider public opinion to be relevant.

What we now know from experience is that homosexuals were not at all content with being left alone in private. Perhaps I should acknowledge that there are probably many homosexuals who are content, but they are not the ones who have such a powerful influence in the Media editorial rooms, in government and in the judiciary and public services. There seem to be no limits to the homosexual agenda. Today it consists of stifling all criticism of sodomy by laws prohibiting free speech; parading and celebrating obscene behavior in the streets of every major city; indoctrinating all children about the delights of anal intercourse and cross-dressing; same-sex marriage; giving homosexuals access to children through adoption and fostering, and putting the Catholic Church out of business. We have come a long way in a short time, indeed.

The homosexual agenda is clearly a dynamic piece of work and one can only guess at what is just over their horizon. For people like Mr. Wrench, for whom barebacking is ‘warm, exciting and involving’ even when it is potentially suicidal, there is probably no limit to their search for sexual satisfactions. The problem for the rest of us is that these people now rule us through their overwhelming presence in the Media Class. As a consequence they can and do dictate to the mainstream political parties, are allied to the Leftist activists who make so much noise, have the financial backing of the Soros organization and seem unstoppable. They are particularly unstoppable because their opponents and victims do not understand the forces at work. Only by viewing all news, politics and legislation through our ‘Ruling Media Class’ analysis, can events be understood and effectively opposed.

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