Homosexual Violence Is Revolutionary

We have long argued on this website that what is quite properly called the ‘culture war’ is in fact the taking of power by a new Class. The Media Class (which has coalesced around the Hollywood and TV industries since the 1960’s), has been gathering political and economic power for decades and in this US election was able to choose a candidate (Obama), fund him and engineer his election. It has also done the same for the Democrat Party, which is now the Media Class’s political and legislative organ. The Media Class, like all Classes in history that have risen to power, seeks to impose its own agenda on society and that agenda reflects the interests of the new Class. The old industrial Class, when it took power, imposed conditions on society that advanced industry. This Media Class, already hugely rich and dominating Big Business, is concerned primarily with social and moral issues, for these are the preoccupation of the core elements of the new Class. The Media Class, through its Democrat Party control of the White House and Congress, now seeks to scrap the old Christian-based morality of the USA and impose through new legislation, legal actions, Media propaganda and street agitation, a new social code and a new morality.

Homosexuals are a very powerful element in the new Class and their agenda comfortably fits with the agendas of other elements. The heterosexual libertarians of Hollywood and the Arts, the Leftists and Feminists in the Print Media and in Academia are all united in their hatred of the old Christian-based society and intend to sweep it away and replace it with what they see as a progressive new framework. This is the reality beneath the surface of today’s political struggles and some hostile visitors to this website might well say “and about time too!”

It is against this analysis that the current demonstrations for same-sex marriage must be viewed. Some might wonder why anyone should be preoccupied with this issue when the world appears to be sinking into the greatest economic depression since 1930, but an understanding of the economic basis of the new Class, its social, political and moral roots provides the answer. The new Class will weather the economic misery better than most and indeed mass entertainment might well prosper in a time of poverty. Who can doubt that the billionaires and millionaires of Showbiz will continue to eat well through otherwise lean times? Indeed, with its recently-won power over legislation, the Media Class will be in a position to increase its monopoly in communications. In any case, as we frequently point out on this website, many, if not most members of the new Class are immersed in a world of make-belief and wish-fulfillment whilst others believe that a ‘progressive’ ideology must be pursued irrespective of the cost in human suffering. The Media Class does not see the economy and US world power as priorities.

Sometimes one incident can encapsulate great events. For those who seek their news on the Internet, the video of screaming rage-filled men surrounding the old and frail Christian Phyllis Burgess and ripping a pathetic styrofoam cross from her hands and stamping it into the ground, should have been a defining moment. The incident happened outside Palm Springs City Hall, California last Friday evening, where several hundred ‘gay’ men were demonstrating against the successful Prop 8. This elderly Christian lady was a lone counter demonstrator and I guess because her presence seemed so unique, a woman from a small local TV station (KESQ-TV carrying the rally live) tried to interview her. Consequently the incident was caught live on camera. I have no doubt that the TV people were unsympathetic to the woman’s cause but were astonished by the crowd’s violence and could not help capturing it on the air. Immediately afterwards, the studio’s anchor, almost lost for words, said that the same-sex marriage issue was stoking rage on both sides. It is difficult to find any evidence of rage on the Christian side, at least until now, so his even-handedness appears to be an attempt at spin. As it happens, there are numerous reports of violence and intimidation by homosexual mobs all across the USA, as the protest movement gathers steam. That some demonstrations are non-violent can be explained by the absence of Christian counter-protestors. It is claimed that the nation-wide homosexual protests have a grass-roots origin based on Internet communication and I do not doubt this, but the impact of the protests ultimately depends on the reaction of the Media Class. So far, the Maintream Media (MSM) has ignored the attack on the old lady and played down the rage and hatred directed at Christians, whilst giving maximum publicity to the growing protests. This is what we would expect on this website, for these protestors are furthering the Media Class agenda. It is ironic that in an election that saw the victory of the Media’s Obama and his Party, three anti same-sex marriage propositions were passed, plus one other proposition denying homosexuals the right to foster and adopt. In what seemed like a triumphal election march to progress, the Media Class has suffered a minor but embarrassing setback. One might have expected the homosexual activists to be patient for it is obvious that the Courts will set aside the popular will and discover a human right in every State constitution. It will just take a little time and financial support from George Soros and his many very wealthy homosexual pals for the legal applications. If that is not enough the Media Class puppet politicians will do what is necessary. California’s Governor Schwarzenegger (a Hollywood political creature if ever there was one) has already given his support to those who would set aside both the popular will and the Law. Indeed he has publicly encouraged the protests. Hollywood’s stars have been out in force too and everywhere entertainers and celebrities are rallying to the cause. Here again, George Soros will be digging deep into his pockets to ensure that cash is not a problem for this movement to smash the Christian’s attempts to uphold marriage and resist the advance of sodomy. And after January, President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress will surely serve their paymasters and give priority to ‘Gay Rights’ legislation.

So why can’t the homosexual activists be patient? After all in States like California homosexual couples enjoy every legal right except this abstract one of marriage. It is after all, a ‘right’ that huge and increasing numbers of heterosexual couples voluntarily forego. The explanation must lie elsewhere. On this website, we would argue that it has nothing much to do with marriage and everything to do with the advancement of an ongoing agenda. Homosexuals crave much more than mere weddings. Indeed we think their agenda is revolutionary. The agenda includes silencing all opponents by law and by intimidation, the compulsory teaching of the mechanics of same-gender sex in schools (and ultimately from birth), the abandonment of an age of consent for sex and the acceptance by the Nation of public displays of perverted sexual activity. Of course, to achieve this revolutionary agenda, traditional Christianity has to be marginalized and then destroyed; secular conservatives have to be silenced too and Nationalism has to be replaced by internationalism. The rage, and absence of any patience, has everything to do with the nature of homosexuality. For homosexuality is all about satisfying the appetites here and now. Christians, preoccupied with raising children and all that that implies (work, saving, nurturing), have little time to demonstrate and few resources. They work and save for a future for their children and in any case do not see events on this earth as all that there is.

Conservatives are beginning to show some alarm about Obama’s campaign talk of creating a para-military force. He has been remarkably vague about this and the MSM predictably has not enquired. On this website we would suggest that visitors do some research on Hugo Chavez’s ‘Bolivian Circles’. These are para-military forces recruited from Leftist supporters in Venezuelan cities and they are used to underpin loyalty to the Chavez revolution, to demonstrate on the streets and to intimidate the opposition. They have been crucial in enabling Chavez to consolidate power for his Socialist revolution. Street activism, accompanied by violence, when allied to Government power, enables a revolutionary agenda to be implemented much more quickly. You have been warned!

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