Homosexual Scandals Concealed By Media

In a week that has seen the Mark Sanford adultery scandal hit the headlines day after day, another sexual scandal story has been buried by the Media. Yet it is one that should have fueled screaming headlines and much discussion. Regular readers of this website will know why the Sanford story is unfolding daily yet this other one is invisible except on the Internet. The answer is that the Sanford story can be used to discredit conservatives and Christians whilst the concealed story would damage the homosexual ‘community’, a core constituency of the ruling Media Class.

Duke University has experienced some troubled times, for it was here that a Black stripper made uncorroborated allegations of rape against White members of the Lacrosse team. The Media quickly tried and condemned the sportsmen and a large number of the Duke Professors and staff also rushed into print with a politically correct judgment. Later, the allegations were found to be false and malicious, though this generated no headlines and few words. The latest scandal story also involves Duke University though somehow I doubt the Professors will rush to judgment this time and not because they got their fingers burned before. They will be mute because this time they have sympathy with the alleged crimes and the accused even though the alleged victim is Black.

The FBI is reported to have arrested Frank Lombard, an Associate Director of Duke University Center for Health Policy. Lombard is reported to be an open homosexual who lives with another male University employee. I suppose the couple consider themselves to be in a relationship of ‘marriage’, even though they have been deprived of the ‘civil right’ to wed. They have, however, exercised their ‘civil right’ to adopt two African American boys. Lombard stands accused of having sodomized one of the boys, aged five, and posted images of this on the Internet. He is also accused of offering the boy’s services to other homosexuals over the Internet. Lombard has not yet been tried and as far as I know has not admitted to anything. He may well be entirely innocent, just like the Lacrosse players were, and no-one should be assumed to be guilty without trial. Lombard and his partner are reported (on the Internet) to be members of a small gated community of Episcopal Church members. This is the Episcopal Church that recognizes homosexual marriage and has been in the forefront of homosexual campaigning. It is reported that Lombard has been active in the campaigning and is a friend of the homosexual Bishop Gene Robinson.

If Lombard is guilty, his alleged crimes are both horrific and laden with import and one would expect an investigative Media to be all over the story. It is said that reporters (not from the Mainstream Media it goes without saying) who have tried to penetrate the gated community have met with silence, hostility and ejection. I suspect the gated community is a homosexual one that masquerades under the cover of the new, ‘moderate’ tolerant, inclusive Episcopal Christianity that receives much adulatory coverage from the Media. If Lombard is guilty, it would seem that this gated community should also be investigated. Lombard has some official position in the Church. Statistics have been quoted on the Internet that molestation of young boys is 44 times higher in cases of homosexual adoption and fostering. I do not know the source of these statistics and they may be inaccurate but common sense (the enemy of homosexual ‘civil and human rights’) suggests that putting young and vulnerable boys in the care of homosexuals is akin to placing chickens into the care of foxes. It is claimed that African American children are easier to obtain for fostering and adoption, presumably because there are more of them without caring family and thus in Social Services Care. No doubt the modern Social Services Departments are stuffed with Leftists and homosexuals who are eager to push the ‘civil rights’ agenda whilst slyly providing sexual fodder for men who are insatiable for sodomy and other perversions. The religious Child Care institutions, and the few remaining social workers who cared about protecting children, have long been expelled from the Child Care and Child Protection services under laws that require inclusiveness.

If Lombard is guilty as charged, and if it transpires that there is a network of homosexuals exchanging their young victims over the Internet, there should be a great Media outcry against homosexual involvement in adoption and fostering and a speedy change of Laws. African American civil rights activists should also be outraged and vociferous about the abuse of vulnerable Black children. Do not hold your breath! This story will be killed off by the Media and self-styled Civil Rights activists will be looking the other way.

On a day when the grotesque and unfunny comedian Al Franken has been confirmed as the new Senator for Minnesota, this website has cause to feel vindicated, for we constantly proclaim that the Media people are busy elbowing aside their bought-and-paid-for politicians and moving into openly ruling this Nation. I suppose much of the population of Minnesota has been dumbed-down by TV addiction and Leftist dominated education, for how else can you explain that the vulgar and obnoxious Franken garnered sufficient votes for it to be possible for the well-funded Leftist machine to be able to swindle enough votes for victory. Franken will join the many other social/moral revolutionaries who now sit in the US Congress and plot the new Society that will outlaw traditional Christian Churches, end free speech and ensure that homosexuals have unfettered access to young children. Franken’s manipulated victory will ensure that Republicans cannot filibuster in the Senate and so the extremist Sotomayor will be confirmed to the Supreme Court, soon to be followed by another Leftist selected by the extremist Obama. On this website, we never cared much for McCain’s politics but we always condemned the conservative purists on Talk Radio and elsewhere who advocated staying at home and sulking on election day. McCain, for all his shortcomings and despite his silly daughter, would surely have been an obstacle to the revolutionary agenda now being implemented.

On this website we have another and more rewarding reason to feel vindicated. This week in the UK, the BNP councilor Paul Golding told his audience in Crawley the “Mass media is our [BNP’s] main enemy. From now on, we are going to make the mass media our main opponent. We need to get to the point when enough people don’t believe a word the Media states”. We must “immunize the public against their vicious lies”. This part of his speech has been posted on the BNP website, so I presume this heralds a shift in BNP thinking for previously the Media has been portrayed there as merely agents of the Labour Government. Amen to Councilor Golding’s speech we say! We would like to think that he has been reading our website, for if so, he will also know how and why the Media Class has such power and what its whole agenda is. All this is necessary if there is to be any chance of successful resistance. It will be a very tough fight, for the Media Class has already amassed much power, legal, political and bureaucratic and has many Leftist allies and super-rich contributors. Worse still, the British public has been anaesthetized with soaps, soccer and free bus passes and their children brainwashed with multi-culturalism and no knowledge of their own National history. Still, we wish the BNP well and look forward to their campaign against the Media Class.

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