Homo Amtrak Engineer of Death Train Escapes Charges

Regular visitors to this website will recall several articles dating back to 2015 concerning the Amtrak crash near Philadelphia in which 8 commuters died and hundreds were injured. It was quickly revealed that the most likely cause of the derailment was that the train entered a speed-restricted corner (50 mph) at 106 mph. We were curious because such a speed indicated extreme recklessness or criminal intent on someone’s part, and Amtrak drivers are union members and thus a protected class in Democrat strongholds.

The authorities quickly and publicly searched for explanations that would exonerate the engineer, Brandon Bostian, who escaped the crash with minor injuries. Mr. Bostian quickly lawyered up and claimed not to remember anything, but the Amtrak authorities also suggested that there was much vandalism on this line and a missile might have hit the driver’s cab. Not that there was any evidence of a missile!

It seemed clear to us that there was going to be a cover-up on this crash, so we continued to monitor the details, especially when the Mainstream Media seemed so disinterested in the aftermath.

Mr. Bostian disappeared from the news very quickly but on the Internet someone dug up much more information about him. This asserted that he was an active homosexual campaigner, and had been promoting his perverted sexual tastes on the Internet. This alleged self-advertisement included sexually explicit pictures of himself (we would class them as toilet pictures) that presumably appeal to sado-masochists and sodomites.

About this time, a homosexual pilot in Europe crashed a plane-full of passengers in what seemed like the actions of an emotionally disturbed deliberate action. It is the contention of this website that practicing sexual perverts are much more likely to be dysfunctional, suicidal, angry and reckless with their own lives.

It is also our contention that the Ruling Media Class and its MSM are infested with perverts and that homosexuals have become an unofficially but highly protected class. This is especially true in Democrat Party strongholds.

Today, the Philadelphia City’s DA issued a statement that “the derailment was caused by the engineer operating the train far in excess of the speed limit. However, we cannot conclude that the evidence rises to the high level necessary to charge the engineer or anyone else with a criminal offense”. The prosecutor found no evidence that Bostian “acted with criminal intent or criminal knowledge”.

Crash victims and their lawyers are shocked by this decision. Already, Amtrak (taxpayers) have forked out $265m in settlements so far.

It may be that union membership in Democrat Philadelphia is a great protection against gross irresponsibility but we maintain that homosexual activism is an even better passport to a protected class in this Revolutionary America.

Perhaps one of our website visitors with legal knowledge can let us know if a car driver who drove over 100-mph in a 50-mph zone and then crashed causing a death, would not be charged.  What would ‘criminal intent’ have to do with anything?

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