Holt, Comey Earn Promotion, Trump Ahead In Poll. Danger Ahead

The count is in! Debate moderator Lester Holt interrupted Trump many, many more times than he interrupted Clinton. He also admonished Trump’s audience supporters when they responded, but allowed Clinton supporters to be vocal. That bias alone not only justified his promotion to moderator, but surely guarantees future promotion.

Now word is seeping out that Clinton was given a copy of the questions a whole week before the debate, thus giving her time to prepare. This should surprise no-one who is alert to the significance of the November election and the necessity for her to win and prevent Trump entering the White House.

In 2008, Obama’s victory – funded, engineered and Media-manipulated by the billionaire leaders of the new Media Class – was the moment their Revolution became official government policy. Obama has spent his 8 years in office faithfully and stealthily advancing the Revolutionary social policies of his billionaire Media-Class masters, and the Revolutionary economic and totalitarian policies of their Far Left allies. These Revolutionary policies are close to completion. Another 4 years of Obama rule, safely in the hands of Hillary Clinton, will enable a ruthless Far Left regime to criminalize and erase all opposition, and sink America into the Sodom and Gomorra moral swamp.

As with all Revolutions carried out by a new Class, no matter how stealthily imposed, arbitrary law becomes the norm and violence is just below the surface. James Comey, Obama’s appointee as Director of the FBI, working in tandem with Obama’s appointee to the DOJ, have been toiling to cover up the crimes that are necessarily a part of nearly 8 years of arbitrary law (which is lawlessness in a Nation with a Constitution).

It is vital to Hillary Clinton that she be elected to the Presidency. It is the only way to avoid investigation of her family’s financial crimes. But it is also vital to Obama and a multitude of those in Government around both he and Clinton, for they have been acting lawlessly and against the Nation’s interests. To protect themselves they must ensure that Clinton controls the Nation’s law enforcement agencies after January 2017.

In the bigger picture, wealthy people in International Big Business and Finance are dependent on a continuation of the Revolution and its Fascist economic system of Government. They have been investing heavily in a Clinton victory. And beyond them, equally committed to a completion of the Revolution, are the billionaire perverts of the new Ruling Media Class and their Far Left allies.

Comey, Lester Holt, the hacks at the IRS and other Federal Government agencies, and many Federal judges, have earned promotions that will vanish if Trump wins in November. These people are all aware that the November election is crucial for them personally, but they are also vaguely aware that a completion of a Revolution is at stake.

Thus we warn that the latest opinion polls which show Trump ascendant at the head of a counter-revolutionary army of patriotic, mostly Christian citizens, puts his life in the greatest danger. So many people in Government, and behind them a powerful Revolutionary movement of perverts, libertines and Far Left fanatics, have too much at stake to allow an election to interfere with their plans.

In the LA Times latest daily tracking poll Trump has increased his lead. He now polls 46.7% against Clinton’s 42.6%. This lead is up from 3.5% to 4.1%. In battleground States he has Clinton on the retreat. All can see that the MSM has been forced to abandon any pretense of neutrality. Obama and his wife have stopped junketing to hit the campaign trail and there is much evidence that Republican voters who were anti-Trump are now returning to the fold and leaving the Never-Trump collaborators completely marginalized.

Behind the scenes, where the Nation’s new Ruling Class pull the political strings, there must be great consternation over Trump’s popularity, and Clinton’s inability to match his campaigning energy and appeal. Last night he addressed more than 10,000 in Melbourne, Florida with thousands turned away. With every such rally, his oratory becomes more effective. Today he has rallies in Council Bluffs IA, and Waukesha WI. and his energy, commitment and stature grows by the day.

The new Ruling Class and their Far Left allies will stop at nothing to retain the power of the Presidency – and time is running out. They are filled with hate and fear, a powerful combination of emotions, and they have acquired the machinery of Government and purged it of principled people. Trump’s life is increasingly at great risk.

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