Hoffman, Woody Allen, Polanski – Media Class Promoting Decadence and Degeneracy

We invite website readers to delve way back into our past articles and they will find some recurring themes. One of them is that the Media/ Entertainment world is composed overwhelmingly of dysfunctional, decadent and self-absorbed people of all three sexes.   The only surprising thing about this week’s ‘news’ of the self-inflicted death of Philip Hoffman and the publicly-made accusations by Dylan Farrow against Woody Allen are that they made it into the news. Drug-taking and the corruption of young people, along with sexual perversion, rampant promiscuity, extreme narcism and gross self-indulgence are surely the norm in Beverly Hills, Broadway and anywhere the Media Class is concentrated. The Arts World, and its offspring the Entertainment World, has always been a magnet for those unfit for life amongst ordinary people because of unnatural appetites and bizarre lifestyles. Some are blessed with those talents that have little use except to entertain, create fantasy and assume the roles of others. In the past such people lived on the fringes and in enclaves and were relatively harmless but now, thanks to technical innovation, Western affluence and increased leisure time, these degenerate people find themselves at the heart of a new Ruling Class. 

    Wealthy and politically powerful, and in an alliance with Leftist totalitarians and disaffected racial minorities, they are in a position to radically and forcibly change the morality of our world. 

    Hoffman, a 46 year old Hollywood actor is reported to have died of an overdose of drugs and was found with a syringe sticking out of his arm. As far as I can ascertain from Media reports, the drugs were not medicinal, but to use a progressive word, ‘recreational’. Some reports mention cocaine, a substance that is as commonly used by Hollywood people and Pop ‘artists’ as soap and toothpaste. Hoffman has, it is reported, been using such drugs for much of his acting career and only recently ‘checked in to rehabilitation’ (to use a phrase that is used as commonly in Hollywood circles as we normal people might say ‘going to the pharmacy). Police report that his apartment contained an assortment of drugs including heroin. Much good did rehabilitation do him! He was living apart from his ‘estranged partner’ Mimi O’Donnell and three children, so for his kids his death is a tragedy, but for the real America it is as nothing compared to the death of any one military man in Iraq of Afghanistan. 

    Let me own up! As I don’t have TV and haven’t been to a cinema for at least 20 years -practicing what I preach on this website – I have never seen a Hoffman film and had no idea who he was. Increasingly since the late 1960’s, when the Media Class began its march to power, Movies have become instruments of corruption, and MSM news and entertainment have become instruments of both moral corruption and dangerous, insidious propaganda. Some of the bloggers on Free Republic and elsewhere on conservative websites claim his death is a tragedy for themselves and the wider public. They unwittingly reveal how far they have succumbed to the Media Class propaganda machine. “He was a good actor” they write, but since every Hollywood movie is corrupting in intent, the better the acting the more dangerous the product. Some, perhaps many, degenerates are talented but they function in, and promote, a degenerate Media. Dylan Farrow is the daughter of Mia Farrow who for some years lived with Woody Allen and appeared in most of his films. Clearly her mother Mia Farrow must soon have known pretty much everything about little Woody. She also appeared in a Roman Polanski film, and being the daughter of Movie people and growing up in Hollywood, must have known a lot about both Allen and Polanski and their morals. 

    I have been reading Media reports on the Internet concerning a public statement that Dylan Farrow has now made in which she claims that little Woody regularly sexually abused her when she was a child. She has been described by some commentators as courageous for now making the accusations. The Farrow/Allen personal life history is so dysfunctional that I have found it difficult to be sure that Dylan is a female and who is her father. Mia Farrow, a one-time celebrated actress who co-habited with Allen during his period of greatest celebrity, adopted a number of children and became a poster child for celebrity compassion, celebrity maternal unselfishness and Hollywood multi-racialism. Whether little Woody was her stepfather, her step-carer, the whole brood’s meal-ticket or whatever, Dylan now says that he began sexually abusing her early in her life and when she was 13 took her into a bedroom, got her to undress and then did various sexual things to her, even when others, including Mia, were in the house. It seems to me that she is claiming that he regularly sodomized her, but she may be referring to natural intercourse. Since rapists frequently sodomize their victims and since the charges against Roman Polanski include sodomizing a young girl, it is quite likely that she is alleging unnatural acts for sodomy is an expression of power as well as sadism. 

    Well, no doubt the Farrow/Allen house will have been a very large one, since Hollywood Socialist environmentalists all have very large houses. They need them to be large in order to hold Democrat and Presidential fundraisers! Thus it is entirely possible that little Woody was upstairs, as alleged by Dylan, satisfying his unnatural appetites with a 13 year old whilst down below and far away in the building other celebrity visitors were sniffing cocaine, keeping drunk, swopping partners, indulging in a little sodomy or fundraising for the Democrat Party. Mia may have been an enabler, as some claim, or simply not very alert. 

    During the Farrow/Allen break-up, and an expensive custody battle between the one-time lovers, Farrow made a number of accusations against Allen of sexual abuse of their adopted children. Allen denied them. Hollywood, divided in loyalties, took sides and some claimed that Mia was a neurotic mess and not to be believed about anything. Cynical Hollywood insiders would probably say ‘follow the money’. One of the adopted children later left Mia and co-habited with little Woody who had been her step-father. At least one current Hollywood star is now defending little Woody from the accusations and no doubt many Media people around the US are of the view ‘what is all the fuss about?” 

    Many years ago, aging English website visitors will remember a radio soap opera called ‘The Archers’ which was touted as “an everyday story of country folk”. It is this website’s contention that the Hoffman drug overdose and the Farrow/Allen relationship are merely the everyday story of the modern Entertainment world and Hollywood in particular. Allen may be guilty of the sexual exploitation of children but he is a member of our new Ruling Class, and like Roman Polanski and countless others who define our Nation’s entertainment and news, he will not be brought to justice. Holder, so busy sniffing out unequal outcomes, will not be sniffing around the moral cesspit of Beverly Hills, for it is there that the wealthiest of the Democrat Party’s paymasters live. Counter-revolutionaries need to remember that what is so dangerous for America and its normal citizens is that our Ruling Class is centered on and largely financed by Entertainment people and it is their moral agenda that must be achieved, even before the totalitarian agenda of their Leftist allies. 

    I read today that Democrat candidates for both the House and Senate are pulling in far more contributions than Republicans. As if the daily MSM propaganda output is not sufficient to guarantee a Democrat victory, Leftist candidates will be able to saturate Americans with paid-for advertizing. Some Republicans, remembering when their Party enjoyed the contributions of Big Business and the wealthy, are shocked. For their benefit this website once again repeats that America has undergone a revolution and the new Ruling Media Class is hugely wealthy in its own right and its man in the White House is illegitimately using Government power to intimidate and buy Big Business support. Of those who were always rich, some are fearful of a MSM that has the power to persecute and uncover personal weaknesses and others are more than willing to sign on to a Ruling Class that offers decadence without a day of reckoning. As the disastrous (for the industrious) Obamacare farce continues to unfold let us remember that the argument for radical change in America’s health care system has included the accusation that Americans have been spending too much on their health. Not that Leftist critics are interested in the average American’s pocket book but it is implied that Americans are being too greedy with resources and having more than their fair share of tests and treatments. The proper response should be ‘it is nobody’s damned business how much anyone spends on health care’ as long as it is his own money. If I want to spend, spend, spend on medical tests and I have paid for sufficient insurance cover, it is my choice just as surely as if I was spending on haircuts, cars, restaurant meals, visits to Vegas or stamp collecting. 

    In a recent article we drew attention to the conflicting themes that our Ruling Class gets away with promoting in its Media. It occurred to me that at the same time we middle class Americans are chastised for too much healthcare spending the MSM celebrates the increasing (and in this writer’s view the indecent and shocking) spending on the medical treatment and care of dogs and other pets. I am not proposing that we should pass laws to cap pet expenditure since people should be able to spend (waste) their own money in any way they choose, but if more government revenue is needed for worthy causes why not slap a big annual license fee on pet ownership. Sheep herders and the blind could be excluded. 

    In the UK, government-backed police persecution of Nationalists continues and members of the disunited Nationalist movement (BNP and Britain First parties) continue to be harassed, arrested, detained, silenced and intimidated. I implore all counter-revolutionary Americans to visit daily the websites of these two organizations. Their persecution matches anything that Putin is doing in Russia yet the MSM tells us only about Russia. Many Americans on the Right see the UKIP as a party of the counter-revolution and by doing so they fall prey to the MSM agenda. The UKIP is not a party of the Right. It only opposes Britain’s membership of the EU, but otherwise supports mass immigration-especially from the Third World, homosexual ‘rights’, multi-culturalism and all the policies that the Media Class promotes. The BNP would take Britain out of EU membership and would speedily withdraw the UK from the disgusting UN. It would close the door on mass immigration from anywhere, and would put sodomites back in the closet where they belong (free to penetrate the channel meant for bodily waste). Unfortunately it would promote economic isolation and the inevitable impoverishing socialist economic policies that withdrawal from the world’s market-place must cause. But it is a patriotic party with all the good things that means. The UKIP is not and is not remotely like America’s Tea Party. 

    Recently, my young son was asking me about the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930’s. He had been reading a book that implied that the wrong side won and I realized that I had always, without much thought, shared this view. It is the orthodox view that academics have foisted on us much as they have been able to smear Joe McCarthy. I am fairly well-read and long ago read everything that George Orwell wrote of the period when he fought against the Franco forces. On reflection I now think that it was good for Spaniards that Franco was triumphant, for the victory of the Stalinists would have been far more devastating. Franco may have killed thousands in retribution but Stalin would have killed and starved millions. Franco preserved private property and a market economy but Stalin would have collectivized everything. Franco preserved much of Spain’s traditions and if he had lived longer would have prevented the concreting ‘development’ that his Socialist successors have presided over and which has destroyed Spain’s once-beautiful coastline. 

    Weather – Here in middle California the drought has ended. On Sunday it rained for most of the day, perhaps 2 welcome inches. It is not the end of a dangerous water shortage and although more rain is forecast it most likely will not be enough to replenish dams. Forecasters have been playing down the rain in their predictions and constantly hype the daytime temperatures. It has not been unseasonably hot in the days as some Media reports claim and the nights are still extremely cold. You can trust my lying eyes! 

    Meanwhile in much of the USA, the snow and ice continue to close schools and condemn teachers to idleness. In the UK, the storms have brought even more rain than usual and high winds and high tides have taken the sea over sea walls. For those with long memories none of this is unusual for January and February.

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