Hoffa Speaks For his President and All Leftists

This year’s Labor Day rally held in Detroit was clearly the most important one held in the USA for why else would President Obama attend and be the main speaker. Detroit was the venue he chose to provide the platform for his message to Organized Labor throughout the country. We should not overlook this ‘starting’ fact. Obama could have picked another venue, for there were Labor Day rallies all across America’s big cities, but he chose Detroit and thus conferred upon this particular rally the status of being THE defining voice of union power with himself at the head of that power. The symbolism should not be overlooked nor the intent, for such events are never casually chosen by his advisors, especially given that Obama and his comrades are girding up for the 2012 election.

Nor should we overlook the fact the Jimmy Hoffa Jnr. was given the task of warming up the Union audience and introducing the President. This rally was not just a routine celebration of the role of working people in American history. Neither was the President there just to honor an old American tradition, as past Presidents might have done in a politically neutral way. The Detroit rally was not meant as a ‘coming together’ of the American workers-union and non-union- but a mobilization of Organized Labor for a looming decisive battle in the current American Class War.

Almost every past President would surely have avoided sharing a platform with Jimmy Hoffa Jnr. for the Hoffa name is for ever tarnished by Union violence and corruption. Hoffa’s father, a one-time leader of the Teamster’s Union, was a thug who rose to the leadership of the corrupt Teamsters Union by being a bigger thug than his rivals. The Teamsters Union was notorious both for its use of violence in labor disputes and for internal corruption. Hoffa Sr. gloried in his Union’s reputation for violent tactics and for his reputation as a ruthless leader. Hoffa Sr. ultimately disappeared in the way that many Mafia thugs disappear, presumed dead and buried in a concrete freeway bridge. Neither the Teamsters Union nor Hoffa Jnr. have quite the reputation of the old Teamsters Union, for Unions were forced by public opinion to clean up their acts a little following Hoffa’s assumed violent death. However, as this decade has unfolded, and the ascending Media Class in tandem with Organized Labor has pushed the Democrat Party to the far Left, so Unions have once again more openly employed violent and illegal tactics. Mostly it has been the growing Public Service Unions that have led the way, but Union leaders in general have been encouraged to become more aggressive and revolutionary. Just as the Democrat Party has sought to Balkenize the US and divide the American people by race, class and gender so too have the Unions. Just as the Democrat Party leadership has purged and intimidated its members so that a very revolutionary agenda can be imposed, so too have the Union leaders. The key to this transformational movement has been the ascent to economic and political power of the Media Class, a Class impatient to impose its own revolutionary social agenda on America and needing a political Party to be its legislative agent and Organized Labor to be its shock troops on the streets.

Hoffa Jnr. has got the Obama message and no doubt relishes the opportunity to carry on where his father left off. It has been clear for some time that the Justice Department under Eric Holder, and with the full support of Obama, has become completely partisan and lawless. The same can be said for just about every Obama-appointed Government agency and especially those charged with Labor relations. Hoffa and other Union bureaucrats know that this Government welcomes Union lawlessness when it is employed to grow Union political power and further the revolutionary agenda. Just as importantly, Union leaders and militants know that the Mainstream Media (MSM) will encourage, applaud and ignore Union violence. And so on Labor Day, 2011, in Detroit, Hoffa used the unmistakable call for political violence to a Leftist Union audience yearning for violent political street warfare. He knew that Obama and his comrades in the Democrat Party share this appetite for physical warfare, for Obama is a product of Chicago’s corrupt and violent politics and a disciple of lawless ideological Leftists.

Revolutionary politicians and ideologues of the Left have always embraced violent tactics for how else can an unpopular revolution ever be imposed on a conservative Nation? In typical Leftist fashion, Hoffa, like many other emerging Leftist leaders, accused the opposition of the very motives and tactics they are themselves employing. “The Tea Party”, bellowed Hoffa, “is waging a war on workers.” Never mind that the vast majority of workers in the US are not in Unions, many workers vote Republican and many are in the Tea Party movement. Never mind that the Tea Party movement has been characterized by its civility. Hoffa, like all Leftists, is free and easy with truth and facts, for the ends justify the means.

“We like a good fight” roared Hoffa. “This is your army,” he yelled, warming up the audience for Obama and “Let’s take those sons of bitches out!” Now I don’t know what other meaning ‘take out’ can have in this context other than a violent one and I am sure his audience fully understood his message. When the President of all the American people took the stage he said he was proud of Hoffa. On a Fox TV weekend program, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the official voice of the Democrat National Committee, refused point blank to criticize Hoffa’s call for violent tactics. Some conservative commentators have suggested that this is because the Democrat Party receives Union money. They are failing to see the ugly facts of the Culture War now being waged, for the truth is that Wasserman Schultz and all her comrades on the Left are willing to win by violent means, such is their hatred of Christianity, conservatism and Nationalism. For Wasserman Schultz, Pelosi, Gore, Read, the Union bureaucrats, the Media and Showbiz perverts, and the Leftist academics all across the Nation, anything goes in their march to a new society.

Hoffa will not retract his call for violence; his Democrat Party comrades and Obama will not disown him and the MSM will do all in its power to prevent the American people waking up to the new spirit of civil warfare. The Media Class and its Leftist allies do not intend to lose the next election and if Media propaganda is not enough to get Obama back into the White House, then Republicans and Tea Party activists should expect widespread violence to be used against them.

Visitors to this website will be aware that a long period has elapsed since the last article. Unfortunately a family bereavement and Home Schooling duties have taken their toll on the writer’s time.

Many conservative commentators believe that America’s financial collapse is imminent, thanks to Obama’s reckless spending. Whilst it is possible that world-wide economic pessimism may trigger a collapse of the US economy in the next few months, I think it is likely that the US Government will continue to prevent this until after November 2012 by the covert printing of money. This lawless Government is capable of this and much more, including massive doctoring of the unemployment figures, for it has the MSM colluding with its every deceitful move.

Music Choice – Robert Goulet, a French Canadian by birth, enjoyed a big reputation for his starring roles in Broadway musicals. His deep manly voice has not been fashionable since the Media Class imposed its infantilization on popular culture in the late 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. Goulet though was capable of doing justice to all the great standards. On the LP ‘Hollywood Mon Amour – Great Love Songs from the Movies’ (Columbia records). Goulet included the outstanding and difficult ballad ‘Invitation’. This song was written by Bronislaw Kaper for the film ‘Invitation’. Kaper was a great Hollywood song writer who also wrote the song ‘On Green Dolphin Street’. Goulet’s version of ‘Invitation’ is an example of the perfection that is achieved when a great singer, a great song and a great arrangement come together. Unfortunately, I cannot find this recording on the Internet but as I have the LP I know it exists. If any website visitor can post up the recording, please do so and bring this incredible song and singer to generations that have been starved of adult music.

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