Hillary Taking Heavy Media Fire

Yesterday morning I heard the start of the Rush Limbaugh Talk Radio program. Rush opened with an issue he rightly considered big news- the outbreak of headlined MSM attacks on the Clinton’s financial dealings. Rush pointed out that it is unprecedented for the MSM to dig into and publicize the wrongdoings of Democrat politicians. He added that this is so unprecedented that Republican politicians are fearful of joining the attacks in case they are merely a sympathetic Media ploy aimed at an early clearing of Clinton scandal from the decks ahead of the real campaign.

If Rush visited our website regularly he would understand that America’s Ruling Media Class has a cabal at its core that nurses a longstanding grudge against Bill Clinton. This Hollywood homosexual cabal of billionaires assumes that Hillary in the White House would mean Bill in the White House as well. In 2008 they stymied Bill’s hopes for Hillary (and himself) by elevating and financing a community agitator. Now in 2015 they are mobilizing once again to block Bill’s back door to the Presidency.

Rush asked the rhetorical question “who are the people behind the campaign to stop Hillary?” He had no answer but he did make the good point that the MSM sources of the attacks are not directing their message at the audience of dopes who swallow MSM propaganda. He correctly said that through the NYT, the Washington Post, the Boston Herald, the WSJ and various key Liberal websites, the cabal (our word!) is sending a message to the editors, writers and reporters of the Nation’s MSM and giving them the latest Party line i.e. Hillary must go!

The Clintons have a formidable nation-wide political machine and Bill Clinton is popular with many Democrat Party operatives and rank-and-file activists. Such people are not perturbed by sexual or financial scandals. The Clintons now have a big war chest. Bill and his friends are politically experienced and will have learned lessons from the 2008 defeat. They will know who is the enemy and we can assume that the enemy has been taken into account. Rush believes that the cabal (our word) is hoping to pressure Hillary into withdrawing, on the basis that worse misdeeds will then remain unexplored and unpublicized by the MSM.

We think it is unlikely that the Clintons will pull out. They may well calculate that they have ‘locked up’ the loyalty of enough of the Democrat Party activists and Public Service Unions and can scare off any potential rival the cabal may sponsor. Steeped in monetary and other misdeeds that they have survived over the years they may feel (over)confident about surviving the latest, gambling that the Media Class will ultimately fall into line to prevent a Republican victory. These will be joint calculations of the Clinton business partnership that passes as a marriage.

However, on this website we never overlook the individual motivations and calculations that bubble beneath the surface and often drive events. Since we can never wholly know such motivations we are forced to speculate based on a general experience of human beings. Here is our best guess!

The Clinton’s marriage was soon unhappy because one of its two halves was an insatiable philanderer. The other half was an able, ambitious and calculating woman who needed a well-connected marriage to advance quickly. Bill had the sociable personality and Hillary was the dedicated workhorse behind the scenes. Bill shook hands, told jokes, played the saxophone and saw opportunities to attach himself to populist political ideas. The problem was that he too often indulged his hands and the brain between his legs in extra-marital escapades. Some of these were incredibly reckless.

While he was enjoying the many pleasurable rewards of a political life, Hillary was doing the grinding work behind the scenes necessary to keep them financially afloat and out of legal trouble. During his two terms in the White House she was able to play a major political role but always behind the scenes, while he took the credit. Instead of enjoying the power that was her due she had to endure the humiliation of his uncontrollable philandering. Suppressing rage and resentment she sweated to salvage their business partnership.

Her reward- political power in her own right-has remained elusive. The Presidency is a uniquely powerful position even after it is over and her political career still cannot advance without Bill. A divorce, bitter or not, would have ended the political partnership and its strength. Only his death and widowhood would have benefited her and Bill remains healthy for the Devil looking after his own.

Hillary has revealed an emotional stamina that is highly impressive and we can now see that nothing less than the Presidency can make up for the sacrifices she has made during their partnership. Perhaps she believes that once in the White House she can humiliate Bill, reducing him publicly to a poodle. Ironically, it is the possibility of Bill getting into the White House through her victory that is fueling the Cabal’s decisive opposition.

Rush believes that the Leftist opposition to Hillary (and in favor of the Squaw) is political i.e. Hillary is not sufficiently Left enough. It may be true that some of the Left’s activists yearn for a redistributionist ideologue from Academia. And it is true that one or both Clintons in the White House would be pre-occupied with reaping the financial pickings of office. Initially they might be reluctant to dance only to the Media Class tune. Certainly the Ruling Media Class might prefer a White House occupant who is completely deferential to the Hollywood cabal. Like all Democrats, President Hillary would soon discover that she was dependent on MSM propaganda for survival.

We have indulged here in a little speculation and website visitors may dismiss it as far-fetched. What is certain is that the Media Class intends to keep Bill Clinton out of the White House. There must be ambitious Democrats who now see that the  MSM is no longer in the Clinton camp and so a challenger will surely emerge.

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