Hillary and the Media Class

A few articles ago we predicted that the bitterest woman in America would not get the Democrat Party nomination for 2016. At the moment that looks like a foolish forecast but before getting into it more we must admit to a mistake in yesterday’s article regarding the growing menace of Black street violence.

We referred to a mob of young Blacks causing mayhem in a Memphis gas station and that the victims of the violence were both White. That is how it looked to us from the video. Later reports confirm that a White woman was taking refuge in the garage shop afraid to venture out to her car because a mob of Black school kids was gathering outside. It was the opinion of the Asian shop manager and others that the mob was intent on trouble-making.

In fact it was a Black man from inside the shop who offered to escort the woman to her car. In doing so he enabled the woman to drive away but was set upon himself by the mob. It is he who the mob of some 30 Black school students can be seen on the film pursuing and brutally attacking.

On this website we never doubt that there are good and brave Black Americans though with the decline of Christianity, the accompanying virtual disappearance of the Black 2-parent family and the encouragement of lawlessness by this Obama/Holder regime, there will surely be a great scarcity of such men in the next few years. We can be sure that President Obama will not be phoning Mr. Orrden Williams to commiserate with him and claim him as the son he never had. Nor will Eric Holder’s Justice Department be investigating the school that these predators attend to see if they are being adequately educated by their teachers.

We thought it was strange that CBS News posted this video on the Internet, for the MSM never reports Black on White violent crime. Now we have the answer. Since the main victim was also Black this was news fit to be reported, though the accompanying narrative avoided mentioning the racial content of the mob.

It is worth noting that several adult customers were lingering in the store, afraid of the ‘students’ gathering outside and that the Asian manager locked the doors only just in time before the mob tried to enter. Here we have ordinary law-abiding adults calling routinely at a gas station in broad daylight and finding themselves trapped by a mob of ‘students’ and then cowering with fear as the mob attempts to get at them. This is Obama’s America and it is being hidden from view by a MSM following the Pravda rules of truth.

When we forecast that the bitter, humorless brazen liar who owes her position in politics entirely to her husband and her own willingness to endure great humiliation at his hands, we recalled her shocking defeat in 2008. In that Democrat primary contest she appeared at first to be anointed yet was set aside, along with a majority of registered Democrat loyalists, to be replaced by an unknown street agitator with a hidden past and an inability to string two sentences together. Obama was selected and financed by the cabal of billionaire perverts and libertines in Beverley Hills who constitute the core of the ascendant Media Class and who would not forgive Bill Clinton for his sniggering disregard for homosexuals.

What has changed? The billionaires are still there and their brand of morality is now-thanks to Obama, his Federal Courts, billionaire perverts, groveling CEO’s and the MSM’s propaganda-the new official morality of the USA. The Clintons are still the greedy Clintons, which means ‘mired in shady financial dealings’; Hillary has the email scandal around her neck like an albatross, and her stint in Obama’s government can be seen as the poison pill it was always meant to be. Moreover she is now nearly 7 years older at a period in her life when every year exacts a toll in looks and energy.

On this website we normally avoid personal criticisms about a politician’s weight, height, dress style and facial characteristics. However it is a fact of life that character almost always leaves its imprint on a person’s face with the passing of the years. Resoluteness, ambition and emotional energy can slow the years’ aging process, but bitterness, greed, spitefulness, envy and habitual deceit also leave their marks and Hillary has their marks on her face.

Modern election campaigns, crucially conducted on television, place a high premium on ‘looks’. Even with all the bolstering skills of the Media spin doctors, Obama’s shiftiness and shallowness cannot be concealed. Fortunately for him these revealed traits are viewed as admirable by Leftists and even by some neutrals. Nevertheless Obama, compared to Hillary, looks young, slim, active, cheerful, easy-going and even good-natured. Such perceived character traits are appealing. Hillary, as well as looking bitter, emotionally hard and vindictive, also looks physically stodgy, more than middle aged and (close-up) worn.

So far, since her launch, the MSM has been doing its best to conceal her age, wrinkles and coldness. Newspaper pictures have presented her in the best possible light, building on the work of the world’s finest and most expensive surgeons, make-up artists and hairdressers. The MSM has the power to select flattering touched-up pictures for its chosen ones and select the most grotesque and touched-down pictures for those perceived as Media Class enemies. Still Hillary will be a challenge, especially when tired and disappointed and close to the cameras. In comparison, Squaw Elizabeth Warren is a Princess-in-waiting. This will not be lost on the billionaire Queen-makers of Beverley Hills as they look beyond Hillary and see Bill, their old enemy.

Hillary’s launch, cunning those it was, betrayed her weaknesses. Avoiding the hot studio lights, the masses (if they can be recruited) and all questions, can only work for so long. The Squaw and others wait in the wings. There is plenty of time to step in. Though Hillary is allegedly amassing a huge war chest, the Hollywood billionaires and many other rich anti-Christian Leftists have unlimited funds to invest. For now, with no other Democrat in the field, the MSM will shore up Hillary, but these are early days. We anticipate Squaw Warren getting an offer she will not be able to refuse and stepping out to a tumultuous reception from both Leftist activists and the Queen-makers. Unlike Hillary she has been practicing the right tune from the beginning. Does anyone seriously believe that Hillary will be unchallenged?

Music Choice

Stan Getz, by all accounts was not a nice guy. A superb technician on the Tenor saxophone he had little patience or kindness for musicians who were less than perfect. No doubt, in his last cancer-ridden years he was even less pleasant, though his improvisations became even more complex, original and deserving of the description ‘celestial’. Never a master of bebop improvisation or the Blues, Getz’s finest and happiest playing erupted in the early 1960’s when he launched into Brazilian tunes and Samba rhythms.

In 1962 he recorded ‘Samba de Uma Nota’ (One Note Samba), a tune written by composer and guitarist Antonio Jobim and Newton Mendonca. Accompanied by the two guitarists Charlie Byrd (a superb guitar master) and Gene Byrd, Keter Betts (bass) and Buddy Deppenschmidt and Bill Reichenbach drums, this is a masterpiece. Byrd plays some fine chordal improvisation and Getz demonstrates all the qualities that an improviser aspires to in one tune. Starting with sparse phrasing he alternately soothes, snarls, shouts and swoops with joy using long notes and fast runs. This is a perfect piece of music, foot-tapping, melodic and exciting. Not to be confused with the music of the Beatles!


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